LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs Only $54.99 at Target

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Wow! If the LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs are on your list- here’s a super-nice price for you! We’ve got an awesome new cartwheel + a coupon to stack to make these starter packs 45% Off!….

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack $99.99 (Regular Price)
-$10 (use 10% Off Toys to Life Purchase $50+ Target Toy Book Coupon x11/21
(or text GAMER to 827438 for a mobile version)

-$35 (use 35% Off All Lego Dimensions Starter Packs Target Cartwheel x11/25
= $54.99 after stack!

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  1. Hi Col- since the 10% Off Q is a threshold/category coupon it usually does not affect your cartwheel discount. hth
    ALso- I just dug up my receipt to confirm this and yes – cw comes off the top & coupon comes off the top.
    threshold/categiry coupons are the ONLY type of coupons that interact with cw this way. so ie if the Q would have been say 10% Off Lego Demnsions, then it would have affected the cw discount. hth & makes sense!

  2. Sorry I would lie to get this for $54 but applying the discounts in the above I come up with $58?
    99.99 less 10%=9.99; 99.99-9.99=$90; Then less have the 35% coupon= $31.50; Then 90-31.50 gets me an answer of $58.50. How did you get it to $54.99???? Is there a third coupon?

  3. unf no BT because they are both category coupons so you would need to meet the requirements for each. so ie you would need to spend $150 in the store and $50 of it would need to e a toys to life purchase. hth & makes sense

  4. If we also have a $10 off $100 storewide purchase coupon and also purchase something little to put the subtotal over $100 before coupons, could we do a triple-dip? I’ve been puzzling over this.

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