TurboTax: Prepare, Print & E-File Your Taxes for Free

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If you have never tried TurboTax and have fairly simple taxes you can prepare, print AND e-file your taxes for FREE! This is perfect for first time filers, students, those who want to import their W-2 income data, or anyone who wants to file their own taxes. Plus, if you own a business or have more complicated taxes you can upgrade to other versions at a very affordable price.

While filling in the information, TurboTax keeps a running tab on the screen letting you know how much your refund is going to be or how much you owe so that you can see how each entry affects your bottom line. Along the way you will be asked simple questions to guide you thru your tax information, plus they will email you once your return is accepted by the IRS.

Turbo Tax is very thorough and it also keeps certain information from year to year, so when it is time to do your taxes the next year it will auto fill in certain information to save you even more time!  One of the really cool features is in the section on donations.  If you donated items and aren’t sure of the value, TurboTax will figure out the value for you!  Just go HERE to check it out.

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