Get 3 FREE ModWrap Bracelets – Just Pay Shipping

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Check out these cool, trendy ModWrap bracelets from For a limited time, GoModestly is offering 3 ModWrap Leather Wrap Bracelets for FREE, you only have to pay shipping charges of $12.95. Regularly priced at $15 each, that’s a $45 value for just $12.95. That’s like paying just over $4 a bracelet. I think these are really neat and there are over 60 unique designs to choose from in lots of colors too. And with the holiday season coming up, they will also make nice little personal gifts for family or friends.

To get yours, just go HERE and select 3 of your favorite $15 bracelets and add them to your cart. Then enter code TOTALLYFREE and your total will be just $12.95 for shipping and the bracelets will be completely FREE. If you would like to select a $17 ModWrap bracelet as one of your 3 “FREE” ModWraps, then $15 will be deducted and you’ll pay just the extra $2 plus $12.95 shipping.

If you would like to order any additional ModWrap bracelets after the first 3, you pay only $3.95 each and there is no additional charge for shipping. Your shipping charges will remain $12.95. This deal is for a limited time so if you have interest, check it out HERE.

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  1. I just ordered 3 as well. I agree with Robin, the code takes $45 off, which is great because I liked a couple of the $17 bracelets better than the $15 ones. Even with the backorder, I’m hopeful that they’ll still arrive in time for Christmas. I’ve been burned before when ordering online from companies I’ve never heard of. I’m hopeful with this order, though. Thanks for the information and the link!

  2. Thanks for the info! I just ordered three bracelets. For anyone else consideering ordering, you get $45.00 off your order with the totallyfree code. So the bracelets are only free if you order three $15.00 bracelets. The $17 and $21 bracelets would cost you more. Also, pretty much every bracelet is on back order so you would have a three week wait. Still worth it, I think. The bracelets are great.

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