Target After-Easter Clearance – Now Up to 70% Off

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Many of you should now find Easter Clearance up to 70% Off today if your store has anything left. I heard a few people dropped yesterday, so there should be a lot more stores dropping today. If you don’t see signs be sure and scan just in case.

Not all stores go to 70% on the same schedule, but there is always the possibility the signs haven’t been switched, so it’s always worth a scan to check. Kelley took all these shots at her Ellicott City, MD store this morning- and she has just a TON of stuff left!


All Kelley’s candy and food dropped to 50% Off and as you can see she has a ton of that left too!


She also had an endcap just PACKED with M&M’s! They were down 50% Off to $1.59 and after a stack they will be as low as .09 cents each if you find your store at 50% Off candy too…

Buy 2 M&M’s Easter Candy ($1.59 on clearance for 50% Off) = $3.18
-$1 off two M&M’s chocolate candies 9.9-oz.+ (excl non-candy) Target Coupon x5/9
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Mars M&M’s Chocolate Candies Bag 9 oz+ 3-22-15 RP x5/3
= .18 cents for 2 or .09 cents each after stack & clearance, regularly $3.19 each
Watch for anything non-perishable that you may be able to use for next year. Clearance is usually a great time to pick up décor items for a fraction of the cost to save for next year. Kelley found these great Easter Egg wreaths that were nicely done down to $5.99, regularly $19.99.


And also take a look around for items you may be able to repurpose for another holiday- be it Birthday, baby shower or even everyday use. Kelley found these great gift bags that just have flowers on them but are part of the Easter clearance at .75 cents. And these cute placemats for .89 cents that are just Spring-themed with nothing Easter on them.


And be sure to check other parts of the store too. Some stores don’t get everything moved back to the Easter clearance section right away, and you don’t want to miss any possible goodies. For example check out the pet section with toys as low as $1.49 if your store is at 70.


And check out the clothing departments too for items that may still be on the floor like these cute Circo Chick Tees that Kelley found that will be as low as $1.79 if your store is at 70.

Also be sure and check your dollar spot just in case. Kelley had absolutely no luck in hers- everything was gone, but stores can be different so it’s worth a quick look in case you have better luck!

Happy hunting and feel free to leave comments on this post letting us know what you found and if there are any hidden surprises in the regular sections of the store we should be looking for!

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  1. NUK pacifiers are 44 cents and on NUKs website has a 1 off 1 printable coupon available that incldes pacifiers im currently expecting 3 months down 6 to go! so im slowly stocking up for my little one.

  2. My target was 90% today. I got that cute Easter wreath for 1.99! Tissue paper for .15, 3 pack of crayons for .49, egg dying cups for .25. They had a decent amount left and tons of candy since it was at 50%!

  3. Dan it was 90/50 at South Windsor this morning. I hit a doc mc stuffins stethoscope mother load. (I bought a dozen and there was still more left.) Everything I bought except for egg dye and a wreath was mixed in the toy and bakeware section. I don’t think I’ll get over to Windsor. Good Luck!

  4. Kristine, They have a huge amount of candy left! At least they did yesterday. Hopefully it goes down to 70% soon!

  5. Ali and Dan, Don’t try South Windsor CT target. It is the most wiped I have ever seen it. I may try Windsor tomorrow. (I checked Windsor on Thursday) How well stocked was Enfield Dan?

  6. Our Baltimore area Targets have really toned down the toys and trinkets this year for Valentines Day and Easter. Barely anything was left before the holiday. So the finds that I have made are truly hidden.

  7. Has anyone been in the New Orleans area yet? I plan on going this afternoon to see what, if anything is left. I wanted to hold out to 90% off, but my curiosity has better the better of me ~ lol!

  8. One of the local stores in suburban NY went 70/50 today but is still marked 50/30.

    There weren’t a lot of toys this year. In terms of non-Easter stuff I found:
    small packages of kinetic sand for $1.49 (086001107)
    a yoyo for $0.89
    small dinosaur plushes for $1.49 (204060582)
    metal pirate and dinosaur baskets for $2.40

    I didn’t spot any Easter discounts in the regular toy aisles.

  9. went this morning and was still at 70%. there were so much stuff, i suspect they are may be slower going to 90. it might be sunday?

  10. I got 2 pf the olaf baskets for $4.50/pc, crayola colored mini bubbz bubbles $.44 ea.,princess pet figurine pouches $.90 ea., olaf easter eggs for $.75, Dudleys egg spinner $1.90,Crayola 2pk chalk $.75

  11. I have 4 targets close by….St. John, Merrillville, Munster, and Highland in NW Indiana……there is so much stuff still left as of yesterday!!!

  12. Dan, which Target in CT? I just went to New Britain, and there was barely anything left!

  13. @ruth — I searched high and low and never found those Barbie Easter dolls anywhere at our store before Easter. (They’re the perfect size for Christmas shoeboxes, if anyone finds them!)

    I guess things really do vary a great deal depending on the location!

  14. Will it drop to 90% soon? I’m not sure if they keep the Easter items as long as they keep Christmas ones.

  15. Was at Target this morning here in CT and it had tons (and I mean tons) of Easter stuff left. Especially candy, which was still at 50% off. I was shocked to see it neatly organized too. I may just send an email to corporate with compliments because usually it’s like a tornado hit it.

  16. I agree with Jennifer. I see pics of stuff I never saw before Easter at my Texas Target. I went there last night for the first time and it had dropped to 70% for everything but food which was at 50%. The dollar spot was well picked over but was still at only 30%. Did find some baby clothes for 70% off that were “Only one year” barand. There were lots with little yellow chicks on the tags but the ones that were marked down had the chick holding a tiny purple egg. Wasn’t alot but we have babies that are coming end of the year so 6-9 month clothing will work for next Easter. did find a bunny cake pan that apparently was returned and got placed back in the clearance section just as I was there. Score!

  17. The little barbie sister and friends are $1.50 there are about 3 different ones holding bunnies or baskets. There are also canisters full of monsters and ninjas they look like army men for $1.50

  18. That is crazy the amount of stuff left at that store!! I went Monday evening to a Target and I must say I was impressed that there was a lot left and it looked somewhat neat. Usually everything is thrown around like a tornado has gone through it. I’m hoping to check out another store this evening to see if has dropped to 70/50

  19. Does anyone know if there was any little boy themed shirts. Similar to the chick ones that they had for girls?

  20. Wow! I think Kelley’s clearance aisles look better than my store’s aisles ever did pre-Easter.

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