New B1G1 FREE Horizon Sandwich Crackers Coupon + 50% Off Target Cartwheel Offer = FREE Snacks!

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UPDATE: Looks like our Horizon cartwheel is gone now folks – but if you loaded it you should still see it

Woohoo for a nice new coupon for B1G1 FREE Horizon Sandwich Crackers! We have a super-high-value 50% Off cartwheel too that will allow you to grab these snacks for FREE at Target after stack!….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Horizon Sandwich Crackers $3.49 (Regular Price) = $6.98
-$3.49 (use 50% Off Horizon Snack Crackers Target Cartwheel x5/23
–$3.49 (use B1G1 FREE Horizon Sandwich Crackers
= 2 FREE Snacks after stack!

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  1. our targets only carry cheddar and never had any in stock. shows up on my cartwheel but says unavailable so don’t know if it would even work.

  2. We love these crackers and are so glad they aren’t full of chemicals or taste enhancers. Organic is great!

  3. Any clue if the grahams are included in the cartwheel? (Since they are usually called “graham crackers”?

  4. @Terri M, I bought these a few months ago too and we don’t like them either. the crackers have a weird flavor and the cheese ones are horrible. the PB ones are okay but I don’t want to get these even though they are free, bleh.

  5. I bought two boxes a few weeks ago and just tried the crackers…yuck! Maybe I got a bad batch? My kids haven’t complained…maybe the gave them away or made their way to the trash. Sorry, but I just wanted to let you know my opinion.

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