Target January Toy Clearance Update: Up to 70% Off

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Today may be the day that many of you see your stores drop to 70% Off on a large majority of their clearance Toys, however that was not the case for me. After visiting 2 stores early this morning in Tampa- there was no significant movement – aside from some toys getting moved from 30 to 50%, and whatever was 70 had already been 70.

I did get a few e-mails already with readers saying they found 70 at their stores today- so I hope lots of you have some luck out there and my area is just lagging. And just a reminder everybody- don’t forget to scan, scan, scan! The signs and stickers may not always be correct and you will never know unless you scan. So good luck & let us know what you find today at your stores if you are headed out!

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  1. Did anyone else have the same experience that I had yesterday? I went to two different Target stores (Illinois) in the morning, and the toy prices were NOT marked down to 70%. I stopped in again in the evening, and almost all of the clearance toys that were left, WERE marked down to 70%! In the past, our Target stores have always marked down in the A.M..

  2. I just got back from the Metairie, LA Target & they are more wiped out than the Kenner location. 🙁 There were very few Legos @ all & those were STILL 50% off. 🙁 I also found a couple of the same “Tour of Duty” Mega Blocks I’d purchased in Kenner yesterday @ 70% off, but there were only about 3 left. There were some other small sets of other “imitation” Legos priced $4.48 & $2.98, but nothing really thrilled me & the clearance toy aisles were almost completely wiped out. 🙁 I didn’t think Kenner had much compared to last year, but the Metairie store was barely worth looking at. :p

  3. I definitely agree with the previous comment. Not as much as other years but I totally forgot about it (even though I’ve been waiting for the big drop) and went early this morning after a saw this post last night. Super excited to get 5 Lego sets at half off. I got used to the 70 for other toys but this year legos are all i want to get my son.

    PS. In the previous years I never understood why everyone was talking so much about the Lego sets during the clearance but my son got his first set for his birthday and now he’s hooked! (I didn’t grow up here by the way, I knew of them but it wasn’t as big of a craze as here).

  4. I scored today! Found LEGO Ninjago Mech Dragon that my son has been wanting FOREVER for $45! Half price is as god as LEGOs get around here!

  5. @ Lori & anyone interested in Legos. I’m still @ the Kenner, LA Target & apparently there was quite a crowd here when the doors opened this morning! I spoke to a team member who was price checking & marking items down & while most of the toy clearance dropped to 70, all of the Lego sets are still 50. 🙁 I managed to find one large “Call of Duty” set (it’s called Odin Space Station Strike) & a small Halo set for 70%, but not much else was of interest to me. 🙁 There were only 2 aisles left & a couple of end caps, but everything was really picked over. Other good deals that come to mind were several types of Monster High dolls for $7.18 & lots of action figures & a few Angry Birds sets for about $4.50. I was not impressed compared to last year! 🙁

  6. I found that about 90% of the clearance toys at my store were 70% off today! I did find some of the “hotter” toys at only 50% – like Legos. But I rarely see Legos for cheaper, so I grabbed them. Everything was signed at 30% off and most were not tagged properly, but almost everything I tried scanned at 70% off. My store is in Upstate New York, Capital District. Good luck! 😀

  7. The Hello Kitty Cafe is poorly made. Pieces don’t fit. The awning was made too short. Everything was packaged, however, this product was made in China. Not worth buying at 70 off. Returning it.

  8. I don’t feel like this was the “big” toy clearance for my store yet. A few items were 70% off but most were 30-50%.

  9. I got some amazing deals today. The signs on the shelves still said 30% however the actual sticker prices were 70% so make sure to look at the actual prices not just the big signs. I got 9 good toys for my kids birthdays and if I had paid original price for all of them it would have been $197.11 but I paid only $49.92! Total score and I was soo happy!! Good luck everyone

  10. @ Lori: Thanks for the update on the Covington store & sorry you didn’t have better luck. I’m heading out now to Kenner b/c it’s just too nasty out to drive across the river. 🙁 I will report back my findings later. Not really holding out hope, although I know this store DID go to 70% off toys this Thursday (the 16th in 2014) last year. Fingers crossed & I am also interested in the new 20% off on clearance apparel on CW! 😀

  11. I got Lego Friends treehouse stuff last week at 70% off. But the rest of everything was 30/50% still. My super target usually does their markdowns on Fridays. So I’m checking tomorrow. Will probably go tonight and get some clearance deals on clothes if I can do both.

  12. @Laura – I’m on the Northshore. We went to the Covington store. The Legos here are.all 30% off 🙁 I didn’t really check anything else because that’s all we need

  13. Up in Mass, the store was only at 50%. They were marking them 50% today :(. Funny, store up the street in nh last Friday night had things already at 70% and were prepping things probably for today.

  14. I found 70% off in northern il today! Leap pad 3, little people, hotwheels remote cars and little pet shop! Great deal

  15. @ Lori: Which store did you go to in the New Orleans area? I live in Metairie & that’s the store I went to most recently. Most of their Legos were 30-50% off Monday. I am probably going to check out either the Kenner or the Harvey store today. Please lmk if you have been to either of these stores. TIA & happy hunting!

  16. I’m so bummed I went to two targets very early this morning and none of the 50% toys were marked down to 70% my store has some great items left. I even asked around and no one seemed to know when the drop would happen. Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one out early scouting the toys here hoping my third trip to target tomorrow would be the charm.

  17. My store in OH was marking down to 70% this morning but there was only 1 side of 1 aisle and none of what is in your photo above.

  18. I found that my store in South Florida was marking down many toys from 50 to 70% off!!! Most of the toys that are shown on the picture above were 70% off! but they were still many toys that were 50 off before but stayed at 50.

  19. I am planning to go to one of my Targets today & am hoping to find 70% off. My closest store recently had a few items already marked to 70%, but most were still only 30-50% off. The selection @ this store wasn’t too great, so I’ll probably check a different Target. Is anyone finding 70% today & if so, are there any Lego or Lego type sets included? That’s about all I am interested in this time around for my 6 yr old grandson. 🙂

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