High-Value 50% Off Minnie Hold My Hand & Sing Doll Target Cartwheel Offer – Valid Today Only

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Target is offering up an opportunity to save 50% Off a different toy with Target Cartwheel each day thru December 24th! Today’s offer is a 50% Off Minnie Hold My Hand & Sing Doll Target Cartwheel that is valid thru today only, Thursday, 11/6. This doll is regularly $19.99, but is currently on price cut thru 11/26 for $17.99, and there is also the 25% Off coupon in the 2014 Target Toy Book if you have it to make for a great deal..

Minnie Hold My Hand & Sing Doll $17.99 (PC thru 11/26)
-25% Off Toy Dept Item TQ 2014 Toy Book x11/8
50% Off Minnie Hold My Hand & Sing Doll Target Cartwheel
= $6.75 after cartwheel & coupon

If you are wanting to call ahead and see if your store has in stock before you head out – the DPCI is 086-02-0992.

NOT FAMILIAR WITH TARGET CARTWHEEL? This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

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  1. I have worked for target for several years and when this deal of the day rolled out I knew there would be issues with supply and demand. Definitely email the company about the out of stock issues because they need to receive the feedback!!

  2. Jennifer,

    If you have a smartphone, you can install Shopular app. They have Target toy coupon – multiple uses.

  3. My Target was just putting out their shipment of toys this morning. Anyone trying to locate the Minnie before was out-of-luck. I didn’t need but I did go by the shelf just to check. I always check the end caps for returned merchandise.

  4. I was able to get one this morning here in OKC. I was there right as the doors opened at 8 AM and they only had 3 on the shelf. They were not even in the correct place where the rest of the Mickey and Minnie toys were at. They were mixed in with Doc McStuffin toys and Dollies on the bottom shelf shoved to the back. Hope this helps

  5. I hope Target is getting mountains of complaints about this! Just got back from my store and the same as what everyone else is saying. Not in stock and no where in the area. I’m in New Hampshire. I even checked my Mom and In-Law’s areas to see if I could have one of them get it. At least I was able to get some cheap Halloween clearance to make the trip worth while. If they aren’t going to stock their stores appropriately for these deals it would be nice if they’d make the same deal an option online.

  6. Wow, so frustrating. Nice to see on FB post that at least one person got this, but really Target?!? A nice deal but it is not available at any stores for me within a 50 mile radius and I live near a bigger city?!?

  7. tomorrow is supposed to be pokemon and saturday is our generation dolls…. just a heads up if you have interest!

  8. I’m starting to get irritated with this daily deal. I am beginning to think they are pulling them from the shelves on the day of. I went on Tuesday for the tutu – sold out. Oh well, I arrived at like 10 so I wasn’t completely expecting them in stock. I went back to Target yesterday for grocery items and decided to check the wagon – out of stock – I decide to look and see if the tutu is still out of stock (I wasn’t going to buy it because the deal was over, I was just curious) There had to have been at least 10 on the same shelf that was sold out the day before! HUMMM…. Now today I REALLY WANTED THE MINNIE so I get to my Target 17 minutes after they open – ALL GONE. I asked someone to see if they were in the back, Nope – I had the Target guy check inventory for the entire Houston area (A 40 mile radius, people) NOTHING! How is it that every store sold out in 17 minutes or less????? I don’t think Target is playing fair!!!

  9. Jennifer the toy booklet came in our Sunday Paper in South Florida – and also bummed that all the SFL stores are out of stock of the Minnie!! 🙁

  10. Total bust here in South FL too…everyday has been a bust. I went for the Planes on Sunday and left $100 later with no wagon and yesterday I went for the wagon and left $20 later with no wagon….Well played Target, well played lol

  11. I received the Target Toy Book in the mail and my wonderful husband unknowingly threw it out. Is there another way to get one?

  12. Hey guys- It may very well be out of stock. However – you may just want to call your store with the DPCI to ask- it may be a bust – but I have had an item show not in stock online before but be in stock at the store when I called. hth

  13. The same thing happened to me out of stock everywhere. I called several Target stores and they sold out in minutes of opening. I asked can a do a substitute they said no.

  14. My wagon hunt yesterday was a bust as well…the shelves only looked like they could hold 2-3 max anyway, and the sales staff was clueless about what item was on cartwheel or trying to find more in the back. The 50% off one toy a day is a great sales tactic…but it would be nice if they had a little additional supply to meet demand!

  15. just did a search for all the stores near me in and not available at any of the 7 closet stores. (per online). Do you think that the store still have them. Same thing happened with the wagon yesterday.

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