4inkjets Ink Cartridge Sale: $5 Each + FREE Shipping

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Just a reminder that this exclusive offer for Totally Target readers for a $5 Dollar Sale on Select Ink Cartridges plus FREE Shipping ends today, Wednesday, February 25th. This deal from 4inkjets.com is available to new customers only who have not used it before.

These cartridges are compatible with printer brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, Brother & more. Select any ink cartridge from those listed and pay only $5 shipped. There is a limit of one $5 cartridge per customer and ink cartridges come with a one year satisfaction guarantee. Remember, this exclusive offer is thru February 25th only, so check it out HERE while it lasts!

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  1. Hi Ang
    it is valid for existing customers- so I am not sure of the problem. Perhaps your cartridge isn’t included in the sale but if that is not the problem and you do see it included in the sale – you can try emailing Dorine at the email above.

    And Thank you Dorine! I appreciate you helping the readers who are having trouble!

  2. Hi Tina – thanks – I believe I mentioned that in the top paragraph but will reiterate in the 2nd para. SOrry yours isn’t included in the sale!

  3. Wow, that is awesomely great customer service! Thanks Kerry for all your wonderful deal posts. You are the best!!!!!

  4. Hi Jennifer S,I am sorry you are having an issue. That deal should work even though you took advantage several months ago. Can you email me direct and we can get this sorted out? [email protected]

  5. Just a note: It is actually not for “any” ink cartridge. It is only from a selected list that pops up. Unfortunately, my printer cartridge brand and model # is not on there. They carry it, but it is not one of the ones on the $5 sale list. Thanks for posting these, though. Last time, I got several for really cheap from one post you shared! 🙂

  6. I am an existing customer and it gave me an error msg saying I couldn’t take advantage of this offer again (I ordered one several months ago). This happens a lot to me on your website when it’s advertised a deal is for existing customers and that proves to not be the case.

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