Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Halloween Clearance may be as much as 90% Off for you today! Both my Tampa stores dropped down to 90% Off today on all Halloween decor, costumes and more and food was at 70.

My store had a ton of Pumpkin carving kits and a few other things – trick or treat bags, makeup kits, party decorations- a few other Halloween Decor items all at 90% Off.

I also had some costumes at 90% Off, although there weren’t very many left. I hope some of you find more than I did – as it’s a great way to save money for next year! And if you are lucky enough to find any of the General Mills or Kellogg’s Halloween cereals- these will be down to just .75 each. That’s a nice deal even without a coupon – but there are a few out there for Kellogg’s…

50¢ on any ONE Kellogg’s Apple Jacks and/or Corn Pops Cereal
50¢ on any ONE Kellogg’s Krave Cereal (68130)
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals 8.7 oz+ 10-11-15 RP x11/22 or 11-1-15 RP1 or HERE

While what is left will vary from store to store- if your holiday section is sparse- be sure and check around other parts of the store too just in case some Halloween was left in other departments. Take a look around in the kids, toddler & baby clothing too for possible finds. Remember – the majority of Halloween clearance does not get stickered – so be sure to check up at the scanner for prices.

Happy hunting folks and I hope more of you find 90% Off too. And if you didn’t drop today hopefully you will drop tomorrow!

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  1. Never seen this ever, but Hawaii-kapolei store had all candy 90 off. Signs read 90 off candy and decor but candy rang up at 70 off. The lines were long because all the 90% candy and food were adjusted at registers. Tons left, but I didn’t need any candy! Unreal

  2. Wow! The candy at my store was 70% off today. I got the $14.99 bags for $4.49. I had printed a whole bunch of the Target candy coupons that were good through 11/7 and got several bags of candy bars for around .50 each. I saved several Mars printables and used them to get $6.38 bags of Milky Way candy bars for a little over $1. I used the Target $1/2 coupons for the Nestle candy bags to get Baby Ruth and Butterfinger and several others for .36 each. I didn’t buy any with Halloween wrap, just regular fun size bars to use for any holiday or birthday occasions.

    I did get several bags of the fall M&M’s regular priced $3.19 for .45 using the $1/2 M&M’s printable coupon.

    Also, the Betty Crocker Maple Bacon cookie mix and the Maple Bacon frosting were marked down to .45 and .37 and I used the .75/3 Betty Crocker baking mix or frosting coupons on those. That made them .20 and .12 for tubs of frosting!!! I also got the Pillsbury mixes and frostings for around .37-.47! I found pumpkin cake and cookie mixes, cream cheese frosting tubs, caramel apple cake and cookie mixes, caramel apple frosting tubs, candy corn flavors, and Funfetti mixes and frostings that are Halloween themed but still good through Halloween of next year, LOL!

  3. I went on Wednesday and got a good amount of stuff at 70% off. I went this afternoon and they had already salvaged everything except the candy. I found a couple of non-candy things on end-caps that were Halloween/Fall and 90% off. I got a fall wreath for $2.00 (the one pictured above). I also found a really pretty silver metal masquerade mask for $2.00. A couple of items scanned 90% off but others said “item not found”. They gave me 90% off of those things too. I’m assuming that my store hit 90% off on Thursday or Friday.

  4. Found boys shirts with minions. Ninja turtles. Batman and star wars halloween themed for 90 cents! Also a black zip up skeleton hoodie sweatshirt for $1.89!

  5. Thanks for the post, Kerry! Would you happen to know the DPCI for the Dove Milk Chocolate Halloween Candy? Would love to stock up on these especially with the $1/2 TQ. 🙂 TIA!

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