Over 45 New Printable Target Coupons Today!

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There are over 45 new Target coupons available to print today – for groceries, household items, baby & more. I’ve listed all the new ones below along with any matchups I could find. For a matchup of all current Target Coupons available right now- check out my Target Coupon Page.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can tell the Target Coupons from Manufacturer’s coupons before you print, you can check out my post HERE. Some of you are actually able to now hover over a coupon on Target.com to reveal whether it is a Target coupon or not, but this doesn’t always work for everyone.


$1 off up & up® trash bags Target Coupon x2/28
75¢ off 3 up & up disposable tableware (Plates, Bowls, Cutlery, Napkins) Target Coupon x3/28

$1.50 off Scott bath tissue 15-ct. or larger Target Coupon x3/28
-5% Off Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue Double roll 24 pk Target Cartwheel x1/31
-.75 Off Scott Bath Tissue 8 rolls+ 1-11-15 SS1 x2/7
Save $5 wyb $30 on select Kimberly-Clark products (Scott incld) w/ SavingStar x1/28

$2 off GE Reveal lightbulb Target Coupon x2/28
$2 off GE LED lightbulb Target Coupon x2/28

-$1/1 GE Reveal, Energy Smart, Energy Eff. Soft White or LED Lighting 1-11 SS2 x3/11

$1 off Spot Shot instant carpet stain remover Target Coupon x2/28
$1.00 off any one (1) Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover item.

75¢ off 2000 Flushes toilet bowl cleaner 2-ct. Target Coupon x2/28
75¢ off any one (1) 2000 Flushes® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
.55/1 2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

50¢ off up & up paper item (Paper Towels 6pk+ or Bath tissue 12pk+) Target Q x2/28
-5% Off Up & Up Bath Tissue Target Cartwheel x3/21
-5% Off Up & Up Paper Towels Target Cartwheel x3/21

50¢ off up & up® bath tissue 4-pk or larger Target Coupon x3/28
-5% Off Up & Up Bath Tissue Target Cartwheel x3/21



50¢ off up & up® bar soap and/or body wash purchase of $2+ Target Coupon x2/28
75¢ off With purchase of two up & up® cotton items ETS Target Coupon x2/28
$1 off up & up® vitamins Target Coupon x3/28
$2.25 off up & up® stop smoking item Target Coupon x3/28
$1 off up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x3/28
$3 off Dessange Treatment Target Coupon x2/28
$1 off Nivea body wash ETS Target Coupon x2/28
50¢ off Nivea lip care item Target Coupon x2/28
$1 off Select ACT mouthwash or rinse 33oz+ Adults or 16.9oz+ Kids Target Coupon x3/28

$5 off two Dessange Shampoo and Conditioners ETS Target Coupon x3/28

$1 off Select Softlips purchase of $5 or more (2ct or Cube) Target Coupon x3/28
-.75/1 Softlips Cube 1-4-15 SS2 x2/15
-$1.50/2 Softlips Cubes 1-4-15 SS2 x2/15
$1.00 On any two (2) Softlips Cubes

$3 off Digestive care (Zantac 24ct+ Dulcolax 8ct+ DulcoGas 30 ct+) Target Coupon x3/7
-$4/1 Zantac Product 24 ct+ 1-4-15 SS1 x2/28
-$3/2 Dulcolax or Dulcoease 25 ct+, Suppositories 4 ct+ or Dulcogas 18 ct 1-4 SS1 x2/28
-various Dulcolax/Dulcogas coupons on manufacturer’s Site

$2 off Depend or Poise item Target Coupon x2/28
-$2/1 Depend Bed or Seat Protectors 8 ct+ 1-11-15 SS1 x2/21
-$2/1 Depend Product 8 ct+ 1-11-15 SS1 x2/21
-$2/1 Depend Shields or Guards for Men 8 ct+ 1-11-15 SS1 x2/21
-$2/1 Poise Pads or Liners (excl. Liners 14 to 26 ct, Pads 10 ct) 1-11-15 SS1 x2/7
$2/1 Depend product
-$2/1 Depend Real Fit or Silhouette Product on Pick up the Values
-$2/1 Depend Absorbent Products on Pick up the Values
-$2/1 Poise Ultimate Long Pads on Pick up the Values
-$2/1 Poise Hourglass Shape Pads on Pick up the Values
-$1.50/1 Poise Pads on Pick up the Values

$2 off two L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Care Styling items ETS Target Coupon x2/28
-$2/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Treatment or Styler (excl. 1.7 oz) 1-4 RP1 x1/31
-$2/1 L’Oreal Advanced Hairstyle Product (excl. 1.7 oz trial) 1-25-15 RP1 x2/21

$3 off two L’Oreal Paris Advanced Shampoo or Conditioner 25.4 oz Target Coupon x2/28
-$4/2 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner (excl. 1.7 oz) 1-4-15 RP1 x1/31
-$2/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner (excl. 1.7 oz) 1-25-15 RP1 x2/21
$1/1 L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo or Conditioner

$4 off two L’Oreal Paris Preference Hair Color items Target Coupon x2/28
$2/1 L’Oreal Preference Hair Color
-$2/1 L’Oreal Preference (excl. Mousse Absolue) 1-11-15 RP x2/7
-$5/2 L’Oreal Preference (excl. Mousse Absolue) 1-11-15 RP x2/7
-$4/1 L’Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue Haircolor 1-4-15 RP1 x1/31

$1 off Nivea Body Lotion ETS Target Coupon x2/28
SAVE $1 on any Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion 13.5 oz


50¢ off Market Pantry® lunchmeat item 7- or 9-oz. Target Coupon x2/28
$1 off TruMoo Flavored milk item 1/2- or 1-gal. Target Coupon x2/28
$1 off two Dove Chocolates 6.6-oz. or larger Target Coupon x3/7
$1 off two Archer Farms® chips 7-oz. or larger Target Coupon x3/28

$1 off Stouffer’s family size entrée item Target Coupon x3/28
-$1.50/1 Stouffer’s Entree Family, Large Family or Party Size 25 to 96 oz 1-25-15 RP1 x4/30

$1/2 Simply Balanced snack (tortilla chips 5-12 oz or Popcorn 5-5 oz) Target Coupon x3/28
-5% Off Simply Balanced Chips & Popcorn Target Cartwheel x1/31

$1 off Dove chocolate fruit pouch 6-oz. Target Coupon x3/7
-10% Off Dove Fruit Chocolate Target Cartwheel x2/21

$1.50 off Brookside Crunchy Clusters wyb Brookside Chocolates (excl 3 oz) Target Q x2/28
-$1/2 Brookside Chocolate Bags 4.2 oz+ 1-18-15 SS x3/15
-.75/1 Brookside Crunchy Clusters 5 oz+ 1-18-15 SS x3/15

$1 off two select Alexia frozen foods (Potatoes, French Fries, Onion Rings) Target Q x2/28
-5% Off Alexia Frozen Potatoes Target Cartwheel x1/31
-.55/1 Alexia Smart Classics Fries 1-18-15 SS x3/1
$1/1 Alexia Items on Mambo Sprouts

$2 off three P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Meals, Rice or Appetizers Target Coupon x2/28
-$1/1 P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Meal, Appetizer or Rice 1-18-15 SS x3/1
-.75/1 P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Rice 1-18-15 SS x3/1
-$1.50/2 P.F. Chang’s® Meals, Appetizers, or Rice on SmartSource
-$1.50/2 P.F. Chang’s Meals, Appetizers or Rice on Ready, Set, Eat
-Earn $1.00 cash back Any 2 P.F. Chang’s Meals, Rice or Appetizer with Snap
-Earn $1.00 cash back Any P.F. Chang’s Appetizer or Rice with Snap

$3 off two Archer Farms® k-cup multipacks (exl single serve) Target Coupon x2/28
-5% Off Archer Farms Coffee Single Cup Packs Target Cartwheel x2/14

$1 off three Market Pantry® pasta or pasta sauces Target Coupon x2/28
-5% Off Market Pantry Pasta Noodles Target Cartwheel x2/7
-5% Off Market Pantry Pasta Sauce Target Cartwheel x2/7

75¢ off Market Pantry® frozen dessert 1.5-qt. (ice cream or sherbert) Target Coupon x2/28
-5% Off Market Pantry Ice Cream 48 to 144 oz Target Cartwheel x2/7

$1 off Market Pantry® frozen appetizer item 7.2- to 32-oz. Target Coupon x2/28
-5% Off Market Pantry Frozen Appetizers Target Cartwheel x2/7


$1.50 off With purchase of two up & up® boxed diapers Target Coupon x3/28

$1 off Pull-Ups training pants Target Coupon x3/28
$2.00 on any ONE (1) PULL-UPS Training Pants (Jumbo Pack or larger)
-$2/1 Pull-ups Training Pants Jumbo pack+ 1-11-15 SS2 x2/7
-$2/1 Pull-ups Training Pants Jumbo pack+ 1-11-15 SS2 x2/7 or on Huggies Site
-$2/1 Pull-Ups Training Pants on Pick-up the Values

$1 off GoodNites underwear Target Coupon x3/28
$2.00 on ONE GOODNITES Product Jumbo Pack or larger
-$2/1 Goodnites Tru-Fit Starter Pack 1-11-15 SS2 x2/7
-$2/1 Goodnites Underwear or Bed Mats Jumbo pack+ 1-11-15 SS2 x2/7

75¢ off two up & up® baby wipes 3-pk.+ (excl singles & ETS) Target Coupon x3/28
-5% Off Up & Up Baby Wipes Target Cartwheel x1/31

$1 off With purchase of two up & up® infant formulas Target Coupon x3/28
-5% Off Up & Up Formula Target Cartwheel x1/31

$2 off Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief ETS Target Coupon x2/28
$1.50/1 Eucerin Aquaphor Skin, Lip or Baby Care


25% off Photo Books Target Coupon x2/28
$1.50 off five up & up® school or office supplies items Target Coupon x2/28

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  1. If you are trying to get the saving star rebate, make sure you buy the scott ultra soft. The scott 1000 does not qualify. I found out the hard way. Not sure if the 5 gift card works for the ultra soft.

  2. Does anyone else think the $2 off a yoplait original 6 oz is wrong? That is quite a steal if it is just one cup… am I missing something???

  3. This has happened to me on several weekends in the past few months. Sometimes it gets fixed by Sunday afternoon but more likely it will take until Monday morning. I have tried several web browsers and no luck with any of them.

  4. I am having the same problems also. I was able to get some to print but it is pretty much hit and miss. But now none are printing. I tried contacting the CHAT online and they also gave me canned responses. Hopefully this will get fixed soon and our IP address will not show that we printed what we did not print.

  5. Nathalie, unfortunately, all you’re going to get is a canned response. Certain words are flagged and the best reply is automatically sent until someone actually reads the email and decides if it warrants a personal reply. And that goes for pretty much any company unfortunately.
    It is super frustrating b/c I had problems this morning and I KNOW it’s on their end as I too have not had any issues printing from other sites. Last time something similar happened, it took until the next day for it to get fixed. And the coupons that said were printed even though they didn’t print on my end, was fixed and I was able to get my 2 prints. Keep Calm and Target On!

  6. I also sent them a message and the CS said he’s gonna escalate it to their tech team. I really hope they fix this.

  7. I haven’t been able to print ANY Target coupons today, keep on getting a message that their software has detected a problem with my printer set-up, which is a joke because I’m able to print coupons from all the other websites, just not theirs. Also, what is even MORE maddening, their site now tells me that most of the coupons I was trying to print (new from this morning!) have already been printed even though their error message confirms that the coupons weren’t printed. And it’s not all the coupons, just some of them (and coincidentally, the ones I wanted the most). I emailed their customer service explaining the problem and asking me not to send me their usual canned answer saying that everything is fine on their end, it must be my printer set-up that isn’t right, that I should clear my cache/cookies, that maybe I already printed the maximum allowed, etc. But guess what they sent me? Yeah. Well, I guess I’ll be shopping at Aldi this week then. So frustrating.

  8. Same Problem here. Have coupons selected but get the “select coupons to print” every time I try to print. It happens on every one of my browsers.

  9. Is anyone else having trouble printing these coupons? Since last night I’ve tried to print these but it just keeps saying “select a coupon to print”?

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