Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 70% Off

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So Halloween looks to be on the move again- and now up to 70% Off. Kelley found lots of décor, accessories, Pumpkin Carving kits and more at her store all at 70% Off.


She also had quite a few costumes left at 70% Off.


But unfortunately food and candy were both stuck at 30% Off for her and looks like they may be lagging behind non-perishables once again this year. For us anyway, but let me know if any of you find food and candy at 50 though! I have my eye on these Kellogg’s Halloween Cereals and hoping they drop to 50 soon since there are quite a few coupons out there…

50¢ on any ONE Kellogg’s Apple Jacks and/or Corn Pops Cereal
50¢ on any ONE Kellogg’s Krave Cereal (68130)
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals 8.7 oz+ 10-11-15 RP x11/22 or
11-1-15 RP1 or HERE


Also- many stores are redoing the One Spot- so take a look around since many items may have gotten moved to the back with Halloween. While not all stores drop at the same time- it is always worth a quick scan to check if you don’t see 70% Off signs. Not all stores manage to get their signs up and a quick check at the scanner may just yield a surprise. Remember – the majority of Halloween clearance does not get stickered, so definitely make use of those scanners. 🙂


Because the One Spot is being redone – some of you may find but LOTS of these items back in with your other Holiday clearance. Kelley found a whole endcap of tubs near her Halloween clearance filled to the brim with One Spot stuff and lots of it non-Halloween. It appears to be black circles and black squares that are now as much as 70% Off so take a good look and see what you can find.

Happy hunting folks and I hope more of you find 70% Off too. If you didn’t drop today- I would keep a close eye on it- since it will likely drop tomorrow!

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  1. 90% off today! and 70% off of food- Rochester NY. I even found One Spot Items for 90% off! (that’s a first)

  2. I visited my Target store in Michigan about an hour before closing, and food was at 50% off (non-food 70%).

  3. Has anyone hit 90% off yet? Yesterday, both of my stores were 70% on non-perishables & while one was 30% on food/candy, the other was @ 50%. You really have to scan everything b/c the signs were all still 30-50% off. I was pleasantly surprised w/ the amount of costumes still available!!! 🙂

  4. I was surprised to see that my local Target had 3 full aisles of Halloween stuff left. It is at 70% off. I didn’t check food. A lot of the items I bought were the last one left so I didn’t want to wait until 90%. However, they had a full aisle of costumes, tons of pumpkin decorating & carving kits, a half aisle of pet costumes, lots of party stuff (like plates, napkins, party games, etc), lots of craft kits, some clothing. Not a lot left as far as decorating though (although I did find several one off items to decorate with). My favorite is a “magic” mirror with a talking light up spooky guy inside. It was originally $25, which I wouldn’t have paid, but $7.50 was good. My kids love it!
    I found a 4 pack of Hot Wheels Halloween cars. The packaging is really obvious. I think it was orange with spiderwebs all over it. I’ve already packed all the stuff up for next year 🙂

  5. My store in Iowa was 70 off but the food was still 30 off. I have never seen that before and was a little disappointed. on the upside there was a lot of stuff left.

  6. Same to me Heather, i went to one of my Houston Texas stores over lunch, and food was still 30%, i kept wondering why there was soooo much of everything (food wide) and then i realized why?=/

  7. My Florida store was 70/30. I scanned all kinds of stuff and all items with anything eatable was 30%

  8. My Utah store was as 70 and 50. I bought a bunch of disposable paper products and several food items. There is still two rows of costumes and 2 packed rows of candy.

  9. I just called my stores & they said no drop yet, but I don’t believe it b/c the signage is probably just wrong. The same thing happened last year & when I got there, everything (except food) was scanning 70% off. I’d really like to wait for 90%, but I don’t think they’ll be much, if anything, left for that drop. Happy hunting & please report what y’all are finding! 😀

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