Target Valentine’s Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

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Some of you may find up to 90% Off now for Valentine’s Day clearance today. Kelley lucked out at one of her local MD stores- at the Laurel store she found food and candy stuck at 50, but everything else was 90% Off. I understand that pickings for many of you may be slim or even non-existent for some of you- but it can’t hurt to check and see if you have anything left.


If your store didn’t drop today, it may happen tomorrow- but always scan to be sure, as it is possible for signs not to get switched out. Kelley’s signs actually all said 30 or 50 but everything was scanning 90. 🙂 Usually it’s a 2-3 day gap between 70 to 90 so keep checking if yours hasn’t gone to 90 yet. towels

I am lucky I have a sister willing to pick things up for me since my Tampa store is pretty much wiped out. I am the proud new owner of this cute kitchen towel for .49 cents and a pack of napkins for .10 cents thanks to her. 🙂


If you don’t have much in your holiday section though either, try not to give up there. While it will take more effort and you will need a little luck- it is worth it to check around other parts of the store. While many stores move all the stuff to the back, some things can get missed and left behind. For example, she found a whole endcap of baby stuff still in the baby department today, and scanning at 90.


These onesies sets and bibs are too cute- and ringing up as low as .39 cents if you are at 90. 🙂

Check in pet too –  again- most of the stuff may have been moved to the back, but Kel found a few stray Friskies Love Packs and Dog toys on an endcap in pet- so you never know unless you look. There are 2 Friskies coupons out there – and either one gets you an awesome deal if you have any of these treat packs left at your store…

-$1/1 Purina Friskies Cat Treats 6 oz+ 1-25-15 RP1 x4/25
-$1/3 Purina Friskies or Whisker Lickins Cat Treats 12-7-14 SS2 x3/7


And check the baking aisles and kids drink cups, plates and bowls. Kel found these cups hiding in the regular aisle, and the cookie cutters on an endcap near baking. You can also check out my post HERE for more Valentine’s clearance finds to look for, and you can also check out the comments on this post to see what others have found.

Happy Hunting and let us know if y’all find any other hidden Valentine clearance we should be looking for. You can always shoot me an e-mail with pictures to [email protected]

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  1. Our store was still 70% last night but still scored mini Nerf guns, Legos, and Lala Loopsy dolls for a steal. Great stuff for the birthday bin!

  2. Found disney princess sparkle puzzles 4 puzzles in box 200 pieces each 99 cents, and crayola 6 washable kids paint in pink box with glitter colors 49 cents! Soper hero shirt vday 90 each. In so ca $1 items were still at 70% off

  3. Still only 70% in MN (Western Twin Cities)… although food went to 70% as well, so got some free M&M’s after coupons!

  4. Target in Metairie, LA, was @ 90/70% this morning (I think they went yesterday). There’s not much left except Valentine’s cards & candy – @ least not after I left ~ lol! Found more Party Mix, which was a .61 MM! 🙂 Also found some .40 socks in intimate apparel. 🙂 Happy hunting! 😀

  5. I just ran on my lunch break (San Diego/Pomerado Rd), and did great! Signs still say 50%, but stuff was ringing up 70/90. I got Hershey Kisses for .95, M&M’s for .90, Camo cake mix for .89 (all perfect for my baby’s bday party next week!!), Vday cards .40, gift bags (not all vday even) for .29, kid cups for .29, cookie cutters for .09…and I didn’t have time to really check cuz I only had 30 mins!! haha

  6. Great finds this morning, a covered cupcake holder for 1.99, a few lego bags for .34, socks for .49, lalaloopsy for .69, aprons for .79 and 1.19, cards for .25, I noticed that the dollar spot items did not drop to 90% off. Also something I havent seen mentioned on here yet is small mega blocks sets boats and cars for .90.

  7. Stopped in yesterday and got lots of 90% off items that were marked 50% and 70% but scanned at 90% Socks for $.40 and a silicone cookie pan were my best scores other than M&M’s for $.59 a bag.

  8. It was 90/70 in Fayetteville, Ga this morning. I was completely shocked. I guessed it would’ve have dropped Friday. I was the 2nd one in the store. I got there early and was waiting in the parking lot. I drove off but something told me to go back. I’m so glad I did.

  9. One of my stores was still 50/70, but my other was at 70/70 (weird but I’ll take it), so free M&M’s and 0.26 Dove for me! 🙂

  10. I’m still here @ the Kenner, LA store & am getting plenty of what’s pictured above! 🙂 I also added the Carter’s CW, but that’s the only CW offer I could find on clearance. Will post my totals later. Be sure to scan everything b/c my store is still signed 50%! 🙂 I feel like I won the lottery! 😀

  11. Went to the Target on 5518 W. in West Valley City, UT. Still at 50-70%. I haven’t checked any other Targets. Does anyone in Utah have anything different?

  12. I had added the 25% joy carters apparel cartwheel to use on a baby shower gift, and it came off the bib and other Valentine’s clothing.

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