Target After-Christmas Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Just a heads up that more of you should find after-Christmas clearance up to 90% Off at Target today (1/4). There is no schedule set in stone, and not all stores drop together at once, so if you have anything left at your stores and don’t find 90% Off today there’s a very good chance you will find it tomorrow.

There will be a few stragglers who won’t drop tomorrow, but the majority of you should. Be sure and scan though even if your signs say 70% because you never know! They may just not have their signs out yet.


Kelley headed out to her local Maryland stores this morning- and found 90% Christmas / 70% Off Holiday Candy & food. She actually had quite a bit left as you can see from the pictures. It’s a little bit of a mess – but still quite a bit of fun for her to hunt through. ๐Ÿ™‚

Even if your store has nothing in the holiday section at all – be sure to take a good look around the store for those hidden finds in the regular aisles. Not everything gets brought to the clearance section, and the majority of holiday clearance does NOT get stickered – so some good old fashioned hunting around in the regular aisles can yield some possible surprises.

You can check out my hidden clearance posts for some idea on what to look for and you can check out the comments on these posts too to see what others have found. If you are at 90% Off these finds will be even better…

Target After-Christmas Clearance Now Up To 70% Off โ€“ Plus Roundup of Hidden Finds
More Target Christmas Clearance Hidden Finds

You can also stillย access the Christmas Clearance Prep List for some inspiration on what to look for, but please keep in mind at this point, many of our coupons have expired and the popular items on the list like tissues and other household items will be extremely hard to find at this point. Good luck everyone & I hope many of you are able to find some nice goodies at 90% today or tomorrow and let us know what you find!

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  1. Does anyone know if it is still 90? Yesterday January 7, they were putting out cart loads of Phillips multi color globe lights (large plastic bulbs), wrapping paper, stockings, large snowmen yard decor, LED light candles and other christmas decorations. The Phillips globe lights were $1.19, so I took 10 even though I didn’t need them….lol! I also bought three white LED candles with cages for $0.80 . It has two snowflake on them but I will use year round on our outdoor dining set. Before all of this, the Xmas section was pretty empty. This is in Hawaii.

  2. I found Reserv stemless, plastic, wine glasses (4 pk) in the xmas section for .59. Also, mini LaLaoopsy holiday figurines for .49 in the toy aisle. Although I was able to get a lot of ornaments and stocking stuffers for next year, I was a little disappointed in the hidden finds this year. I feel like there were more last year. oh well, still grateful for the 90% items that I did get. Happy hunting!

  3. I was at my Target in SC yesterday and there was a whole end cap of Christmas socks in Women’s with the sign saying $5. On a hunch I checked them and they came up at $ .50! Also found men’s boxers for $ .50 and men’s Christmas Story lounge pants for $1.79. All unmarked!

  4. I said I wouldn’t buy any after Christmas mark downs but .. whatever lol. I got 4 Paw Partol matching games, 3 mini holiday Barbie dolls, 3 mini pllaydoh packs shaped like a candy cane and a Lego like set in a bag for $.49 ea in the toy section and a Duncan yo-yo for $.29

  5. I found something I don’t think I heard mentioned yet; in the men’s section they had a ugly sweater kit by some boxes gifts for $2.49, comes in a paper box, red sweater peeking out lots of stuff inside to add to. Also a a few obviously Christmas baby sets, kids pajamas that did not have a paper tag but from code on inside one cashier was able to get price. Eastchase in Fort Worth, TX.

  6. @ Lisa: The manager of the Xmas clearance told me that candy/food will be marked to 90% off in the morning & there’s a $1/2 Hershey’s candy q in today’s coupons. That should make them a nice MM! ๐Ÿ˜€ I wasn’t planning to go back, but now I think I’ll have to check this out ~ lol!!!

  7. My San Diego store was at 90/70 today, but what was left looked a lot like the first picture above. Totally destroyed! But that just makes the hunt for great deals even more fun for me. My store still had about 50 boxes of Glad Cling wrap down to $.29 a box, and plenty of candy and Market Pantry cookies and a couple varieties of cake frosting. I managed to find the only two rolls of wrapping paper that were still shrink wrapped and not torn apart. I found plenty of stocking stuffer toys as pictured above and then some in the regular toy department. I also found several boys shirts priced between $.90 to $1 each (can’t beat that!) in the regular clothing department. I was on the hunt for Archer Farms brand K-Cups and managed to find three boxes left of the candy cane flavor and the Christmas blend at $3.29 each for an 18-count box. All in all, I can actually say that I enjoyed hunting for the 90% off deals more than I did getting the 50% off deals the first day. There wasn’t a ton of stuff left to be had but still worth the trip today.

  8. I always say I’m not going back for 90% off but I usually do ๐Ÿ™‚ I really lucked out finding a Barbie (had looked before and they didn’t have any) for $.49. I also found a Polar Express set (DVD, hardback book & bell) for $3.29. I got a 6 ft pre-lit tree for $12.70 that used to be $127!!! I got a kid’s pj set for $1.29, lots of candy/cookie mixes for 70% off (some nice stuff like Godiva), several ornaments I was eyeing at 70% off but passed up and got for 90% off (Sesame Street Abby & Cookie Monster, Mike from Monsters Inc, Anna from Frozen, Marge Simpson), two sets of Barbie keys, not Christmasy at all. I wish I could have looked more in that end-cap section with all of the $3-$5 toys b/c it seemed really random what was 90% off and I didn’t want to scan everything, 3 packs of holiday cards and some individual ones, tissue paper, tin gift card holders, a really nice red tinsel wreath (rang up full price but the cashier discounted it to $1), the bronze Sharpie pack for $.29, and 21 red birds made out of feathers for $12.60. It is crazy that those would have cost me $126 at full price. It doesn’t sound like it, but my store was actually pretty cleaned out. I was surprised at how little was left but I found a lot of my things around the store as “hidden” deals. I spent $50 and this, obviously, would have cost $500. My very best finds were definitely the 6 ft pre-lit tree, the Barbie and the Polar Express set. Very happy with my trip.

  9. Those of you who scored deals are lucky! Here in Michigan everything was almost entirely gone by 12/29. We went on the 1/2 and there was hardly anything left but the prices were still 70% or less.

  10. 90% here in Upstate NY. We picked up a 10.5′ pre-lit Christmas tree, originally $534.00 for $53.40. Lots of bags and gift boxes for $0.15-$0.25.

  11. 90% in CT! Found a pack of Winter Oreos for .89 and I had a .50 off coupon! I also found 2 of the Paw Patrol games for .49 each, which will be perfect for some upcoming birthdays. There wasn’t much left, lots of the M&M candy cane tubes and some red lights. Picked up 2 boxes of the candy cane cookies because they have 2 separate doughs for .59 each and I had a .75 off 2 coupon, so I will use the cookie dough for Valentine’s Day (red and white) and something else. They also had a good amount of the frosting left, so I picked up a can for around .50.

  12. We were at 90/70 this morning in utah. I found some awesome stuff! The best was a prelit 4.5 foot fir tree marked down to $8.50!!! I also scored shirts, pajama sets, books, tape, indoor/outdoor outlets, wrapping paper, gift tag stickers, gift tissue and bags, Reynolds parchment paper, tons of toll house baking chips, tons of pepperidge farm goldfish, canisters of pecans and cashews, and a bag of York peppermint patties. It was awesome!!!

  13. I found a Nordicware 3 pc mixing bowl set (red, white and green bowls) for 1.99. Women’s pj sets in Christmas patterns 1.99. Kids pj sleepers 1.49. Circular metallic purses .50, rectangular makeup bags with animals .50, metallic makeup bags .50, G2 metallic pens .29, scotch tape .18, scotch pop-ups .40, … plus a bunch of what was already posted.

  14. Mens character tees in mens dept. With snoopy. National lampoon. Grinch and minions all Christmas and fuzzy pajama pants with grinch less than $1.75 each.

  15. Scored the 3 pack Bic metallics, tissue paper and bags, all in regular aisles. Found three really cute metallic dressy purses, silver, gold and purple for $1 each, even though the sign said 50%, we knew better! A Santa hat and beard set, Feliz Navidad cup with a curly straw, Reese’s candy canes, thirty cents each, mini gift bag and ribbon, ten cents each.

  16. I found crayola pipsqueak markers in regular section 16 pack with red bow on package for $0.49! Yea! First time I’ve found something not already posted ( I think)! :). Love this site and thanks to everyone who helps Kerry out!

  17. At my Target in Ohio they were down to 90%!!! I got so much great stuff, probably the best clearance shopping Iโ€™ve ever down ๐Ÿ™‚ Polar Express gift sets for $3.29, LED lights for $1.19, LED trees for $10, Elf on the shelf for $2.99, tons of stocking stuffer stuff for 29 cents and up, cute kids plate and mug sets for $1.99, transformer glass sets for $1.99, Paw patrol look-a-likes game for 49 cents, Cookie jar (red with the word Cookies on it) for $1.99, wristlet purses for $1.50 and the list goes on. I couldnโ€™t believe how much they still had left. I found looks of clothes too plus some of the hidden finds you had posted about (barbies, hot wheels holiday gift pack, paw patrol cars, men’s boxers, kids baseball hats, etc.) Thanks so much for all you do and keeping us in the loop on these great deals!

  18. Our store had the 70% signs out this morning, in that area of the store was like a ghost town. on a whim, I took an ornament over to the scanner and checked it. to my delight, it was 90% off. It felt like Christmas, haha! I loaded up my cart with a bunch of goodies and joyously used my RedCard for the extra 5% off!

  19. Our store in MN still had 70% off signs up today but they rang up at 90% off (food is 70% off). I made sure to tell the other shoppers about the misguiding signs. I found the 2 pack of Gold Metallic Sharpies in the office area for .29 though they they aren’t marked.

  20. My store (in Upstate NY) had tons left and was 90% off… I got the Hallmark Bell Interactive Puppy/Storybook, a Polar Express Giftbox with the movie, book and bell, Starbucks Holiday K Cups, lots of foam craft kits, Christmas stick on bows, ornaments, Elf on the Shelf Lip Gloss, Women’s Christmas socks, Men’s Christmas boxers, a few Duplo Lego sets (in bags)…. and more! I paid under $20 for everything!

  21. 90/70% off in So. Fl…Ty for posting the hidden deals…I was able to score the puffs 2pk tissues .29, up and up clear plastic dinner/cake plates and cups for .52, dog toys .49-.69, various items of clothing for kids, mens and ladies, but my best find was the elf on the shelf book/doll set in book dept. for 2.99 ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Our stores have very little left. Can’t believe all the stuff on the shelves in the pics!!!

  23. So excited to see that my store was at 90%! They had a decent amount too. Scored some
    Cheap lights, garland, and gift bags! My store also had a good amount of food items marked at 70%.

  24. I am so jealous of you guys who have stores where all of this stuff is still there at 70% and 90%. Ours was ransacked with little left by two days after Christmas.

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