New $10 MIR wyb $30 in Select P&G Laundry Care


There’s a new MIR for a $10 Citibank Visa Prepaid Card when you spend $30 on select P&G Laundry Care between 7/1/14 and 9/30/14. Products include Tide, Gain, Downy or Bounce (excludes trial size, Tide Simply Clean and Fresh, Gain Flings, and Gain Fireworks).

This rebate is after coupons and discounts and you need to submit the rebate form HERE along  with UPC Codes, original dated sales receipt(s) with store name and product purchase price circled. Your request must be postmarked by 10/31/14, and there is a limit one per household. You should allow 6-8 weeks to receive your card, which expires 6 months from issuance.

While it is a bummer that the $30 must be after coupons, the rebate can be across multiple receipts and 3 whole months to accumulate the 30 amount spent needed to submit for the rebate.

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  1. Hi,This is my first time submitting a rebate.I submitted my rebate 3 weeks ago and have not receive a response from p&g.I tried checking online,but I get a message stating my info is not on file.How long does it take to receive confirmation from p&g?

  2. I did not do this rebate this time, but I have done it in the past and called PG and they had me just put in the shorter UPC code and it worked fine – hth!

  3. Hi Denine- this post was from 7/1 so it was new then. but yes there is a limit of one per HH. so if you have done already- you canot do it again. hth

  4. Kerry,

    When you say “new” MIR, is it different from the last offer? I have already submitted the last one and it says one per household… Thanks!

  5. I am also needing help with the tide pods upc codes! Want to make sure I’m filling out correctly.

  6. Has anyone figured out the Tide Pods UPC code? I also am not sure how to write it in on the form since it is not 12 digits long.

  7. Hi Lindsey- you need to deduct coupon & cartwheel discounts only. The GC is a reward for purchasing, not a discount. hth

  8. So for the price on the rebate form; is the price for example, Tide Oxi, 9.99 each for 3, or do we factor the $10 gift card and 12.99 bogo mq which equals 2.32 each for 3?

  9. Thinking of this:
    Buy 3 Tide Pods (52 counts): $15 x 3 = $45
    Use 3 $2 off mobile coupons = $6
    Use 3 $2 mfg coupons = $6
    5% Cartwheel = $1.65
    = $45 – 6 – 6 – 1.65 = $31.35 (- $10 target gift card) (- $10 mail in rebate) = $11.35

    Will this work?

  10. The Tide pods have short UPS codes, the rebate form says 12 digit UPS.
    Will it be OK?

  11. No target in Los Angeles County has the tide oxi multipurpose cleaner in stock nor is it available online. Do you think they will have more in stock this week?

  12. HI STacy – the void is thru the barcode- they are just giving you an example of the bar code- the whole form is not voided so yes you can print straight from there. hth

  13. hi can I print this rebate form and use it from here, bc it has a void thing through the barcode, what does that mean? newbie =)

  14. if the rebate is $30 spent after coupons…if I pay the $30 with a Target gift card should I still be able to get the rebate??

  15. HI everyone! When you fill out this rebate form, what do you put for the “price” section? The price before or after coupons? My total is $30.96 pre-tax. My receipt says $9.99 for the Tide, but it does not actually say the price after coupons which would actually be $7.49.

    I do not think it should matter right? As long as the total pre-tax is $30 or more. I just do not want my rebate to be rejected over something dumb.

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