Update on the Big Target Summer Toy Clearance

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I know many of you are wondering about the progress of the Big Summer Toy Clearance. While we have been seeing clearance toys for weeks now anywhere from 30-70% Off, usually at the end of July we see a big drop on lots of toys all at once to 70% Off. It is time to reset the toy shelves for the new season, so it’s out with the old to make room for the new.

Most stores drop their toys on Thursdays, and – tomorrow, the 29th is the last Thursday in July so a good bet that many of you should see more toys drop to 70. A small percentage of stores drop toys on Wednesdays so if any of you have seen some movement today let us know!

Many stores will have consolidated by now, with a large number of clearance toys in their own aisles, but this isn’t always the case, some stores may not have the room to do this, and you’ll have to browse your endcaps & aisles.

There is no guarantee that all stores will go tomorrow- and as always – my best advice is to get there early and be ready if you have interest in this clearance. Be sure and scan the toys you are interested in too- signs and sometimes even stickers don’t always reflect an accurate price, so it’s always wise to check for yourself up at the scanner. For example – Kelley’s aisles were only marked with 30% Off – but all the Olaf plush toys were actually stickered 50 and all her Craftabella were stickered at 70, so don’t let the signage scare you away prematurely.

One more thing to mention is that this week thru 8/1 Target is offering up a B1G1 50% Off deal on select character merchandise, including some select toys. The characters mentioned were Star Wars, Disney Frozen, Minions, Minecraft, My Little Pony and Marvel Avengers and there may even be others, so be sure to keep that in mind since this does not seem to exclude clearance toys.

Kelley found Frozen toys marked on clearance that are still ringing up B1G1 50% Off that will save you even more. This is another reason to become best friends with the scanner machine, and a quick way to tell is to scan and if they come up as “Special Purchase” on the screen. If they do, the lower priced item should ring up for an additional 50% Off.

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  1. I’ve discovered a way to shop for Christmas with my kids in tow… My first stop is to get a big plastic storage container with a lid. I have my kids go in one aisle while I hit another aisle. I’ve already been scanning different things in the previous weeks so I can strategically add items to my cart and keep an eye on them. When I get to the counter, I have them look in another aisle then I ask the clerk to carefully take items out of the container and double bag. Then I dont purchase the container 🙂 I have four kids under 8. This is the only way I can get the good deals. 🙂

  2. Forgot to say all the toys had not been placed on one aisle, but were still mixed in the regular sections, with a few end caps also included. I don’t really think there’s enough left to bother consolidating to one aisle. BTW, I am in metro New Orleans.

  3. Just got home from T & while I didn’t find any Lego sets, I did spot a huge assortment of Mega Block Halo & Assasin’s Creed sets for 70% off! 😀 I bought a cart full & paid less for all than the original price of the most expensive one! 🙂 Frozen items were still 50% off, Air Hogs – 70% off & lots of Va & Vi dolls & doll sets were also 70%. I didn’t see nearly as much as last year, but my T has been @ 30-50% off for quite a while now. I am so happy I stopped by & I just might check out my other one tomorrow! 🙂

    As a side note, I happened upon the rest of the summer clearance (with the little sun sticker) in the housewares dept on clearance from 30-50% off. I don’t know why they didn’t mark those down w/ the rest of the summer clearance, but there were loads of stuff. I took some pics if someone will tell me the easiest way to post them.

  4. I just wanted to see yesterday after reading the post here if it had hit 70%…and to my surprise a lot of leapfrog toys were 70%.. I also found some Disney toys that were 70%..apart from a few of them lot of them were still 50%.. I am in NJ.. Happy hunting everyone ..

  5. Went to two targets this morning expecting to find rows of 70% clearance toys- but no go!!! Clearance toys were scattered throughout the rows. Some items still stuck at 30 or 50% off. I left the first target without even buying anything which is like a miracle. And no legos- maybe a few boxes but were only 30% off…

  6. I did find a few barbies marked down 30%, but when I scanned they were 50% off. There is a 10% cartwheel for barbie dolls & playsets. It states excludes clearance, but it did take the 10% off. So $5.49 after cartwheel $4.95. Not too bad. My barbies never make it to 70%.
    Barbie Easter Princess & Barbie Princess Power.

  7. Thanks for the updates. I guess I will go ahead & get my license 1st & take a look @ my closet T afterward. I hope my favorite team member is there b/c he usually spills the beans to me early if he knows anything ahead of time. 🙂 Will give y’all an update later this afternoon on what I find out. 🙂 If anyone finds any of the larger Lego sets @ 70% off, please post which ones you found & the price, please. TIA!

  8. I’m in Minnesota, home of Target and our stores aren’t doing big clearance aisles yet. It seems very different from years past!

  9. I was just at my store in Pittsburgh and there was nothing of substance. Lots of empty Clearance hooks and spots on the shelves. Things that are still there are only 30% off and nothing great. I asked the worker about a big 70% clearance and she looked at me like I was crazy- saying things are usually gone once they hit 50%. She did say they have a big toy overhaul/restock next week. So maybe next week? But the current clearance options in my store are pretty crappy.

  10. Georgia. We are considered a year round school. Been out since may 22nd and they go back July 31st

  11. Whoa…. that seems so early for back to school Nicole. Just curious, what state do you live in?

  12. I found minimal clearance toys last week or this week at 3 stores in Columbus, OH. Just a few in their regular spots in the aisles. Last year there were like 2 or 3 huge rows of them. 🙁

  13. Last year it was the 1st week in Aug that it dropped. I’m hoping its the same since my kids go back to school on Friday and I won’t have them with me next week so I can go bright and early next Thursday.

  14. I’ve got to get my driver’s license renewed in the morning, so for anyone who goes, please post early if you find it’s toy drop day & I’ll go to T first! 😀 Did anyone go today & if so, what did you find? I am mainly interested in Legos. Happy shopping, Y’all! 🙂

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