Avent Soothie Pacifiers 2-Packs only $1.37 + Great Deal on Up & Up Baby Wipes Starting on 10/25

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We’ve had such great baby deals this week with our in-ad coupon that are all about to end, but even if you can’t get to the store until next week- here’s a couple more great deals you can grab. For starters-  as I posted last night we got some very nice high-value coupons for Avent products. You can use the $2/1 on any multipack of bottles, cups or pacifiers and Target sells the 2-pack of Soothies as low as $3.37 for a great deal after coupon…

Avent Soothie Pacifiers 3+ Months 2-Pak $3.37 (Regular Price)
$2.00 On Any Philips Avent multi-pack of bottles, cups or pacifiers
=as low as $1.37 each after coupon, or like paying .69 cents per pacifier.

The Newborn pacifiers are more expensive – and at my store at $4.49, however, you can price match to Target.com where the 2pk of Green Newborn sells for $3.84, making them just $1.84 after price match & coupon. To price match- just bring your item & coupon up to Guest Services and show them the price on your phone, however they will likely verify on their own device. If you have any trouble their complete policy can be found HERE which clearly states that you can use a manufacturer’s coupon when Price Matching.


These spark such memories for me – since this is all I could get my son Austin to use. As many of you may know, he was born 2 months early at just over 3 pounds and had quite the struggle in the beginning. When he was about 2 weeks old the NICU nurse gave him a Soothie and he just clenched that thing so tight for dear life. I remember thinking how huge it looked on his tiny face and from that point on I couldn’t get him to take any other kind. But PS – I now have a very healthy 10-year old, who said good-bye to his soothies many years ago when the pacifier fairy came to take them and bring them to new babies. 😉


Also to note- starting on 10/25 Target is going to be having quite a big sale on the 800 ct Wipes. (Go HERE to see the complete ad scan and you can see the complete ad typed up along with coupon matchups HERE). They are normally $14.49 but will be 25% Off and there is a threshold coupon you can use to save even more. You can mix and match with Up & Up toiletries or other baby items to meet the threshold if you wish, however, if you are looking to stock up at a great price per wipe- you are better off buying two of these 800 ct boxes…

Buy 2 Up & Up Baby Wipes 8 pack ($10.87 SALE STARTS 10/25) = $21.74
-$3 off up & up™ baby care purchase of $15 or more Target-Coupon x11/7
= $18.74 for both or $9.37 per box or like paying just over a penny per wipe

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  1. Hi Cianny-
    AUstin was very attached too- and I know it’s hard. I started by reducing the time he was allowed- and eventually it was only allowed at nap & bed time and he was fine with that. But to prep him for taking it away entirely I started telling him stories about how the pacifier fairy would be coming soon because he was getting to be such a big boy and there were lots of really little babies that needed them much more than he did.
    I kept talking about the pacifier fairy for abot week and then one day I told him that the fairy was coming that night but that he should be excited because when the pacifier fairy came to take it she leaves a present! So he was all good with that and that night after he fell asleep I took the pacifier and I got a little something and put it in a gift bag and wrote a note from the pacifier fairy making up a story how the new baby was soo happy and I taped a picture of a baby with a pacifier on the bag and left it next to his bed.
    He was all good with that and it went really well. He did cry when it was nap time that day but when I reiterated what a nice present he had gotten and that the new baby really needed it and he didnt’t because he was such a big boy- he got over it. I really think it was only a few days of telling me he wanted it and a few tears but it was not long at all. Good luck- you just have to be strong- but I did feel this went better for him (& I guess me too lol) then just taking it away.

  2. Kerry, thank you for sharing your story. It’s great to know that he is a very healthy 10 year old boy. Would you mind sharing how you got him to give up his paci in more details? I’m trying to do the same for my almost 4 y.o. daughter 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for posting all these amazing deals. I am pregnant with baby#3, due in early january. This coupon will be in use definitely

  4. Thank you for sharing your story, Kerry. I have a 2 year old son and your story pulled at my heart. I love your site and thank you for saving my family money.

  5. awww TY Lalena- I dug up that picture after seeing the coupon and found myself crying- but with happiness- that he is so healthy now and just how far he’s come. But I did smile after a while thinking about how tight he would hold that soothie – he had white knuckles half the time. lol

    Sommer that’s awesome – I am so glad to hear he’s a healthy guy now. It’s quite the journey having a preemie – but it’s amazing the fight these little babies have in them to survive. And that is great about the donations – my family has a soft spot for an organization that put me up while Austin was in the hospital called Quantum House- since they made me deliver an hour away from where I lived and I spent a month away from home there at such a discounted rate it made me cry. they have a wish list we try and keep up with since it would have been so tough without them. I am eternally grateful to them.

  6. I just wanted to say THANK you so much for all you do and all the personal touches or stories you add. I love this site and all you do makes it feel so warm and caring.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story Kerry! I too had my little guy 2 months early and used the same pacifier. Even though I don’t have a need for these anymore (I have a healthy 2-year-old), I’ll be picking these up for my NICU bags we deliver every year.

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