Christmas Clearance Food & Candy Up to 50% Off

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I know lots of you are wating for the next drop to 70% Off for Holiday clearance and unfortunately it looks like most if not all of us are stuck at 50% Off. But there have been quite a few comments that food items have been bumped up to 50% Off now from 30. There is no guarantee everyone will find food & candy at 50, but if you don’t see signs – it’s always a wise idea to check at the scanners to be sure.

If you don’t want to take your chances waiting for another drop on food- there are still some good buys to be had if you have an abundance left and you can reference the Christmas Clearance prep list for coupon matchups that make things a good deal like Winter Oreos, Seasonal Starbucks, Betty Crocker cookie mixes and more.

As far as when we will see 70% Off start to happen in some stores- I should think it would start happening tomorrow, 12/30. Last year a lot of stores went on the 29th, so I was quite shocked not to see it happen today. Here’s hoping for tomorrow – and if any of you went 70 today please let me know in the comments.

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  1. if I haven’t seen 70% by now, should I give up?
    Ihave $1/2 TQ for Dove Chocolate expires 1/3/15 that I hoped to use with 70%

  2. I haven’t gone or even called today because we have family coming over in a couple of hours, but I decided to just wait until tomorrow after hearing many stores are still stuck @ 50/50%. 🙁 It will be good for me if it doesn’t go to 70% til tomorrow, actually, but the waiting is driving me batty! Has anyone gone in the NOLA metro area today & if so, what’s going on?

    I forgot to say that my Kenner store was completely wiped out of the gift sets yesterday as far as I could see, I think b/c they’d marked them to 30% off right before Xmas & there were good IPs for them. 😮

    I’m not sure of the rhyme or reason behind different stores marking @ different times, but I’ve been told several times by the Kenner store that Metairie always marks down first, so I could be seriously missing out! However, I really only want wrapping paper, tags & Xmas cards for 90% off now after last year ~ lol! Talk about spoiled! 😀 Oh & the Miramar, FL store is in a very affluent area & not only did Joanna mention they are already 70/50%, but they were already salvaging! 🙁 It doesn’t sound like they will even make it to 90! 🙁 I hope that’s not what other stores are planning! 🙁

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