Snap by Groupon – a New FREE Cash Back App

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Check it out – Groupon has a new cash back app called, Snap, that pays you when you purchase participating items at any store. Similar to Ibotta and Checkout51, this app is available for both iPhone and Android users. What’s nice about this app, is that you don’t need a smartphone, you can do everything you need to right from your computer!


There are several nice offers available now and some have no redemption limit like the $3 Cash Back offer on Huggies Diapers! To get started using this app, just go HERE to create your new Snap account. Take a look at all the offers available, and while some offers have a limit – other don’t – so you can redeem those as many times as you’d like! To redeem your offers and get your cash back, just purchase the promoted products at ANY store, then snap a photo of your receipt  and be sure to upload within 2 days of purchase to get cash in your account. Once your account reaches $20, you can request to cash out!

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  1. Lori- to use on your computer, i believe all you need to do is create your account online and use a digital camera or scanner to upload your receipt. Once you are logged in, there is an option to upload your receipt for redemption. Just sign up using kerry’s link above. If you have any trouble, you can email their support team –

  2. Is anyone else having issues submitting multiple items on one receipt under this app? Bought 1 gal milk ($1), apples ($0.50), and bananas ($0.25) + multiple other items. Submitted the receipt for all 3. Only the milk is being processed. I then resubmitted the fruit offers, and only the apples took. I have again submitted for bananas. Will be VERY curious to see if I get any of this $1.75. Definitely needs some work to become an ibotta contender.

  3. This is great I used this rebate today for 14 jumbo packs of Huggies using the Target $20 off $125 baby coupon, three different $2 Huggies MQ (12 total – four of each to meet Targets coupon policy) and two $1.50 coupons. Received a $42 rebate.

  4. Does anyone know if you can redeem the same “no limit” offer multiple times on the same receipt? For example, if I bought 2 pack of Huggies on the same receipt, would I get $3 or $6?

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