Clearance Alert & $5 Stack on Schick Hydro Sensitive Razor Bonus Packs + $5 in Hollywood Movie Money


Keep an eye out for these Schick Hydro Sensitive X-Men Bonus packs starting to be clearanced at stores. They have been found as much as 30% Off at some stores.

schick-clearance-deal-movie-moneyI got these pics in from Denise & Valerie who both found them at their stores for 30%Off down to $6.98. These special bonus packs contain a Schick Hydro Sensitive Razor with 2 cartridges, a Schick Hydro Shave Gel as well as a special code for $5 in Hollywood Movie Money that is valid thru November of 2014.

We have a whopping $5 stack if you find this clearance….

-$1 off Schick Hydro men’s razor ETS Target Coupon x7/19
-$4/1 Schick Hydro Razor (excl. Disposables) 6-8 SS x7/20

If you find them at 30% Off too- this special pack will be just $1.98- plus get the $5 in Hollywood Movie Money!. Sounds like a very nice deal to me!

-Thanks so much to Valerie & Denise H. for the pictures & the heads up on this deal!

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  1. These are now on clearance for $4.98. I used $4 off coupons making them .98 cents each. I have pics if you would like, just don’t know how to post them?

  2. My Target also had them for $8.98, and the cashier let me use the Schick hydro silk coupon on it for $3 off.

  3. My store had these for $8.98 as well. Seeing as they are usually $9.99 not such a great deal but I was also quite surprised to see them since I never see the clearance stuff they have on this site.

  4. You guys can grab a free t-shirt for your troubles as well πŸ˜›
    I noticed it on my coupon inserts when clipping. Unfortunately I am not keeping the razors so I won’t be cutting the UPC’s out. But if you are, score! πŸ˜€

  5. These were $8.98 at my Target (Colorado), although I was thrilled just to find them. Most of the time I am unable to find the clearance items identified on this site in any of my three local stores. I used the $4 manufacturer coupon and $1 target coupon without any beeps, so it was $3.98 for set.

  6. Does anyone know what days Target reduces their merchandise? My store is still at 15% on these.

  7. I just bought 4 of these and the TQ did beep but the cashier pushed it through anyway. also each set has $5 theatre rewards. $20 in movie money, I see a free date night in my husband and i’s near future πŸ™‚

  8. I purchased these with a previous deal $5/$15 target deal two weeks ago. Awesome deal & $4 q works. The movie ticket is for XMEN or any other movie. Save these packs for xmas

  9. I bought two boxes and they were priced at $8.48. I only had one $3.00 TQ which did beep and the girl told me it does not work on the product. I told her it should since it clearly states you could not use it on trial which wasn’t in this case. Checker asked another person which she said I could use. Went home and was able to find $4 manuf. and $1 TQ. Went back next day and they just gave me $5 cash back.

  10. Neither coupon excludes bonus packs in their terms. While it may be a ymmv on the TQ since it beeps- it does not exclude them in the fine print. hth

  11. The MQ goes through without any issues. The TQ beeped but the cashier accepted the coupon anyway (no problems, didn’t even need to ask. I have bought on two different occasions and did not have any trouble with either cashier). I didn’t have any issues but you can argue that the other coupon is for razor and has no issues but it may be a YMMV.

  12. I also tried and it would not go thru. He said because it is not valid on a gift pack- only on razors packaged seperatly

  13. I tried to use the -$1 TQ and it beeped. They will not allow you to use the coupon on a gift set

  14. I don’t think I’ve used a razor coupon on a gift pack set before. Would this type of transaction beep at the register or does it go through smoothly in anyone’s experience? Thank you!

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