Target Summer Seasonal Clearance Up to 50% Off

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UPDATE: A few of you in the Totally Target Facebook Group have even commented about finding as much as 70%, so be sure to use those scanners to check! Signs aren’t always correct, so you never know unless you scan!


Be sure to browse around at whatever you have left in your summer seasonal section as items are now up to 50% Off. Since this is seasonal clearance keep in mind most summer items will not get stickered- and instead- watch for the little sun symbol like shown at bottom right in the pic above. Many items with this symbol should get marked down in the system (not all though) and will not be stickered so you will need to scan, scan, scan! This summer seasonal clearance will take another dip to 70% Off and then should take an even bigger final dip to 90% Off.

Watch for brightly colored plastic & metal tubs, silverware organizers, beverage ware and trays that are all part of this clearance.

summer-clearance-3Keep in mind that not everything in this section will be 50% Off, so definitely take the time to scan your items before you checkout so there are no surprises.


These pics are all from my Tampa store yesterday, so I am really hoping since I have so much some things will still be around for the next drop. I especially have my eyes on these Utility totes so cross your fingers for me- and I hope y’all have some luck finding some goodies too!

As far as when the next drop to 70 will happen- there is no uniform time that all stores do it. So just start keeping a close eye on it if you have interest!

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  1. Just went today, and my Target was signed with 30% off, but rang up 90%! I got 14 tires for $1.49 each!!!! Soooo excited!!!

  2. I found my store at 70% off today with no items marked! There was no signage either.

  3. We are currently at 70% in Columbus, OH. Make sure to scan everything because not all ‘Summer’ packaging is included in the markdowns.

    SIDE NOTE — I totally recommend the Utility Totes – I bought 6 today at $4.49 each. Used some previous giftcards for a $0.00 out of pocket!! These are very heavy duty and will be perfect for my shopping trips as we as a family try to move away from bringing so many plastic bags into the house.

  4. Midtown Atlanta was 70% off for any readers in the area, though signage said only 50%.

  5. Awesome! Are pool toys included in this? If not, when do pool toys usually get clearanced?

  6. Don’t forget about the up and up 3 packs of sunscreen. They come out to be 2.98 with the $1.00 off coupon in the summer savings book and the 5% cartwheel.

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