Target: Summer Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

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Several of you reported finding 90% Off Summer clearance at your stores today. If you are stopping in today you may just want to take a look to see if you have anything left and if it has dropped for you. Keep in mind this section will not get stickered- and signage may also not reflect the full percentage Off, so it is always wise to scan, scan, scan! Once your store hits 90% the clock is ticking and items will not stay in the system much longer.

Kelley checked out her Elicott City, MD store this afternoon, but it was super-slim pickings. She did find one lonely Peanuts sunscreen 3-pack now 90% Off down to $1.39! It’s a great deal even without coupons if you can manage to find them, but some of you may also have the $1 off Up & Up Item $3+ Summer Savings Booklet Target Coupon (x7/26). Also- any Up & Up purchases will count toward the threshold needed to use the $5 off up & up™ purchase of $30 or more Target-Coupon x8/15.

Remember- not all stores follow the same clearance schedule- but with absent stickers, and possibly wrong signage- you will never know unless you scan some items to check! Let us know If you found /find anything good! You can also check out the posts HERE and HERE to see more pictures of items that you may find up to  90% Off as part of the summer clearance.

-Thanks for the heads up on the 90% to Desiree, Heather & Vicky.

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  1. The only thing I found was the sunscreen. My store was wiped out. Sunscreen with Frisbee spf15 and another with running shoes spf30 is also $1.39. Decided to just scan and my luck they were

  2. Mine hit 90 and it was pretty slim pickings of table cloths and paper lanterns. However, I did find a couple kids golf sets for 0.99 each squirreled away behind the school section. Sorry to the person(s) who hid them there because I bought them all.

  3. Man, this picture has some good stuff. I was really hoping to get some of the star lights, but those were gone before the 4th in FL. Out in SD right now on vacation and was hoping to find some but slim slim pickens.

  4. Target Yorkville IL also had 2 pack of bic lighters for $2.08 ( Regular price $6.99). Bic lighters not in summer clearance section (50% off still) but on a side of an end cap between school supplies and summer items isle.

  5. Found table cloths 90% rang up as 99 cents and a beach blanket for $1.99. Very few items left.

  6. my store was 90% but basically had nothing. i did find a 2 pack of bic lighters for the grill that were listed at regular price and rang up .69 cents!

  7. Target Gastonia, NC signs still said 50% but things were ringing up 90%. very slim pickings here. Got the badmitton set, the blue light up stars and battery lighted lanterns.

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