$10 Off $40 Up & Up Purchase Target Coupon & Deals

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I had a few of you send me e-mails & messages about a $10 off an Up & Up purchase or $40 or more Target Coupon available to print at target.com/upandup. Maggie let me know that Target did acknowledge this coupon in the comments on their Facebook page, and they have invited you to “do some saving!”, so I say go for it.

This coupon is valid this week only thru 10/18 and goes great with the 10% Off Up & Up Products (Limit 50) Target Cartwheel x10/18. Because the $10 coupon is a threshold coupon, it usually does not affect your cartwheel discounts either, so here’s a couple of nice deals you can grab with this stack…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Up & Up Diapers Giant Pack ($24.99) = $49.98
$10 off a $40 Up & Up purchase Target coupon available to print at target.com/upandup
-$4.99 (use 10% Off Up & Up Products (Limit 50) Target Cartwheel x10/18
= $34.99 – $10 Gift Card Back for buying 2 Giant Pack Up & Up DIapers thru 10/18
= $24.99 for both after coupon, cartwheel & gift card

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Up & Up Bath Tissue Double roll 24 pk ($11.99)
& Buy 3 Up & Up Paper Towels Giant roll 8 pk ($9.99) = $41.96
-$10 off a $40 Up & Up purchase Target coupon available to print at target.com/upandup
-$4.19 (use 10% Off Up & Up Products (Limit 50) Target Cartwheel x10/18
= $27.77 for all 4 items after coupon and cartwheel

-Thanks for the heads up Maggie, Vanessa & Mylene!

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  1. Coupon will not print now. Says no longer available 🙁 Was hoping to get one today since i was just able to buy printer ink today. 🙁

  2. I clicked on the link above (used a computer), printed the coupon and used it today 10/16 and had no problem 🙂 I told the cashier before hand that I heard some people have been having problems with it and she said not to worry she would push it through. She didn’t have to – it went through with no beeps 🙂 Thank you!!!!!

  3. I just used the link, which is still live.
    At first it did bring me to the mobile site which said oops etc…. I clicked on full site and voila it was there.

  4. Well, Target posted the link to the coupon in their response to my comment (as opposed to me giving them the link). So, I don’t think they would have done that if it wasn’t legit. Plus they did not delete their response to me.

  5. Geez- sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen- I wish they would make up their minds and that the left hand knew what the right hand was doing.

  6. Here is a recent comment on Target’s Facebook about the Up and Up coupon: “Hi Denise – We understand the confusion. The coupon you mentioned isn’t valid. Our current coupon offerings are in the weekly ad, through our mobile coupon offerings or online at our printable coupon site. There are 2 coupons you can print from our weekly circular on Target.com. We hope this help. Thanks for reaching out to us. – Kath”

  7. I just went through the comments and Target said the $10 off $40 Up and Up coupon was expired when someone asked if it was legit. I don’t think it was meant for everyone. Seems not legit!

  8. Thanks for your help. I also saw those posts where they confirmed. On my post. Myself and another lady posted a photo of the confirmation from a target team member. And a team member still said it is invalid to us. I wish they would agree on the answer.

  9. @Teri- as I stated in my post- after seeing Target acknowledge this coupon in their fb comments I fel t it was valid. If you are viewing on a mobile device- it will come up as a mobile. If you are viewing from a desktop or laptop you should be able to pull up the coupon and print it it. hth

  10. HI Rachel- I saw a response acknowledging the coupon in the fb comments which is why I posted. There was a nother coupon like this but it expired weeks ago. This is a new one this week only. hth

  11. I contacted Target on facebook and explained this coupon and asked if it was ct actual coupon and they said this was something they had a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if its fake or if the target facebook employees arent aware of this coupon.

  12. If you have the halloween coupon book, there is also a coupon for $1 off of a $3 or higher up&up item. I plan to get 2 boxes of diapers, use two of the 1/3 coupons, 10% cartwheel and a 15% registry completion coupon.

  13. So the the link takes me to a mobile coupon valid for use by original recipient only. Is this legit? I couldn’t find a text code like there mobile coupon s normally have.

  14. Hi Julie- the only ones I know of are also threshold coupons- which are not supposed to be combined unless you meet the spending requirement for each. so for example- there is the $1.50 off up & up® bath tissue purchase of $10 or more- but according to policy you would have to spend $50 to use both coupons, $10 of it being bath tissue.
    But if you have any for specific individual items like a $1/1 Up & Up Bath Tissue – then it may be allowed by some stores.

  15. I have the same question as Julie. Can you use other Up & Up coupons from the target website with the 10 off 40 up & up? THANKS! 🙂 I <3 Totally Target! 🙂

  16. Can I use specific item target q’s with the threshold q? There are printables for the toilet paper and bath tissue in addition to the threshold and cartwheel discounts.

  17. Jennifer, that’s what I thought so shouldn’t the total be an extra dollar? Cartwheel should be $4 dollars instead of $5 correct?

  18. I also did the diaper deal today. No issues with printed coupon. Cartwheel took off $5. Received $10 GC. Fabulous deal!

  19. I did the exact deal above on Up and Up diapers today. My receipt shows Cartwheel took $5 off. So the cartwheel is coming off the pre-coupon amount, I believe.

  20. Hi Kamaya & Jennifer- on specific item coupons the cartwheel comes off after the Target coupon. typically threshold coupons have no bearing on cartwheel discounts and your cartwheel will come off the pre-coupon amount. lmk if you discover differently when using this particular coupon. hth

  21. The Target coupon will come off first, Cartwheel comes off after the cashier totals the transaction.

  22. Regarding the diaper deal does cartwheel come off first now? I always thought it was after Target coupons.

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