Christmas Clearance Food & Candy Up to 50% Off

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I know lots of you are wating for the next drop to 70% Off for Holiday clearance and unfortunately it looks like most if not all of us are stuck at 50% Off. But there have been quite a few comments that food items have been bumped up to 50% Off now from 30. There is no guarantee everyone will find food & candy at 50, but if you don’t see signs – it’s always a wise idea to check at the scanners to be sure.

If you don’t want to take your chances waiting for another drop on food- there are still some good buys to be had if you have an abundance left and you can reference the Christmas Clearance prep list for coupon matchups that make things a good deal like Winter Oreos, Seasonal Starbucks, Betty Crocker cookie mixes and more.

As far as when we will see 70% Off start to happen in some stores- I should think it would start happening tomorrow, 12/30. Last year a lot of stores went on the 29th, so I was quite shocked not to see it happen today. Here’s hoping for tomorrow – and if any of you went 70 today please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Still 50% off Christmas when I called today…(didnt ask about the food…but I assume that’s still 30%) in Green Bay, WI

  2. St. Louis Park (Minneapolis area) are 50% off food. Christmas is 70% off. Lots of Christmas decor at SLP Super Target

  3. still stuck at 50/50 here in northern Cali.
    My store has quite a bit left. Was really hoping itd go to 70 today.

  4. I truly wonder if in more affluent areas they don’t lower the prices as quickly as in other areas. I went to the Ellicott City, MD Target today to get the holiday packaged Starbucks and Celestial Seasonings and not only was it not on sale, it cost MORE this week than it did last week. Additionally the holiday gift sets of toiletries are still only 15% off. I was so disappointed. I thought I’d salvage the trip with the nice money maker Windex deal but absolutely every Windex Touch Ups was gone including in the back and they don’t know when they’ll get more. I left the store empty handed. I’m going to drive to a Target in another area tonight to see if I can get any deals.

  5. 70% this morning in AK. Food is still at 50% and the only signs still say 50% but I was glad I started scanning. We have a ton of stuff left, aisles and aisles FULL, Im surprised. I got what I wanted minus any food, I will hold off a few days and go back to see if anything is left.

  6. My store in Miramar, FL was 70/50, but i noticed there were packing whatever left over from christmas decorations for salvage.

  7. Just went to the one in Schaumburg, IL too. It is 50/50. I was able to get some goldfish, glad storage containers, and extension cords.

  8. Naples, Fl Super Target was at 70/50 this morning. Of course it wasn’t marked( they never do at that store) but they had lots of Glad containers and stocking stuffers when I left.

  9. 70/50 Here in Buffalo, but everything was still marked 50/30 so there was a decent amount of gift stuff and candy to pick from. I still had Target coupons for Mars candy, so I scored some M&Ms for $1 each!

  10. Still 50% off in MI. There is nothing left that I would go back for at 70%. Our store is really picked over.

  11. I was at a PA store (South PA) this morning when it opened and it was 70/50. Lots of food left but couldnt find any Foil or Glad which is what I need.

  12. My Target in Northeast Ohio is still 50%/50%… Some “One Spot” stuff was 70% but still signed at 50%. I’m holding out for ornament sets at 70%… still lots of those left here!

  13. I went to my local store yesterday for the first time since the clearance started. I was out of town.. Holiday clearance was 50/50. I was surprised to find several holiday EOS’, holiday baby wipes and Barbies. I also found a pack of holiday Hot Wheels and the holiday stuffed bears. I hit the Dollar Spot where all Hello Kitty coloring books are $.50 as well as wooden cars and 10 pack of holiday pencils.

    It appeared people are waiting for the clearance to hit 70% off. I have no interest in running back and forth to the store or fight over merchandise. I got what I needed for my home and my charity.

  14. The Arlington, TX target had a lot left on Sunday at half off but food was still 30 at that point. Please everyone keep posting your locations, I call stores to ask what’s the discount but as mentioned here sometimes not even employees know…

  15. The last couple of years I’ve noticed, here in my area in PA anyway, if ANYTHING has a clearance tag on it, regardless of the markdown – 15, 30, etc., it’s gone. I can’t believe people suck it all up at 15 and 30 percent off; why don’t they wait? If no one (or very few) bought it when it is initially on clearance, you’d get it a lot cheaper with patience. I went to Target Friday afternoon (26th) and the entire area not only looked like a cyclone hit it but so very much was totally gone. There was not one Christmas paper plate, no replacement bulbs except for the very large ones, and so much of the wrapping paper was ripped, it looked like there were definitely animals shopping earlier that day. I did get a bag of bows (whoo hoo), and a couple gift bags – nothing that I couldn’t do without – but I’m going to see if they restocked or if there’s any food items I could use and grab those tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that I might find a box of cereal.

  16. No,way does any target look that nest at 50 percent off! Hahaaaaaaaaaaa
    At 30 it is a mess and a half! That picture must of been taken by the employee that restocked and put the new sign up after working all night!

  17. 50/50% @ my Kenner, LA, store today. There were still LOADS of Xmas stuff, so I didn’t buy any from that dept, but check your clearance section around the usual housewares section. I found some really nice Corelle Xmas plates for 50% off, but there’s also a 25% CW deal that excludes clearance, but the register gave me the discount anyway for $5.16 a set! 😀 That’s my hidden find this year! 😀 🙂

  18. Christmas clearance doesn’t follow the normal after holiday markdown schedule. Christmas usually stays 50% for about a wk before going 70% for a few days (someone told me they thought it would be jan 1), then maybe 90% if there’s anything left!

    I will say, I am glad I stopped on Saturday, around 1pm. I went ahead and bought some boxes, tissue & bags b/c those were needed over wrapping paper. I came across an entire endcap of the Ziploc bags & containers but didn’t have my coupons with me, but sucked it up and bought 2 bags & 2 containers anyway, knowing I could go back for the missed coupons. And I found 1 lone 2pk Puffs which I grabbed as well.
    Sunday morning, I stopped before going to a birthday party for the missed coupons and maybe get a few more containers. But all of the Ziploc was gone! Still lots of wrapping paper, bows and tags. The boxes & tissue were not to be found. Still had some bags left, but nothing compared to Sat afternoon! I guess they rework seasonal overnight? It was all condensed to basically one long aisle of candy and misc along the back wall like the pic above and 1 aisle, front & back and a little in the middle with the wrapping paper and ornaments.

  19. 50/50 in Florence, AL. By the one I got there on the 26th all the diapers, wipes and food storage items were gone. Still a good bit left after my visit today. But overall it didn’t seem like target had as much stuff this year as years past.

  20. Does Target always do the markdowns at night or have they ever increased the discount during the day?

  21. I went to three stores in search of diapers on the morning of the 26th, finally hit the jackpot at the third store and walked away with 15 packs of diapers and a bunch of holiday wipes. Didn’t take them all, but baby stuff goes fast around here.

    I agree about there not being a lot left. I stopped back in on the evening of the 26th and a lot of stuff was wiped out. I’m used to getting some great deals at 70% or 90% off, but it looks like people are going crazy buying early this year.

  22. This morning the signs said 50% off but it rang up 70% off in Ct. The signs were changed tonight to 70% off.

  23. Christmas clearance was also 50/50 in San Diego this morning. None of the signage was changed on the food so shoppers thought it was still 30% off so a lot of people were walking right past it. It always helps to scan items just to be sure but even the employees thought it was still 30% off. Anyhow, I found a few boxes of 12 count Starbucks blonde roast k-cups down from $12.95 to $3.88, which made for a fantastic deal after using the $1.50 off newspaper coupon. The employees did an amazing job compacting what was left of the clearance into a couple aisles, and I was shocked to see that there really isn’t much left. That has never happened before in my experience to have so little left when everything is still at 50% off.

  24. Here in tyler is 50/50 no luck but if u check the home stuff it’s already 70% . It’s almost all gone though everyone goes for the 50%. It was pack after Christmas and its still is. I don’t think there’s gonna be much left over this year.

  25. Hawaii Target 50/50 with some holiday goldfish in huge milk cartons for $3.74. Also Holiday Nilla wafers not ringing up with discount at all. ;( tons of Starbucks whole bean Holiday Edition coffee in red bag is 70 off at $2.38 for 8 oz. Keurig Blonde and Dark Roast Holiday at $3.88. Also some ceramic Starbucks to-go mugs are 70 off – ivory Bottom with red lid is $14.99 regular with 70 off making it $4.48.

  26. Homewood, AL store is 70% today, 50% on food. Some stocking stuffers were already 90%, though. Elf on the shelf for $6, tons of wrapping paper and ornaments left.

  27. Gastonia Target has been doing their holiday clearance markdowns at night for the last year so it might happen tonight.

  28. Fingers crossed I get some Starbucks tomorrow! Tried once but there was no discount and I can’t go today. 70% off starbucks would be AMAZING

  29. I’m surprised how little is left at two of the stores I went to today (Dallas county). But still at 50% off. I just happened to check something and found out the holiday food was 50% off at one, including some Hickory Farms stuff that never rings up right. So I bought smoked cheese and nuts. Also lucked into some $1.25 cookie dough at Krogers on the way home.

  30. I want diapers! My store has sooooo many. Still waiting for the big drop of 70% off. Guess no baby boom here.

  31. Atlanta buckhead store is 70/50% off today. Still have quiet some holiday ziploc and glad containers in the regular food storage isle.

  32. Both stores told me 50% still, but I’m going to scope out what’s left shortly. I heard this Target was still bringing stuff out the back yesterday. 🙂

  33. I really thought it would go 70% off today. I was at the store at 8am. I did buy some food at 50% off though so not a total bust.

  34. I’m planning to go, but calling 1st. One of my “sources” @ my usual store told me it would be today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 😀

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