Happy Halloween & Get Ready for Up to 50% on 11/1

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Here’s wishing everyone an Awesome Halloween! I hope you all get lots of treats and have a great time and be safe! Tomorrow, Sunday, 11/1 will be when all Halloween will go 50% Off except for candy- which usually goes to 30%. Some food items may sit at 30% for the first few days too.

November 3rd or 4th is when we will likely see most stores drop to 70% off and 2 or 3 days later down to 90%. Not all stores follow the exact same schedule though- possibly you could see 70% off earlier or later at your store.

If you plan on heading out on Sunday morning to see what you can find- here are a few things that there are coupons or cartwheels for that I noticed that MIGHT move down with the Halloween clearance. There are no guarantees but definitely something to check just in case if your store has any of these items left. Remember, the majority of Halloween clearance will not be stickered- so don’t forget to scan if you don’t see any signs! 🙂

HEFTY STORAGE BAGS: LImited Edition Halloween Prints, 30 ct. There is a 25% Off Hefty Slider Bags Target Cartwheel that doesn’t exclude clearance and couponsa .50/1 Hefty Slider Bags 12 count or larger and a $1/2 Hefty Slider Bags 12 count or larger.

: Fall & Halloween print single boxes. There is a .50/3 (or .75/3 if you share) on the Kleenex Site and there are also Kleenex coupons on the Pick Up the Values Site.

HALLOWEEN CEREALS:I saw Froot Loops & Krave limited Edition Halloween cereals and there is a 50¢ when you buy any ONE Kellogg’s Krave Cereal, $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals 8.7 oz+ 10-11-15 RP and also in the 11-1-15 RP1. And of course the GM Monster Cereal like Count Chocula and others. There is a $1/1 General Mills Monster Cereal that will work on them.

  These orange & black plates & cups may move down as well. While there aren’t any coupons at the moment, there is a 5% Off Up & Up Disposable Dinnerware Target Cartwheel x1/30.


HALLOWEEN PLAY-DOH: One other thing to mention would be the 15 packs of Halloween Play-Doh. While these might be quite hard to find- if you luck out – there is a $1.00 off one (1) PLAY-DOH Halloween Bag (SKU# A0560) (68130) that does not expire until 11/13 which would make for a nice deal.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy, safe & fun Halloween!

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  1. Morning, I just left my Target in Michigan and everything is either 30% or 15% off. They said nothing is 50% off today. Did anyone else run into this issue? Thanks

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