January Target Toy Clearance Update: 30 – 70% Off

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Every year in January, Target resets the toy section with new stock, and when this happens Target has major toy clearance. Eventually a BIG portion of whatever survives this clearance drops down even further to 70% Off all at once. Most if not all of you are already seeing this big clearance going on with discounted toys on endcaps, in the regular aisles, and in designated clearance aisles- marked at anywhere from 30-50% and some already as much as 70% Off.


While some of you may be finding some toys as much as 50-70% Off right now, like select BoomCo, Nerf, Fisher-Price, Disney & more – many brand-name popular toys usually hold out until mid January before going to 70% Off all at once. Over the coming days you may notice more & more consolidation happening and this is a good sign that the big drop will be ready to happen right in the middle of the month again this year.

Based on last year and the way stores are looking right now, I am thinking this big simultaneous drop to 70 will happen on Thursday, January 15th for most. But stores can vary and the day of the week that it happens may also depend on your store’s markdown schedule and some of you may drop on Wednesday, January 14th or Friday, January 16th.

But keep in mind I do not have any definite dates for you, just my past experiences and an educated guess. It’s just something to carefully watch on your own too, and it’s worth a good, long look in the toy aisles now to see if anything interests you as there is no way of knowing if what’s there now at 30 or 50% Off will survive until 70% Off.

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  1. I found a few of the the Frozen vanity sets marked 70% off from $50.00 to $15.00. Snagged one for my niece’s bday :). Also found lost of other toys at 30-50% off in socal.

  2. There were lego friends sets (heartlake juice bar) 277 pieces marked as is for $7.56 in the clearance aisle at the Target by my house. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the set. There were several boxes. They had the same ones in the regular lego aisle scanning for $29.99. Does anyone know why Target does this? It was the same exact set.

  3. Mine is still at 30-50% off. I managed to score a Little Tikes Cozy Truck for $43. I had my eye on it when it was 30% and luckily it was still there today at 50%.

    Hoping that there is still some stuff left at 70%. The items I really wanted there are still 3 or 4 left of each, so I’m hedging my bets 🙂

  4. We were able to get the Step 2 Dishin ‘ Up Delights kitchen for $39.99 down from $79.99. We have 2 Targets nearby and the same kitchen was still $49.99 at the other Target. We also got a set of General Mills play food half off for $7.99 down from $14.99.

  5. most of ours are at 30 percent off and a few still at 15 percent off…there was a lot of Marvel action hero stuff though marked down at 50 already. I picked up a captain america and bike/car toy at 50 percent for an easter basket filler. our store still has things scattered with most of the “outdoor” items on end caps near sporting goods and the rest of the toys a mix between the consolidated aisle and the regular aisles.

  6. I got the Disney’s Tink’s Pixie Cottage for only $11.98 down from $39.99. Also I got the Imaginext Castle Wizard’s Tower for right around $10. It wasn’t marked so I am not sure of the original price, but is currently selling at Walmart for $30.

  7. I went to a target that was sort of out of the way and I found an aisle full of toys at 70% off but only got the disney princess ballet sets and slippers for my niece. However, at the target closest to me toys are basically gone by 30% and only the pricier items get left back until it hits 50% then its all gone.

  8. I was able to find some small Captain America toys for 50% last week here in SW Florida. I saw many toys throughout the aisles marked down, usually at 30%. There were actually some really great toys on clearance this year, including Lego, Disney, Lalaloopsy, Fisher Price, and more that I can’t remember.

  9. Some big name toys at my store were only 15% off which came out to only a dollar or so. Not a big drop yet, sadly.

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