Clearance Alert on CoverGirl Nail Polish as low as Free

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Does anyone remember that Special deal with the FREE Outlast Stay Brilliant Blue Glosstini Nail Polish when you bought 3 select PG Personal Care Products?

Well now that the deal is over, quite a few of you have been reporting finding this specific polish on clearance for as much as 50-70% Off for as low as .88 cents. There are coupons out there too that will make them as low as FREE if you find the clearance too…

-$2.50/2 Covergirl Nail Product (ETS, Accessories) 10-26-14 PG x11/30
-$1/1 Covergirl Product (ETS, Accessories) 10-26-14 PG x11/30
50¢ OFF ONE COVERGIRL Product (excludes trial/travel size) (68130)

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  1. The same thing happened to me. So I just didn’t buy them. I had the same issue recently with the stack on the Clorox wipes that were .92 cents each for the 9 count packages. When I tried to explain that the coupon would adjust down, the cashier simply wasn’t listening. In that same trip, she also didn’t want to accept a Manufacturers coupon with the Walmart logo on it, and a Catalina coupon from Pick and Save, which was also clearly labeled Manufacturers coupon. For those two, she called a manager over who told her to accept them. Seems as if Target cashiers don’t know their own coupon policy! As I walked away, the cashier started loudly complaining about me to the cashier in the next aisle! When I got home, I contacted Target online and filed a a complaint. What a frustrating experience! It shouldn’t be so difficult to save a few dollars!

  2. It’s the short barcode that is causing that coupon to beep/not attach at the register. Happens all the time with short barcoded items and cashiers are largely not aware of this glitch with their system. The coupon beeps and they are looking for a reason why it isn’t accepting it….and many start making up their own reasons 😉

  3. Yes, I was denied using the 2.50/2 coupon as well when they were marked down last week to 1.48 even though my price was well over $2.50. Cashier said coupon wouldn’t allow it on clearance. But it was just that specific coupon and not my others that I used on clearance items. Weird. I think the coupon is coded to not work on this line of nail polish.

  4. I thought it would be adjusted down too but when I went to pay the cashier said I couldn’t use the 2.50 /2 because these nail polishes are travel size .

  5. I tried using the $2.50/2 covergirl nail products coupon yesterday on two of these for 88 cents and it wouldn’t go through because the coupon was more than what the products were. The cashier called over a supervisor and she said the same thing, that if the coupon is valued over what the products are, they can’t accept it. Anyone else have the same thing happen?

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