Target After-Christmas Clearance Now Up To 70% Off – Plus Roundup of Hidden Finds to Watch For

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Holiday clearance hit 70% Off for many of you today – as well as Kelley’s and Candy and food stayed at 50%. I know not everyone dropped today, but if you didn’t – it’s very likely that many of you will go tomorrow so keep a close eye. Also- be sure and scan if your signs only say 50%- since sometimes stores don’t always get to signage in the beginning of the day, or any time of day for that matter.


What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to go ahead and stock up on for next year. I know some of you may have hardly anything left and it’s hard to see some of these pictures, but for those of you whose stores had an abundance of leftovers it’s a great time to take advantage of thinking ahead for next year.

Keep in mind that while certain holiday items are stickered clearance, the general Christmas clearance does not get stickered, so be sure to scan, scan, scan. Even if you find nothing left in your holiday clearance section of the store- you can take a look in other parts of the store for some possible hidden goodies in each department.


For example – some of you may remember seeing the Spinbrushes in the stocking stuffer section, but it’s worth a quick check in the regular oral care aisles for some that may not have ever made it over there or got put back in the wrong place. Kelley found several of the My Way Major League Baseball Spinbrushes hanging in the kids oral care section and they will be as low as $1.49 if your store is at 70 also.

There is a $2/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush or Tooth Tunes Product that makes them as low as FREE if you find them too. Watch for the back of the boxes to have a sticker UPC code over the regular bar code. Let us know if you find any other varieties scanning as part of the clearance too.


Also check the regular Barbie aisle for these Target-exclusive Barbies. Only these 2 blonde versions were scanning at 70% Off for Kel, and the Brunette in the pink dress was regular price, but let us know if you find any others that are part of the clearance. If your store is at 70, these will be just $1.49 each.


Another one to check the regular aisles for is the Scotch Gift Wrap Essentials. These were hanging on an endcap at one time for me – but Kelley found 2 hanging up in the regular tape/scissors aisle, so you just never know and it’s worth a look since they will be as low as $2.78 if your store is at 70. As far as I know – there are no other specific scissors or tape in the regular aisles scanning as part of the Christmas clearance- but if you find any let us know!


Also check the Men’s department for possible holiday clearance finds that won’t be stickered. Kelley found these Licensed Batman Men’s Boxers gift sets with nothing Christmas about them at 70% Off. They will be as low as $3.59 if your store is at 70.


Also look in the regular area for Men’s boxers for Christmas prints mixed in. Unfortunately not all of the holiday prints are scanning at 70% but the above is what Kelley found ringing at 70 for as low as $1.49 and they may make for cute stocking stuffers next year.


Also – these never showed up at my store but Kelley found baskets of these Ocelo Christmas Tree scrub sponges on just a random endcap by sporting goods of all places. They were stickered and only 30% Off, but that made them $1.25 and there is a $1/1 Ocelo Scrub Sponges printable that makes them just .25 cents if you happen across them too. There is also a .75/2 Ocelo Scrub or Plain Sponges or Dishwands 11-23-14 SS x12/31.

I still have the Christmas Clearance prep list available to reference with other pictures of items to watch for with matchups, but keep in mind some of the more popular grocery/household items listed may be gone and some of the coupons may no longer be available to print.

Also – please feel free to comment on this post and tell us what you have been finding so we know what other hidden goodies we should be looking for!

As far as the next drop to 90% Off, I am thinking anything that is left should go to 90% Off sometime between January 3rd & 5th. But keep in mind- nothing is set in stone when it comes to clearance at Target- so keep a close eye on it if you have interest! Happy clearance hunting everyone! 🙂

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  1. 90/70 this morning in White Plains, NY. There was plenty of candy left, along with two short aisles of lights, stocking stuffers and ornaments.

    I heard Paramus, NJ went 90 yesterday.

  2. Oh, on another note, I DID mark my calendar last year for the 70% off toy clearance & that drop happened on Thurs, Jan. 16th! 😀

  3. We went to see a movie & stopped @ the Kenner, LA, Target afterwards & they were pretty much wiped out compared to the other locations. One of the team members told me her manager said they would not go to 90%. I almost believe him because there really wasn’t much @ all to choose from except candy & that was still ringing up @ 50%! I made my husband put his silver bells back, telling him I’ll be going back to the other T in the morning ~ lol! This is SOOOOO frustrating! I need to remember to mark my calendar for the drop dates from now on! :p Keep the updates coming, y’all! 😀

  4. Thanks for all the updates ladies. My target was still at 70/50 this afternoon here in Minnesota. There is quite a bit left too, but no Kleenex, cling wrap, toys or more practical items. I always seem to miss 90% off since I can’t go every day. Keep updating so I know if I need to make a late night trip!! I’ll do the same.

  5. 70% in CT, they salvaged all of the Hello Kitty Dollar Spot items that were .30. I wish I had gotten more. There was SO much left, I don’t know why they salvaged. Oh well.

  6. Hi, just got home from the Metairie, LA Target. Everything is 70/70% now (they just marked the candy this morning), but there are some things still stuck @ 50% & 30% like the stocking stuffer items, slippers, etc. One team member told me she didn’t think the rest would go to 90%, but I’m sure they just tell you that so you’ll buy now. I didn’t fall for it b/c there was still loads of wrap, bags, gift tags, Xmas cards, etc.

    I did pick up a few deals I thought would not last til 90%. I finally found the Reynold’s Parchment Paper for .89, 2 pks of gold or bronze Sharpies for .89 & a few of the Archer Farms trail mix & nuts for $1.49/$2.69. They are plenty of the tall canisters left of toffee popcorn & stuff like that, but the nuts were pretty much wiped out. I also managed to find one of the A&H spinbrushes from the pictures above, so that was a MM w/ my $2/1 MQ. 🙂

    Has ANYONE found 90% off yet???

  7. TO Brittany in Fresno: what Target did you go to that still had stuff? The one I frequent is WIPED OUT.

  8. What city? Is there stuff left? By the time it hits 90 i dont think there will be much left in coral Springs

  9. I’ve got an errand to run right by my closest T & will stop in & see if I can find anything out. Crossing my fingers this store will be 90% b/c this one is usually the 1st to go! We can only hope! 😉

  10. Still 70% off in MI. Keep checking your store for the Kleenex hand towels and tissue, they keep putting more out at my store. This morning they were putting bags out–they are still getting shipments in.

  11. Every year when I call an employee tells me “oh we don’t drop to 90 off” and every year they do, I wonder if they are told to tell customers that.

  12. Food 50% and non-food is 70% in Fresno, CA

    I asked an employee when it was going to drop to 90%, and she said everything was selling well and it may not drop any further.

    I don’t buy that at all because there is an entire isle of food and wrapping paper/etc. Honestly, I don’t think they employees know until the day of the drop.

    I’m gonna check in the AM!

  13. I called yesterday and asked what percentage off the Christmas Clearance was and the lady said it was all gone. They had boxed it up and cleared it out:( Ours hit 70% on Tuesday but I had hoped yesterday would be 90. Bummed!

  14. I just called all three of my closest stores. Still 70% & one even said they were starting box “some things up.” 🙁 Anyone have any encouraging news? One team member speculated it might drop tomorrow, but added, “We can never be sure until we come in & they tell us to start marking.” :p

  15. Still 70/50 in Cleveland today! Hope it goes 90/70 tomorrow! Anyone been able to find the eos lip balm sets still?

  16. Thank you all for posting, keeping me updated about when it will go to 90%. saved me a trip out with 2 young kids!
    look for scotch tape dispenser that is the pop-up, precut tape! in regular aisle. 1.20 at 70% off. it says it comes with 4 refills on the package.

  17. Just found the DPCIs:


    Judging from the pic above of the MLB one, I think 83 is the kids and 85 is the adult one.

  18. “The spin brushes are not marked down at my store. Can anyone post the dcpi for the ones on clearance?”

    I can give you the UPCs but didn’t snap a pic of the DPCIs when I price checked. If I find my receipt I will post them.

    kids MLB spinbrush: 766878000732 (sticker over original barcode)
    Limited Edition Design Series Spinbrush w/ dotted handle: 766878000237 (barcode on original packaging)

  19. I’ll be at my Target first thing in the morning on Friday to check for 90%! I’ll make sure to post as soon as I can!

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