High-Value $2.98/1 GoPicnic Breakfast Coupon = 2¢


Right now you can print a super-high-value coupon to save $2.98 Off any Go-Picnic Breakfast at Target. Just go HERE and enter your email to print your coupon. *NOTE*- this coupon prints with an ad above it on an entire sheet of paper. The coupon states a limit of one per household in the terms.  The GoPicnic Breakfast meals are regularly priced at $3 at Target, so just .02 cents after coupon.

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  1. I bought 4 today(thank you to the commenters who told us where they are located!). I did not notice the 1 per HH, I just found out when I came here to comment. The q did not scan, the cashier k1’d it and that took off the full price of $3. it also prompted a $1.50/2 go picnic TARGET q to print. it might print with purchase of only one, not sure. looks like they took down the link for the manu q:(

  2. I recommend redeeming this soon! In the past, they have stopped accepting PDF coupons because people abuse them. :O( I will be honoring the 1 per HH limit.

  3. tiffany, it did not come via email. after you enter your email in the box, the coupon openes in a new window. make sure you don’t have any pop up blockers that prevent that.

  4. Has anyone used multiple coupons in one shopping trip? The coupon states one coupon per household but I was able to print out many coupons..

  5. Hi Kerry I was able to print 2 copies of the coupon but my barcodes are the exact same on both. Is it a PDF coupon and would I be ok using both? I don’t want to be accused of copying because I definitely did not.

  6. @liz — Definitely NOT refrigerated, but I think their location varies by store. They are a packaged meal, but they are also a “healthy” thing, so you might find them near granola and such (but not cereal, if you know what section I mean).

  7. HI Liz- no they are shelf stable. For me they are near the single serving cereals, kellogg’s to go and carnation instant breakfast. hth

  8. Thanks! I used my computers snipping tool and just cut around the coupon and printed. I hate coupons that waste ink/paper for ads!

  9. Hi Lauren try making sure you don’t have page scaling enabled the only other setting I had checked was to auto-rotate and adjust. Mine printed very clear but maybe you have something checked that’s causing it to distort it. They also stated on their fb page that if you have trouble you can email [email protected] with your name and mailing address and they’ll send you a physical coupon. hth

  10. Mine printed extremely small and fuzzy. Most definitely won’t scan 🙁 Any advice for getting it to print correctly?

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