Target Summer Toy Clearance Up to 70% Off

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Many of you are finding movement in your stores today with many more toys being marked down to 70% Off. There is no guarantee that all stores will go- but if you have interest it is definitely worth checking out the toy aisles. At Kelley’s Columbia MD store- toys were consolidated in aisles, but she did not see a drop there in the early morning, so she headed to her Laurel store 20 minutes away and had much better luck.


While there was limited consolidation, she did find lots of movement there – with Team members marking down and many toys that had now dropped to 70% Off.  So if you don’t see consolidation- be sure and check the endcaps and regular aisles. And be sure and SCAN, SCAN, SCAN!


You also may want to check the Toy Shop area- usually found on the outskirts of toys where the $1 & $3 toys are. Kelley found many of them marked down to 70% off as low as .90 cents which may make for nice stocking stuffers, party favors & more. So here’s wishing you all luck folks and I hope many of you find the big drop at your stores!

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  1. I went yesterday afternoon and found tons of 70% off clearance at my Dublin, OH stores. They were all mixed into the normal rows, but if you went hunting there were lots of deals to find. Lego head storage container, lego duplo block sets, Thomas the tank engine track master set (big set marked $19.98 down from $65!), chuggington train set, switch and go dinos, and tons of wooden baby toys! I think I accomplished most of my kid Christmas shopping 🙂

  2. I’m in Palm Beach County, FL and went to the Target on Northlake and Palm Beach Lakes. Neither store made any markdowns this morning. Nothing at 70% off. The Target on Palm Beach Lakes had not even one Lego set left that was marked down to clearance.

  3. I am in San Ramon, CA and ours were 70% off but not consolidated. They had quite a bit of stuff left, more than other stores in our area.

  4. Franklin & Brentwood TN
    Clearance Toys at 70%, but not consolidated in any of 3 stores.

  5. Update to my earlier post: I went to my local store on my lunch break. I was told by the manager that if the mark down were going to happen today, the price would have been adjusted prior to the store opening – although, as we all know, the stickers may not be updated to reflect the lower price immediately.

    -Still waiting for a price drop in Maine.

  6. At my Memphis, TN store (the one on Poplar at 240), they were not consolidated into an aisle. I did find quite a bit of clearance on their regular aisles and 1 endcap. Most was 30% or 50% off. The only 70% off I found was 2 different assassins creed Mega blocks sets. They are sort of like Legos, with a kind of a pirate theme.

  7. At my store. So. Calif toys werent marked down at 70%. They placed a lot of toys in carts and had cleared out an aisle. Looks like they will put everything together then maybe next week go to 70%?

  8. Does anyone know, if prices don’t appear to have dropped (based on scanning, not signage) first thing in the morning, is there any chance that the drop will happen later in the day? If the prices were going to drop today, would they be scanning at the lower price from the moment the store opens the doors?

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