Target Coupon Policy Update: Manufacturer Coupons with Other Retailer Names & Logos Will be Accepted

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We seem to be seeing more and more manufacturer coupons on with strong marketing suggestions on them to redeem at certain retailers like Walmart & others.

While I know it can be somewhat confusing- these are manufacturer’s coupons that should be able to be used elsewhere. I am thrilled to see that Target for one, has recently gone ahead and clarified in their policy that these types of manufacturer’s coupons ARE accepted in their stores. 🙂

I know some of you often have concerns when I publish these types of coupons – but despite logos and wording referencing other stores – the bottom line is they are manufacturer’s coupons, and I am grateful that Target has spelled this out in their policy. The following excerpt is from their policy and you can read the complete official Target Coupon Policy HERE

“How can I tell if Target will accept my manufacturer coupon?”

“Target will accept your manufacturer coupon, as long as printed limitations and requirements are met.
• Manufacturer coupons can be accepted at the register even if they don’t clearly indicate who the manufacturer is, or if they indicate the name of another retailer.
• If a coupon states “Manufacturer Coupon,” it’s redeemable anywhere (including Target), even if the coupon states, “Redeemable at Kroger, Cub, etc.” (or any other retailer).”


Hopefully this clarification in the corporate policy will help those of you who have had trouble redeeming these types of manufacturer’s coupons at your local Target stores.

There is one other recent update in the policy to note that may be helpful to those who have a cashier that may be confused about per purchase vs per transaction wording…

“What is the difference between “per purchase” and “per transaction” when using coupons?

“One coupon per purchase means you’re using one coupon per item being purchased. You can use multiples of the same coupon as long as each coupon has a matching item.
One coupon per transaction means you can use only one specific coupon per store transaction. You can’t use more than one same coupon, even if you’re buying multiple items.”

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  1. so glad i found this my target just denied my coupons because they said “redeemable at walmart” i did not want to argue so i took my coupons and left . i will now print down the coupon policy and head back to the store!!

  2. Went to Target today and they said not all “redeemable at Walmart” will be accepted. The manager said he’d let me do it this time. He had heard about the policy change but there is a limit(?) of how many. This was in Southern California BTW.

  3. Joanna- I have had SO many problems with mobile coupons. First they weren’t showing which were used and which weren’t. Then all of them were showing up as used already, or item not in transaction, even through I hadn’t used it or I def had the items in my purchase. I tried scanning from the Target app, my browser straight from my text messages, AND from my passbook but nothing worked. I ended up deleting the Target app, reinstalling it, then went to guest services before my shopping yesterday and they scan my barcode and a print out comes up of what’s been used and what hasn’t for all the mobile coupons available. Guest services said if the coupons STILL didn’t scan, this was proof for the cashier that they were good to use. It’s one extra step now, but I’m going to do this until the mobile coupons start working better, then I know for sure I’ll get the money off and the cashier can’t argue with me saying “it didn’t scan, it’s no good.”

  4. I’m so glad for the second part too. There is one cashier at my store that says he knows all and will only take one like coupon per transaction when it says purchase.

  5. HI Junior- imo you can’t use a coupon that says “only” at such and such
    re Expired coupons- T states in their policy hat they do not take expired coupons.

  6. I am excited for this! But I did wish that Target would have said something about accepting expired coupons. I hear on Facebook of people, in different states, that their Target stores allow expired coupons. I wanted clarification on this matter and have it in writing 🙁 but I’m still excited.

    I have some L’Oreal coupons that say Manufacturers coupon but in the bottom says Redeemable only at Walgreens. Could I still used them at Target? This is how they look:

  7. Hi SuzyQ- imo as long as it says Manufacturer’s coupon and does not say redeemable “only at such & such” I don’t see why not. hth

  8. Kerry does this mean they will also take register rewards from walgreens that print since they also say manufacturer coupon on them?

  9. Good to hear! I’ve had mixed results with cashiers, and there’s one Target that I won’t even try them at because they are super particular. I actually had a cashier refuse the B3G1 Pringles coupon on Saturday…he scanned it just fine, but when it asked for the amount, he noticed the Wal-Mart logo and sort of waivered. First he said, “well, it’s a MFG coupon…” but then he decided to refuse it because it said redeemable at Wal-Mart. I didn’t push it, but I figure if it scans, it should be ok. Now at least it’s in the policy.

  10. Hi, I went last week and got 2 Charmin bath tissue 9 pack or larger, $12.99 each, used 2x.50 manufacturer coupons, however the $2 off mobile coupon didn’t apply to the receipt. Does anyone know why?
    The sales rep. scanned the coupon and I got a free colgate toothbrush (which was included in the mobile bar code) but it didn’t take off the $2 for the 2 bath papers.
    Is it because I got a $5 gift card? Where there any changes to the policy when it comes to that?

  11. Hi Jennifer- I should think as long as they state manufacturer’s coupon across the top and do not have any reference in the terms to being redeemable “ONLY at such & such” they should be accepted under this new clarification. jmo

  12. What about the catalina coupons that print at other stores (Kroger/ Tom Thumb)? Most say manufacture on them but I quit trying those a long time ago b/c it didn’t seem like any of the stores were willing to take them if they were printed elsewhere.

  13. I stopped couponing at one Target after the cashier told me I couldn’t use a manufactor coupon with any other store logo on it. I also haven’t tried any other deals with other store logos since it was fustrating to deal with the first time. It is funny considering the manufactor coupons on the Target website print with their logo on it and I have no problems reedeming them at my local grocery store. I didn’t purchase the items and I emailed customer service and they gave me some generic response that did not address the issue. Glad to know that it is finally spelled out and I will be referencing it if I am give a hard time next time.

  14. Thank you for letting us know!:-) I just commented yesteday on this very thing because my target says no to coupons with the walmart logo

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