High-Value 50% Off Pokemon Charizard Box Target Cartwheel Offer – Valid Today Only

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Every day thru December 24th, Target is offering up an opportunity to save 50% Off a different toy with Target Cartwheel! Today’s offer is a 50% Off Pokemon Charizard Box Target Cartwheel that is valid thru today only, Friday, 11/7 and their is a limit of 1. This toy is regularly priced $19.99, and there is also the 25% Off coupon in the 2014 Target Toy Book if you have it to make for a great deal..

Pokemon Charizard Box $19.99 (Regular Price)
-25% Off Toy Dept Item TQ 2014 Toy Book x11/8
50% Off Pokemon Charizard Box Target Cartwheel (limit 1)
= $7.50 after cartwheel & coupon

The cartwheel is valid on 2 different DPCIs – the one shown above which is 087-12-0099 and also on #055-06-2707 which I am not familiar with.

NOT FAMILIAR WITH TARGET CARTWHEEL? This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

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  1. Ive only had bad luck with this Cartwheel promotion. Each day I’ve headed to the store fairly early grab a toy for my kids, and they are gone. The cards were gone by 9am, target refused to substitute a very similar card box and they wouldn’t even call another store for me. I was so upset with how they handled the situation that I filed a district complaint. Not something I would ever expect from Target, maybe Walmart.

  2. I am so disappointed with Target. I went in to get the Minnie and gave the upc to the clerk which said they didn’t have the item an d never had carried it. He checked other stores nearby and they were out. I asked customer service if they could substitute the item they said no. No rain checks with the 50% off and you can not use cartwheel online. Why do they get you all excited about the item then don’t even carry it. I hope they are listening to all the complaints. I’m already a bit hesitant to shop there because of the security breach

  3. This is a little late, and I understand it may not apply to this particular item. But, I just noticed in my shopkick app that I can email and print another copy of the 25% off toy coupon. It’s only good thru tomorrow but maybe helpful to some if you have the app.

  4. Its odd that they do not consider it a toy when the deal is 50% off toys all week . Why did target include it on this toy promo if its not considered a toy ? Just asking …

  5. I haven’t had any luck at my targets. The toys for the week got leaked and people bought all the toys and are bringing them back on the day the cartwheel is released for a price adjustment. Really unfair in my opinion

  6. there are 2 pokemon packages that the carthweel will work on. the dcpi #s are on the cartwheel, just click the 3 dots and scroll down.

  7. Does your husband know what will be on the 50% for the following days? On the Minnie Mouse post, someone knew it was going to be Pokemon today.

  8. I went and picked mine up today. Was totally excited this was put as one in the 50% cartwheels because my son wants them so bad and they’re just extremely expensive. They would not take the additional 25% off coupon at my store. Said that it wasn’t considered a toy and was a vendor. I tried to point out that the cartwheel for it was in the toy department, but they wouldn’t give it to me. Oh well. Maybe there will be a good toy tomorrow I can use it on.

  9. My husband works for target and he said there has been so little inventory for the 50% off cartwheel items because those in charge of cartwheel are not communicating with the vendors properly. He did say that this problem will be fixed soon.

  10. I just got back and found the cards in the section where they have baseball cards, which in most cases can be found near the cash registers of the store. I wasn’t able to use the 25% off toy coupon because I was told that the cards fall under an Excell item which is not considered a toy. I tried pointing out that there are some Pokémon cards In the toy section but was told it was still not considered a toy. So I gave up. 50% off is still a great deal.

  11. My target store is small, and I really thought I will not be able to find the toy I wanted (NERF the first toy of this promotion) I was there after lunch and they had the blaster, it seemed to be about 3 left still after I took mine, the cartwheel was not a problem but I was not able to use the 25% yet since it started on Nov 2nd. I just guess is a matter of luck sometimes to find products in stock, is a good idea to call the store before make the trip.

  12. I bought 2 this morning with 2 different cartwheels. the one barcode was from the boxes in the front of the store where all the rest of the cards are and the other one has a sticker over the barcode and that one is in the back with the games. it is the exact same box just different numbers. ( you have to scan it to see the numbers they are referring to) also I was able to use the 25% off it did beep but the cashier just had to manually override it. So I guess you have to have a good cashier to get the extra 25% off.

  13. I also noticed when I looked it up online it said not sold in stores, however I thought I would give it a try. I was at my store when it opened this morning (had two little ones with me so I was not the first one to the toys). I was able to find it, but there was only one left on the shelf (and the plastic wrap had a huge hole in it – another lady had 2 in her hand. However, there are 2 different Charizard boxes and the cartwheel is for the one pictured – with that said, since the only one that matched the cartwheel was messed up I took both boxes (the one with a figure in it instead of a foil card I think) and asked if I could use the cartwheel on it since the only other one they had was essentially open and this was for a Christmas gift. My cashier was very nice and had no problem 🙂 All you can do is ask. 🙂 Good luck!

  14. I know this is silly but typically the cards are not included as “toys”, so the 25% off coupon might not work on them.

  15. the pic she took appears to be in store. someone in a coupon group noticed the same thing, but someone else said because it is stocked by a private vendor is probably why it shows as not available in stores. if you look on your cw, there are 2 different #’s that it is valid on. you can call your store and see if they have it in stock.

  16. Hello, I searched this toy online and found that it is not sold in stores. I understand cartwheel does not apply to online purchases, but I also read many complaints about the 50% off toy each day promotion toys are not even in stock or available at many stores in Cartwheels App Feedback section. Was this one available at your store and if so which one? I have no luck finding at the store…

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