Tired of Not Seeing My Posts on Facebook?

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facebook-iconI know many of you have talked about not being able to see my posts on Facebook anymore. They have changed how they do things, and it seems like no matter what settings you have and no matter what I do, it comes down to hit or miss whether or not you will see my posts.

So I’ve started a new Totally Target Facebook Group which will solve the problem since in a group, if you choose to see all my posts, you will see everything I post in this new group.


Once you’ve joined the group HERE, just click on the Notifications Button toward the top right and choose “all posts”. This way every time I share a deal you’ll be able to see it!

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  1. Hi Denise- yes I do. The trouble is not everyone is seeing my posts in their feed anymore – even if they choose to follow- in a group- everyone sees the posts in their feed if they choose to. hth

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