FREE Samples of Bic, Advil & More

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Today you can request several FREE Samples up on the Target Sample Spot. Fill out short surveys to see if you qualify for a FREE Sample of Biotrue, a FREE sample pack of of Advil, Advil PM, BIC Soleil, Caltrate and Poise with coupon savings, and the FREE sample of Dial Acne Control Face Wash and Body Wash is also still available. Just go HERE to see if you qualify for these FREE samples while they are still available. Offers available while supplies last. Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

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  1. i was able to answer all questions and even entered in mailing address, but the security code question would always not show up! so not nice!

  2. Other than the site being very SLOW, I didn’t have any problems (used Google Chrome). I do spell out the number answer instead of using the digits for the captcha. Maybe that makes a difference?

  3. it took me about literally 15 times to get it to go through and then when it finally did I realized I had spent 1 1/2 hours trying to get it to go through (yikes) but victory!

  4. I had been using FF but then I tried IE and after waiting for the slow pages to load (I continued reading the newspaper between pages loading LOL) it finally went thru, security code and all.

  5. it is running v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y but I finally was able to access the page, s.l.o.w.l.y. was able to fill out the forms until I goty to the security question, I tried putting in the correct answer, spelling it and finally after a half dozen tries I just got an error message and the page went away. It is like this evryt time I try to get samples from Target! Very frustrating! I wish they had the option of refreshing the security question as some sites do.

  6. I cannot get the page to come up. It came up when I first clicked it, but wouldn’t let me into any of the samples. I have been trying to get back to the page and it says “Page not found.” Must be down at the moment.

  7. That happened to me once, so instead of typing in the number itself, I spelled the number and that worked.

    Oh, and I was also able to request the Dial Acne Sample! More zips must have opened up.

  8. I got the Biotene one – but the sample pack says I have the wrong security code (multiple times going all the way out and back in.) Anyone else?

    As always, thanks for posting!!

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