The Latest Clearance Finds This Week at Target

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Here’s what has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount that those who contributed to this post have.

But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check. Some Target Cartwheel Offers do exclude clearance but it can’t hurt to browse thru to look at those offers too just in case.

HOUSEHOLD: There is a LOT of holiday limited edition air care on clearance right now- from several different brands for as much as 50% Off. Plus there is quite a few coupons out there that make for nice deals.


Despite signage for 30% Off, Sally found Febreze Air Effects and wax melts in limited edition holiday scents for 50% Off at $1.48. There is the $2/2 Febreze Air Freshener Items Target Mobile Coupon (text THANKS to 827438) x2/18 you could use if you find the same.


We are also fortunate to have LOTS of Glade coupons right now and there is quite a bit of Holiday Glade hanging around at stores for as much as 50% Off down to as low as $1.48. Here’s a roundup of Glade coupons for you that make for some very nice deals…

$1 off two Glade Candles 4-oz. or Auto Aero Refills Target Coupon x2/7
$1 off With purchase of three Glade Holiday Seasonal items TQ (No Longer Available) x1/8
-10% Off Glade Air Fresheners (excl. Spring Seasonals, Auto) Target Cartwheel x2/14
$1.00 on any TWO Glade Premium Room Sprays (excludes 8 oz. aerosol) 
-$1.25/2 Glade Jar Candle 12-7-14 SS1 x1/31 or HERE
-$1/1 Glade Product (excl. Solid Air Freshener, Spray 8 oz) 12-7-14 SS1 x1/31 or HERE
-$2/3 Glade Product (excl. Solid Air Freshener, Spray 8 oz) 12-7-14 SS1 x1/31 or HERE
-$2/2 Glade Products (excl. Room Sprays 8 oz, Solid Air Fresheners) 1-4-15 SS2 x3/9
-$1.25/2 Glade Wax Melt Refill 12-7-14 SS1 x1/31 or HERE 
Also, be sure to check for possible Glade offers on Checkout 51.


GROCERY: Kelley found tons of Market Pantry Chicken Stuffing Mix for .81¢, both at 30% off. While most cartwheel offers exclude clearance, there is a 5% Off Market Pantry Stuffing Mix Box 6 oz Target Cartwheel x2/7 that does not.


Also found, Emerald Vanilla Roast Almonds and other varieties as low as $3.28 at 30% off and Bark Thins for $1.98 at 50% off.

Tracy found lots of Mrs. Smith’s pies for 50% off at $2.48. There are no coupons I know of  but it’s a nice price if you find the same. She also found Marie Callender’s for $5.51 at 15% off but if you find a bigger drop, there is a $1/1 Marie Callender’s Frozen Dessert Pie 26 oz+ 12-7-14 SS1 x1/18.

Also spotted, Goldfish Macaroni & Cheese for $0.86 at 15% off and Pringles for $1.28, also 15% off. There is a $1.50 on ONE 12-pack or TWO 2-liters Canada Dry & Select other sodas AND ONE (1) Pringles or Cheez-It (68130).


HEALTH & BEAUTY: Mandy found several brands of kids power toothbrushes on a clearance end cap at her store, up to 30% off – Monster High, Hello Kitty Angry Birds & More. There aren’t many coupons out there right now – but there is a .50/1 Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush (excl. Plus, Extra Clean, Classic Clean) 1-4-15 SS2 x1/24.


GIRLS: Jane let me know she found these cute Circo vests for 30% off marked down to $13.98 and fleece 1/4 zip pullovers for $9.08, also 30% off.

She also found these Cherokee denim pants and this cute Disney hoodie for $12.58, marked down to 30% off. If you meet the required threshold, there is a $3 off Kids’ apparel purchase of $15+ Target Coupon x1/31.

Katie found lots of clearance including lots of Cherokee hoodies on clearance for 30% off, marked down to $11.98 and swim shorts for 70% off, marked down to $3.88.


There were also some lightweight solid-colored tees on clearance for 50% off, marked down to $3 each. And Liz reported seeing Shaun White jackets on clearance for 30% off and marked down to $27.98 and some Ninja Turtle tees for $8.40, also 30% off.

 There were lots of markdowns in the men’s department this week up to 50% off. Jenna found lots of men’s tees by Mossimo on clearance for 50% off, marked down to $4.98, even though signs said 30% off. If you find the same and meet the threshold, there is a $4 off Men’s apparel & accessories purchase $20+ (excl shoes) Target Coupon x1/31 to save even more.

ACCESSORIES: Karen reported finding lots of fuzzy slippers on clearance for 30% off and as low as $10.48 and lots of holiday socks with the slippers, on clearance for 90% off marked down to .50¢ each.

Also found, Mossimo clogs for $10.98, marked down 50% off even though signs said 30% off.

HOME: Teena found these fitted crib sheets by Circo on a clearance end cap for 50% off, marked down to $4.98. If you meet the spending requirement, there is a $3 Off Infant Care Purchase $15+ Target Mobile Coupon (txt OFFERS 827438) x1/9 (Bedding included) to save even more.


Cute Silk Touch Throw & Canvas Tote sets with licensed characters on them for 30% off at $11.88….


and lots of Zak Tumblers with Frozen characters for 30% off at $4.88.

Sara founds tons of Room Essentials dinnerware on clearance at her store, with all pieces marked down to .98¢ each including cups, plates, and bowls in bright colors. These are great to have on hand for kids – all plastic!

TOYS: And one of the most popular clearance topics these days is toys. :) As I posted yesterday, Target is having its annual January toy clearance- where the shelves get reset with the new and many older toys get clearanced out to make room.

I know lots of you are waiting for the big drop, which looks promising for next week, but many of you have already found some toys as much as 70%, so be sure to take a look around in the toy department next time you are in to see what you can find.


Keep sending us those emails and photos of your clearance finds and we will try to include them in our Thursday roundup whenever possible. Contributions are always appreciated!  

Remember- you can always sort the blog by CLEARANCE to see the latest finds you may want to watch for too. Feel free to let us know what your latest finds are in the comments below and big thanks for your emails, comments & photos to Sara, Teena, Karen, Liz, Katie, Jenna, Mandy, Carrie, Jane, Tracy of Having Fun Saving, and to Kelley! 

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  1. In the household section, check the chevron poufs (They are the cube like ottoman things) they are ringing up at 70% and are down to 14.99. They had quite a few red ones left at my local store.

  2. @joelle…this was at Salt Lake clothing section 4 days ago when christmas went 90. Tons of 4 wheelers. Same was in Kona yesterday. I go to Kona once a week, luckily I was able to hit the Kona store for Xmas clearance. I got tons of ziplock and bounty napkins for 90 off!

  3. Hi… @knox which one in Hawaii did you go to? salt Lake is wiped clean…. Are you at Kapolei?

  4. target Hawaii looks just as full! They even have 4 wheelers in the children’s clothing section stacked three high at 30 percent. I know they will be there at 70 too! Mind you, this Target is busy too and they have a ton always

  5. FYI there is a ton of pet stuff marked from 50-90% off in my area which is NH. i picked up 3 gingerbread house cat scratch things for .99 cents each and some cat nip moue toys for .88 cents each. my glade section is marked to 50% off and i found starbucks holiday blend bag coffee’s hidden in the back and they were “item not found” when scanned i went to a team leader and they gave it to me for 90% off so i only paid like .90 cents each for the 2 bags i found! a steal!

  6. @Cheryl: I also have those offers but they do exclude all the Holiday scents, bummer.

    I wonder why this Target (in the pics) has so much stuff left over. Do the people in that area not shop at Target? With all that left over merchandise you’d think the discounts would be higher to get rid of it.

    Also, I can’t believe the gift sets are still at 15%! Come on Target, get that percentage up!

  7. My coupon was pushed thru as well because I nor the cashier didn’t know why it wasn’t going thru. Didn’t know it was a size issue until I saw it on another site. I find it strange that the holiday candles are only 3.8 oz. Why short us the .2 ounces?!

  8. i found 3-pack sour patch gum for $0.64.use target mobile coupon THANKS to get it for free!!!

  9. check your ibotta offers- i got the following Glade offers
    $1.50 refill spray
    $1 wax melts
    $1 candle
    $1.50 ct refill oil
    $2 automatic spray started kit

  10. Yes the coupon didn’t work for me either yesterday but today I decided to look up if my target did have 4oz candles and they did not!Although the shelves were marked as 4oz candles the jars were only 3.8oz.I told this to the cashier and she honored my target coupon today …yay!

  11. Just another heads up, the $1 off two Glade Candles 4-oz. or Auto Aero Refills target coupon will not scan on the holiday candles, it’s a beeper that will pop up the gray screen saying no items found, matching the coupon. My guess is they intended it to be for the regular glade candles. I happened to have used it yesterday because it was a better deal than buying 3 and using the holiday coupon. The cashier pushed it through for me but, just want you all to be aware that it won’t scan on it’s own.

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