Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 70% Off!

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I was really surprised to find that both my Tampa stores had gone to 70% Off today. We sometimes lag in clearance but not this year! There were lots of costumes & Pet Costumes at 70% Off.


We also had lots of décor, paper goods, accessories, bags, totes and more all at 70% Off.


Unfortunately food and candy are both stuck at 30% Off at my stores, but I am going to keep on checking back. I have my eye on the Halloween Oreos and have my 50¢ Off ONE (1) OREO Cookies coupons printed and ready to strike. We have a LOT of them left- so I’m hoping there are some still around when they drop to 50% Off. 🙂


And while most Halloween food items may have gotten consolidated- it can’t hurt to check the regular aisles too. The Nabisco 20 ct Halloween Multipacks were mixed in along with the other Nabisco Multipacks at my store and they are part of the clearance. There is also a $1.00 when you buy any ONE (1) NABISCO Multipacks item (20 or 30 ct.) (68130).


While not all stores drop at the same time- it is always worth a quick scan to check if you don’t see 70% Off signs. Not all stores manage to get their signs up and a quick check at the scanner may just yield a surprise.


Also be sure and scout the regular sections of the store for possible Halloween finds that may not have gotten consolidated or be entirely obvious. For example- the Fall 2-Packs of Puffs Tissues are part of the Halloween clearance and will be scanning as low as .89 cents if your store is at 70% Off. There are also quite a few coupons that are valid on these tissues out there- to make them as low as .39 cents per 2 pack or around .20 cents per box…

-.25/1 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs Product (ETS, Singles) 10-12-14 RP x11/30
-$1/2; .75/2 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs Product (ETS, Singles) 10-12-14 RP x11/30
-$1.50/3 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs Product (ETS, Singles) 10-12-14 RP x11/30
-.25/1 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs Product (ETS, Singles) 10-26-14 PG x11/30
-.75/2 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs Product (ETS, Singles) 10-26-14 PG x11/30
-$1.50/3 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs Product (ETS, Singles) 10-26-14 PG x11/30

If you find other things that are not obviously Halloween that are part of the clearance please leave a comment and let us know what we should be looking for! You can also check out my post HERE about the Fall Up & Up tissue boxes the which can be FREE after coupon.


Be sure and check out the Dollar Spot too where you can find up to 70% Off on Halloween. I still had quite a bit left – and you are looking for the black squares- most items are obvious, but watch for that black square to see what you can find. If you are down to 70% Off too- items will be as low as .30 cents!

Happy hunting folks and I hope more of you find 70% Off too. If you didn’t drop today- I would keep a close eye on it- since things seem to be moving very fast this year!

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  1. 90/70 for me today, will check w/ my other T tomorrow, but I bet it’s all gone. Got a few really great deals on Frozen t-shirts & Despicable me jackets (.90 & $1.50 respectively)! They were totally unexpected & team members were putting them out as we waited. Also got a couple of huge boxes of single serve size pretzels & cheese balls for my grandson’s daily snack for $1.49 ea. 🙂 I would have bought more, but the x-dates were pretty close, so I figured they’d get stale. :p There were also lots of pet costumes/toys available, but beware – many did not scan @ 90% off & even CS couldn’t verify, so I put those items back.

    I also checked for the Fall Puffs again, but they were completely wiped out. 🙁 I guess I should have bought more last time. :/ All & all, I have fun & got some wonderful deals! 😀 Gotta love Target!!! 😀

  2. Morgan Hill, CA.
    Spooky sound effects CD’s at 2.98
    Other Kids Halloween Music on Clearance
    Disposable Orange cups .89¢
    Clear disposable cups with orange stripes .29¢
    The Candy at my store is 50%OFF

  3. Strange that this morning food is at 70% and other at 90….food was just 30 yesterday. Not going to complain.

  4. If anyone is in Tampa, FL please post if you go to the Dale Mabry Target if they are 90 yet. I was there yesterday 11/4/14. Still 70% off – waiting for 90.

  5. Here are some of the “hidden” Halloween clearance I found in various departments in my Harrisburg, PA store. Some have been mentioned by others, some I haven’t seen posted anywhere.

    boys’ t-shirts (my store had Peanuts, Mickey, Star Wars, and Emmet from the Lego Movie ones)
    mens socks and boxers (basically a whole endcap of them, most if not all were Merona brand)
    up and up plasticware (60ct. box, the box said something about “entertaining” on it)
    up and up clear plastic cups with a few stripes on them
    packages of disposable insulated coffee cups with lids (I did not buy them, but I think they were up and up and were white with some stripes
    mens black fleece one-piece pajamas with glow in the dark skeleton on them (like footed pajamas, but without the feet)
    puffs tissues (2 packs with fall pictures on them–I had several coupons to use too)
    up and up 4-packs of tissues, the pictures didn’t even have much of a fall look

  6. Stopped by a Target today and they had a ton of food items left and were ringing up for 50% off. I got a case of Cheetos and goldfish packets, great for lunches. Every year its a hit or miss if I try and wait it out for 70% off food.

  7. Came back from two Targets on lunch. Found a toddler Minion yellow sweatshirt ($4.20), 2 pack of toddler pajamas ($4.79), 2 Energizer nightlights ($2.99), and 4 softsoaps (74 cents). There also was a bunch of the 4 pack up and up facial tissues with “fall” colors for $1.49. I’ve been stocking up on those!

  8. In Metairie, LA, I found much of the same as discussed above. I will check my other store shortly, but that Puffs deal is terrific! 🙂 I bought a few Hello Kitty costumes for a friend (didn’t think they would last to hit 90), but am trying to hold out to 90% if possible since there were still lots to choose from. Keep posting all the great bargains, everyone! 😀 Candy & food items still @ 30%, not that we really need anymore candy ~ lol!

  9. Thank you. Based on the selections left over, I think there is a good chance it will too. Plus, last year, 90% off happened on November 5th as well.

  10. HI DOnna- if your store went to 70 on Monday then yes I believe there is a good chance 90 will happen tomorrow (weds) but there is no way to say for sure. hth

  11. Stocked up on Puff two-packs. Got six packages for $2.24 after coupons and bring-my-own-bag discount! Use the P&G $1.50/3 for a super deal! Thanks for the heads up.

  12. My store was 70% off non-food and still at 30% off for food. I found the 89 cents puffs, baking spatulas for 59 cents, up & up lunch bags 90 ct for 59 cents and 5% off with cartwheel so 56 cents, and up & up gallon bags (clear with orange and blank zip loc) for $1.07.

  13. Atlanta: Thanks for posting! I stocked up on the face tissue – paired with coupons, we’re set ’til this time next year. You’re awesome!

  14. There are a few cartwheel offers for some of these Halloween foods too- might be more but I saw a 5% for holiday Goldfish and 10% for Quaker chewy bars. These didn’t come off automatically but customer service price adjusted for me. It was only 36 cents for both but still…that’s money in my little one’s piggy bank!

  15. I also found up & up tissues for 41c. Used 4 target coupons for 75c off up & up items (shaving cream pictured on coupon) and got 4 boxes for free. 30c for black and orange paper plates.

  16. costumes were 70% off but food and candy was only 30% at Gastonia, NC store. Did find up & up tissues for 41 cents (leaves and owls designs)

  17. I found printable Target coupons for 2 or 3 bags of candy (Mars/Hershey). The picture is clearly of Christmas designs, but would they also work on Halloween clearance? No out of the ordinary exclusions printed on the coupons.

  18. Everything non-food was 70% at my store in Oregon. Got tons of awesome costumes for my 4 kids and one for me! Plus, our store had 4-packs of the fall tissue and it was $1.20 (70% off). Got some other little non-food items like the softsoap and utensils (clear) that I will use for birthday parties. Our food was still at 30% too (I scanned just to be double sure)…. I’m going to check tomorrow because I am eyeing the 48count halloween fruit snacks and cheese ball boxes. My kids love those in their lunches…. Come on food mark down!!!!!

  19. Halloween 10 oz soft soap bottles. they were on a side hanging thing away from the soaps, actually i think mine was in the toothpaste or deodorant aisle. They shelf tag was 2.49, and were 50% off at 1.24. But came up on my receipt as colgate (i did not buy any oral care products), so if you have coupons for this watch it…

  20. There were some cute white buckets with glitter in the 70% off dollar spot area. Would be great for Christmas/Hanukah displays or for gift containers.

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