New $3/1 Nature Made Vitamelts + Gift Card Deal

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nature-made-dealThere’s a new $3.00 on any ONE (1) Nature Made VitaMelts (excludes 30 count or less size) (68130) available to print. Right now Target is offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 select Nature Made items thru 10/25, and select Vitamelts 100 ct are included at $7.79.

There’s a printable Target coupon to stack to make for some nice savings too, so here’s one deal idea for you…

DEAL IDEA: buy 2 Nature Made B-12 VitaMelts ($7.79) = $15.58
-$1 off Nature Made item Target Coupon x11/1
$3.00 on any ONE (1) Nature Made VitaMelts (limit one)
$1/1 Nature Made Vitamelts Coupon HERE
= $10.58 – $5 Gift Card back for buying 2 thru 10/25
= $5.58 for 2 or $2.79 each after coupons and gift card

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  1. …and don’t forget to enter code on bottle at Naturemade Rewards to earn $7 coupon or Costco check 🙂

  2. TY Mel- sorry I missed that yes we’d have to mix and match then
    imo printing on 2 diff days doesn’t constitute identical coupons
    although manufacturer’s should really use the word identical – since it means absolutely the same in every way (notice how PG says “Like” coupons instead of identical)
    but anyhoo- imo since they have the same barcode- it’s not really ethical.
    I’ll go update my post & ty for pointing out the wording! I missed it on this one.

  3. Thanks mel, yes I noticed that the Nature Made Q also states “LIMIT ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER”. I’m wondering if anyone who works for Target could verify whether they get reimbursed from the manufacturer or not when customers use more than 1 if that specific wording is in the fine print and the store allows it?

  4. alissa, Kerry only uses one like Target coupon in her matchups to abide by the wording. However, if your store lets you use more than one like Target coupon, then go for it! Mine allows up to 4, after that the register will automatically beep.
    AFA allowing 2 prints, that is the norm for most coupon sites. It’s the brand/company that puts the restriction of limit 1 or whatever on the coupon.
    I know that *some* Target IPs have printed with limit 4, but a majority do print limit 1.

  5. I’m very confused as to why Target chooses to have their store Q’s read “Limit one per guest” when the site allows you to print twice. I’ve also, on many occasions, used more than one like TQ at a time in the same transaction without any issues. Any ideas on this? They used to say limit 4, or something like that. Wish I had an old one to compare to.

  6. Kerry, the nature made coupon says limit one coupon per person, so using 2 in your deal idea unfortunatly won’t work. However, I have read that a way to get around this is to print those type worded coupons on different days (though that might be risky, as hot / high value coupons tend to disappear quickly!)
    If they have different exp dates, the store should reimburse if 2 are used in the same transaction?
    Thoughts on that being ethical or not?? I

  7. Hi Alissa yes it does state one per guest but u can still use two TQ. I work at target and have seen alot of people doing this deal and the store allow them to us two Tq and two Mq.

  8. Curious to know why you wouldn’t use 2 TQ’s if you’re buying 2 and stack them with the MQ’s?

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