Target Black Friday Sneak Peek & Early Access Deals

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Target has released their Black Friday ad and you can check out the Early preview HERE. Target will be opening its doors at 6pm on Thursday, November 27th except for stores in the states of Massachusetts & Rhode Island. I believe those stores will be opening their doors at 1am on Friday due to the blue laws, but see your local ad at this link to verify what time your store will open.

One of the things that definitely caught my eye was the offer of 10% Off all Target GiftCards valid in stores on 11/28/14 from 6AM until 12PM local time and at from 6AM until 12PM Central time. Offer is valid up to $300 worth of Gift Cards too, so that’s like getting up to $30 worth of FREE money if you ask me. 🙂 While there usually isn’t a ton of matchups I still plan on typing up the ad for you and matching up anything I can find as soon as I can, but in the meantime- you can check out all the deals HERE.


You can also check out page 2&3 HERE for Early access deals that are valid today only, November 10th when you use FREE Instore Pickup. One of the nicer deals I see is the Lego Movie 2-Disc Special Edition for just $9! Other deals include Hello Kitty Karaoke System $39.99, Beats by Dre Studio Headphones $249.99, Jensen Bluetooth Boombox $29.99, Little Tikes Trampoline $39 and more.

Again this and other early access deals listed are valid today, Monday, November 10th only and only when you choose FREE in-store pickup.  The Early Access Black Friday price will show up in your cart as soon as you choose Store Pickup during Checkout.

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  1. HI Abby- yes you can still use your redcard for the 5% however it does not apply to purchasing actual Target GiftCards (all other gift cards it will). hth &yes you should be able to use your pharmacy rewards coupon. hth

  2. @vb, you can only use 4 gift cards to order online, i had like 50 so i split them up and put it onto 4 gift cards to order the ipad. i also am a little skeptical of putting them all in my phone. i just keep them bundled in a rubber band and carry them with me. i usually accumulate them throughout the year and buy something big at the end of the year. i think i had 2 years worth accumulated to buy the ipad though because i only paid about $50 oop after my gcs and it was $799.

  3. Does the 5% RedCard discount apply on Black Friday? And, can we use any other discounts? I have a 5% pharmacy rewards card coupon with an expiration date in early December – will I be able to use it on BlackFriday deals?

  4. Christine.. for gift cards you can out the info into your phone on the target app. you can just have them scan your phone and do not need the actual card. The information is also visible so if you want to order online you can get the info.

  5. Same question as Margo- wondering what time the deals will be available online so we can stay in!

  6. You can use small gcs to buy a big one. I’ve done it to buy an ipad and put $200 on each card since online only let’s you use 4gcs at a time. I was afraid if i put it all on one I’d be more likely to lose it than if i had multiples.

  7. Anyone know, if you buy the iPad – can you use the free $ 80.00 gift card at time of purchase on Black Friday?

  8. If you buy the nabi buy the warranty. We got ours 2 yrs ago at Walmart and luckily bought the warranty because all 3 were having charging issues so all 3 were sent back and we got all our money back minus the $15 warranty charge. My friend bought 4 last year and having the same issue with 2 of them.

  9. Just a heads up, do not buy the Kitchen Aid knife set, I bought the same one last year on Black Friday… it’s very poor quality and two knives have broken and they are all rusting despite all being hand washed. waste of money, and I do know it’s not Target’s fault… but it’s anot a bargain at all… I paid $ 19.99 last year I think not $24.99.

  10. @Kerry. Yep, am aware of the 5% on gift cards using a Red card. Often buy mobile top up cards with 5% or 10% off at the end of the month if offered but get better deals on other gift cards from the likes of say CardPool. On those 5% discounts on mobile top up cards you do get the extra 5% from using the Red card in addition to the 5% or 10% off. BUT this is a special deal and 6 AM CT is 4 AM PT for online purchases. Ugh!

  11. Tried ordering a movie and it said it couldn’t access gift cards, try another form of payment. I put it my debit card and it moved the item out of my cart. Now all the store say limited quantity, not available to order online for pick up. Target it not doing so hot with their promotions lately!

  12. Thanks JD – fixed again- geez I guess I am just so excited about that I can’t think straight! LOL They are giving away FREE MOney is all I can think about!! 🙂 🙂 Anyway, I doubt very highly the 5% redcard will work. Would be awesome if it id and you never know but we’ll see. Not sure if you know though that you can get 5% off any other gift card other than a target gift card anytime when you use your redcard.

  13. “Offer valid in stores on 11/28/14 from 6AM until 12PM local time and at from 6AM until 12PM Central time.”

    I wonder if you use your Red card if you get another 5%? That would make for an almost 15% discount.

  14. Hi Ellie- sorry my bad- the 10% Off is valid from 6am – 12noon on 11/28 both ins tore and online. I don’t believe you can use Target Gift Cards to purchase Target Gift cards but I may be wrong.

  15. Ellie…That is an awesome idea. I have about $75 in small value gift cards – I save them all year to use
    at Christmas time.

  16. Hi! Thanks for this! Is the 10% off valid from 6pm to midnight or Friday starting at 6am? Also do you know if I can use my small value target gift cards I have to help purchase a large target gift card? Thanks!

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