*Expired* Market Pantry Fruit Snacks 50 Ct as low as $1.29

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UPDATE: Looks like this was a pricing error folks and I hear it has now been fixed.

Wow! Denise let me know that the 50 ct boxes are included in the Sale this week at Target thru 2/21 for the same price as the 10 ct at $1.69! No signs for Kelley, but upon scanning the 50 ct- she found the same sale price at her store too. Plus you can use a mobile coupon and cartwheel to get an awesome deal!

Market Pantry Fruit Snacks 50 ct $1.69
-$1/3 Market Pantry Items excl items under $1 Target Mobile Q (txt OFFERS 827438) x2/18
-5% Off Market Pantry Fruit Snacks/Soakers/Rolls Target Cartwheel x3/28
= $3.87 or $1.29 each after coupon & cartwheel, regularly $6.99
or like paying around 2.5 cents per fruit snack!

-Thanks so much for the heads up to Denise!

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  1. Mine were scanning at the $6.64 price BUT the sign said $1.69… so I questioned it at guest services and she had a sign right there from the shelf (clearly this had come up recently!). No problem – bought 4 @ $1.69 each and cartwheel worked fine 🙂 (Keene, NH store)

  2. Thanks fOr the heads up. The whole shelf was full at my store! I also saw a team member grab two boxes and put them on her pallet with eggs while she was stocking the eggs. That is a big NO, NO! She was working and shopping at the same time. She probably found out about the price on this blog. If she is reading this, she better make sure she doesn’t get caught and that she did not go un-noticed. I managed to get some, but if I did not, you can be assured that that team member would have been reported. Several others saw the same thing. This is in the 808.

  3. Deal is still live but it looks like they are in the process of fixing it. My store had signs for $6.64 price cut through 2/21 but they are still scanning $1.69. This one may be done soon. Just a heads up!

  4. Yup, shelves cleared and no back stock. This seems to be one of those deals where the discounted price was applied to a higher quantity item by accident (or on purpose), since the 10 pack boxes usually at $1.99 are also on sale for $1.69. There was a similar deal with string cheese last year. Will check other stores later in the week but not gonna get my hopes up.

  5. The shelves were cleared at my Target, but I asked them at Customer Service if they had any more and she said yes they did. They pulled them from the stock in the back.

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