My After-Christmas 90% Off Clearance Target Trip and Be Sure & Check the Candy & Snack Aisles

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Most of you should have hit 90% Off on after-Christmas clearance by now with 70% Off on Food & candy. My store hit 90% yesterday, but there was just nothing left in Holiday at all by the time I got there aside from a very few things, but I did have a little luck in other parts of the store.

I spent $11.01 after tax for everything above, and was pretty happy with my little trip. Despite having practically NO Holiday food left in the Christmas section- I was happy with what I found in the regular aisles. But each store will vary with what you can find and it all comes down to luck, and whether or not team members have already reset certain sections of your store.

The clock is ticking now though- and it is just a matter of time before any items left will be taken off the floor and whatever gets missed will be taken out of the system and scan as INF (item not found). Usually 90% lasts only a few days & everyone won’t have the same luck I did – but… that being said, here’s a few things you may want to check for in your own stores in the regular aisles that I found late last night…


I know lots of you had your holiday sections stocked with the Holiday Chex Mix, but be sure and scout the regular aisles too. I think I found around 8 bags last night – and was very proud of myself for not buying any. I love the Snickerdoodle- but unfortunately can go through a whole bag myself far too quickly. 😉 If you find them too- they will be as low as .89 cents and there’s still a 50¢ ON TWO BAGS Chex Mix or in the 11-16 SS or 12-7 SS1 x1/31.


Also check the Goldfish aisle for the Hot Cocoa Grahams just in case. These have an obvious Christmas Ornament on the top front of the bag- so I was really surprised to find so many at my store, but worth a peek at yours too just in case your Goldfish Shelves have not been reset yet.


Also check the Lindt Candy aisle. I found about 8 White Chocolate Truffle Holiday Bags (look for the Snowflakes on the bag) in with all the regular Lindt. They were down to $1.19 each at 70% Off. It’s a good thing the White CHocolate does not appeal to me like Milk Chocolate does or I would have brought all 8 bags home. 🙂

As for the other things I found- I actually had LOTS of Window clings hanging in stationery near the kids stickers found in the single cards department. They were there for me since Holiday started and never brought to the back when clearance started, so it may be worth a look in case your store left them there too, since I only paid .20 cents each.

I discuss the Men’s holiday boxers shown above and other things I found on the following posts at the links below – plus these posts may give you other ideas on what to look for and you can check out the comments too to see what others have found…

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  1. I am traveling to another city tomorrow. I want to stop in and look for some of the hidden Christmas clearance finds. But I just wonder if the items have already been marked as “item not found” when they are scanned. Anyone tried any lately?

  2. Thank you for letting me know! I went and found no Christmas section anymore but did find a threshold snowflake cake stand for 2.49, cute holiday pillow for 1.49, tissue paper for .30, muddy buddies for .89, kids pajamas for 1.49, frozen shirt for 1.00, and elf on the shelf dvd for 1.49, and full size barbie for .49!! Thanks again, so fun looking for the hidden deals!

  3. My Target is still 90% (went 90% Jan 4th). There is NOTHING in the Christmas section but some “hidden” items were on sale.

  4. Yes – just came back from Target and found a bunch of stuff today at 90% off (in MN – went 90% off on Jan. 4)! Most of it was the hidden deals, not much left in the Christmas clearance section.

  5. Mansfield, TX still had lots of m& ms, cake/ cookie mixes, pez plus other candy at the mini seasonal aisles (near grocery) at 70% but hardly anything left in Christmas. I found one men’s pajamas for $2.5 but I gave to someone else because of its size. Saw 3 foot snoopy baseball caps mixed with others and counted over 20 of those “mommy’s favorite present” onesies in the baby section. ARLINGTON still had quite a few rolls of wrapping paper as of yesterday but it was their first day of 90%.

  6. Very few things for 90% off at our store in SE Michigan. Food was still 70%. Our store was quite empty — no wrapping paper, no bags, no decorations really. I did find some bristle-brush style silver Christmas Trees about 10″ tall but these were only 30% off. Lots of cat toys for 90% off. All the beauty product boxes/sets were still 15% off. I did get a few knit baby hats for about 70 cents each in the baby section though! 🙂

  7. Debbie I noticed the Hello Kitty Christmas dollar spot items ringing up regular price as well. One of them even had a Christmas tree on it. I guess they were on clearance a few weeks ago. However, there wasn’t a sign at my store. If they are not sold they go to regular price. I wonder why they weren’t salvaged. Oh well, I put them back. Lol

  8. Virtually nothing left in the Christmas section (just a few shelves) but I did find quite a few Lindt bags of chocolates with the snowflakes on them, mixed in with the regular bags, no more Goldfish (I got a couple bags when it was 50% off), quite a few holiday Nestle baking chips (dark chocolate and mint), and a few Chex Muddy Buddies that were mixed in with a food endcap clearance shelf marked 15%. One odd thing I noticed: one Target had the Mrs. Meyer’s holiday scented dish soap and cleaner (Iowa Pine) with a red gift tag on it “Season’s Cleanings” which was only 30% off…I would have thought it would have been included with the rest of the holiday discounts. Also noticed some Hello Kitty Christmas one spot items that were there before Christmas but now ringing up at full price. Found a Starbucks via pack of peppermint mocha that was already marked INF when I scanned it and the cashier was told to sell it to me for $5.99 so I left it.

  9. Wow, y’all have been finding some real deals!!! 😀 My main T is pretty wiped out now & candy is still 70%. 🙁 I will probably stop by sometime tomorrow, but I am betting they will be salvaging it then or @ least by Thurs. They already had the New Year’s display up & only a couple of small aisles w/ Xmas stuff remaining, mostly wrapping paper, cards & a few ornaments in addition to the candy/food items.

    As for the toy section, I noticed many toys that were already marked 50% off, but mine didn’t drop til 70% off last year until Thurs, Jan. 16th. My daughter & I are riding in a Mardi Gras parade again this year, so I will be super busy b/c it falls early this year. Thanks again to Kerry & everyone for all their helpful posts. Looking forward to the toy drop ~ lol!

  10. Does anyone know if the food ever goes to 90% or does it get salvaged if it doesn’t sell at 70%?

  11. Oddly enough I found eos coconut milk in the regular aisle ringing up .29. The ones with a 5 instead of 4 on the bar code are the ones ringing up and look identical to the other on the package.

  12. HI CHar- it all depends on when your store dropped but it usually stays on the floor for at least 3-4 days from when you dropoped. hth

  13. I got so lucky this year!
    I bought mens boxers .49 each
    Ornament sets .50 ea
    Kids toothrushes .49 ea
    Kleenex 2 pk .89 ea
    Rolls of wrapping paper .25 ea
    Coffee for 3.89

  14. Thanks for the heads up on the goodies that weren’t in the Christmas section (which has been wiped out since the 28th at my store). I found the goldfish, snickerdoodle muddy buddies and lindt chocolates. Super excited. I also was able to get a Little People Nativity Set for $14.98. I have been keeping my eye on that for a long time! Can’t wait until the toys get marked down further (I’m hoping for Friday of this week)

  15. Scored nearly a truck load of stuff in the last few days in Northern NJ. Be sure to recheck the stores as they are still pulling cases of seasonal items from the back. Today I found 9 pales of Tidy Cat Litter (snow flakes on package) for .77 each. An employee said they just came in off the truck! Also found Transformers Drinking Glasses 4 Packs for 1.99, regular size barbies .44 (w/ 10% cartwheel), Paw Patrol cars .49, Starbucks Holiday K-Cups 3.89, Lego Duplo bagged sets .39, Hot Wheels 4 Pack .44, Mini Holiday Tonka Truck .49, Holiday Barbie CDs .99, USB chargers / speakers / cords .49, White Chocolate covered Limited Edition Oreos .89…. up&up diapers and wipes (when they were 70%)… way too much to list! Best Holiday clearance by far!

  16. Spruce brand candles in regular candle section are ringing up 1.19, great price for a nice glass jar candle.

  17. Make sure to check the section at the front on the grocery side that usually contains the weekly food specials. The Merrillville IN store still had Christmas oreos, market pantry holiday granola bars, and market pantry reindeer graham snacks up there tonight. Sadly for me I’m going sugar-free so I left them all behind along w/some .50 q for the oreos.

  18. At my north Houston store the black boxers were 90% but the white and all pajamas were still regular price!

  19. Barbie & Disney princess? So lucky! Can you describe the packaging. Is there a bow, Christmas tree, etc on it?? Thanks!

  20. Hey I didn’t find the White bags of Lindt Chocolate but I did find one red and one blue. Dark chocolate and one milk. They had snowflakes on them throughout the left corner just like the ones in the picture. They were towards the back of the shelf in the regular candy isle. 🙂

  21. Good job! My city has several Targets and I went out yesterday morning by myself and had fun hunting for deals without my 2 year old, 4 year old or 8 year old going bananas. I found goodies that included Starbucks K-cups for 3.89 and I had a $3/2 catalina; a 3 piece Nordicware mixing bowl set for 1.99, a Nordicware baking pan and baking mix for 1.99, candy canes filled with loom bands for .50, a loom band and hook kit with charms for .49, up & up wipes for .14 per pack, socks for .50, bath sponges .19, makeup bags with foxes on them for .50, metallic cross body purses for $1, Hello Kitty lockable diaries for .30 and lots more! I was able to replenish my gift stash and pick up goodies for their Easter baskets. I also found the boxers and pajamas you have in your pic and I got a few pairs in my size… I lounge in pjs but sleep in boxers and a t-shirt.

  22. One of the best deals is the coinpurses, earphone zipper cases (Like the purple ones shown above) . They are in red, gold, black , and purple metallic. The tag is gold and says “Limited Edition” I found 7 in the Accessories Dept near the wallets and phone cases. Have fun!

  23. I was happy to get metallic Sharpies 2 for 29 cents. However our target won’t budge on the holiday gift packs, still only 30% off and no one’s biting. There’s a lot of them.

  24. You still did great, and what a steal on the Goldfish. I didn’t want to head to Target with four kids in tow, so I waited till this morning, when I only had my little one. I did not find Goldfish (I got one when they were at 50 percent off for the kids’ school).

    I did find lots of goodies today though, and I even found Barbie dolls and Disney princesses at $0.49 in the regular aisle. I bought a lot of things at 70 percent off, and everything I found today were bonus.

  25. I found Men’s Christmas boxers at one store on clearance but regular priced at another in Houston. I hate how random it can be in the same city!!

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