FREE & Cheap Yoplait Yogurt with New Coupon

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yoplaitWe got an awesome new coupon today to save $0.75 Off any one (1) Weight Watchers branded or endorsed product. What makes this coupon so nice is that it is valid on any ONE Weight Watchers endorsed product. Yoplait Light cups are a Weight Watchers endorsed product, and they are usually around .67 cents so FREE after coupon. The Yoplait Greek are right around $1, so as low as .25 cents after this coupon. But print it quick before it’s gone.

Other qualifying products to use this coupon on are Healthy Pop Popcorn, Progresso Light Soups, Green Giant- Just for One Vegetables and Frozen Boxed Vegetables, Boca Meatless Products and Sandwich Thins® Rolls.

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  1. the previous time this came around, it beeped; cashier scrutinized for a moment before i pointed out the greek 100 is actually in the photo on the coupon, and then he just k1’ed it through.

    i imagine at grocery stores that double coupons it might also beep (and if you get an override at self-checkout they might come over and inadvertently double it, particularly if you bought it with other things (rather than just double it up to the maximum cost of the item itself, as it should automatically do but often does not.))

  2. If anyone uses this please let us know how it acts at the register. I printed a couple out and wondering if it’s going to be an issue coupon based on how the barcode seems to scan. Also find it odd that it’s allowed to be doubled as well. I won’t be using it until tomorrow and would love to know what to expect.

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