Target: After-Christmas Clearance Up to 50% Off

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If you are headed out to Target today- you may find lots of items at 50% Off including holiday décor, stockings, wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags and more. What is left at each store can vary greatly- but it’s worth taking a look to see what you can find.


While some of you may be waiting for a bigger drop- even at 50% Off its a great way to save on next years needs like wrapping paper, gift bags & more.


I am really hoping I have as much wrapping paper as Kelley had left as my supply is definitely starting to dwindle.


Kelley even had a huge wall of ribbon left.


Look for holiday- themed limited edition household items that will be 50% Off today – like the Glad, Ziploc & Reynolds. And I was also happy to see that the Rubbermaid cookie exchange containers also moved down to 50% Off.


Many Food products will only drop to up to 30% Off today. But there are coupons that can make for some better deals, especially if you don’t want to risk it disappearing before it drops again like the Winter Oreo Cookies. You can use the $1/2 OREO Cookies Coupon and pay $1.59 after coupon & clearance, regularly $2.99.


We also got a brand new coupon today to save $1.00 on ANY TWO (2) M&M’s Chocolate Candies, 8oz or larger. While candy will be at 30% off at first, if you luck out and have plenty of it in stock, this coupon may make for a nice deal once we see a bigger drop.

There is lots more to watch for too so be sure and take a look at the 2015 Christmas Clearance Prep list post that may help give you ideas of some other things to keep an eye out for as well as any coupon matchups I could find for these items.

If you are wondering when the next drop to 70% Off will be – usually most stores sit at 50% Off for around 3 or 4 days and then will drop to 70% Off. And typically 2 days after that down to 90%. But stores are different – there is no universal schedule and some stores go sooner or later and you never know when Target will speed up the rate they clearance at. So if you have things you are interested in, the clearance is something to keep a close eye on.


One other thing to note – is to be sure and browse other sections of the store for possible hidden finds that may not have found their way to the holiday section or mistakenly got put back in the regular aisles. For example- Kel found a few of these Hot Wheels holiday 4 packs hanging in toys- so you just never know unless you take a good look around. Remember- most holiday clearance does not get stickered- so be sure to scan! Good Luck & Happy hunting everyone and let us know how you make out and if there are any hidden goodies we should be looking for!

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  1. It was 70% off holiday, 50% off food, and 50% off bath/beauty this morning in North Florida.

  2. A store in Houston was 50% food,70% other yesterday, but I heard that many others in the area weren’t marked down more

  3. Still only 50% off today at the Troy, MI Target. shelves were clearing quickly. Hearing that some Target stores may not be marking down past the 50% this year-has anyone else heard this?

  4. No 70% this morning. Annoying. I wonder if this is going to be the trend now to not mark down stuff as quick and make us wait forever. Super annoyed. I asked a lady and she said she didn’t know but probably in a few days because they like to have it out by New Year. News flash: tomorrow is Jan 1st!!! 😉

  5. I asked someone about it this morning, and they said (rather rudely!) that it would be at least a week until it’s marked down more this year. I don’t know that I believe her, but that’s what I was told!

  6. Has anyone hit 70% this morning? If so, what was left? I don’t think we hit 70 til 12/30 last year. :/ We have company coming over this afternoon & I am trying to decide if I should make a quick run this morning!

  7. I usually buy a years worth of Scotch gift tape at the Christmas clearance. My store had four different SKUs of this tape and every one of them rang up at full price.

    Does anyone know if they are going to 70 off tomorrow? (12/29)

  8. The Starbucks Holiday blend K Cups were 30% off and triggering the $5 gift card when you buy 3. I also used coupons: one $2 off two and one $0.75 off one. It made them $6.51 each after deducting $5 gc and coupons.

  9. I was excited to see 50% off Mrs. Meyers seasons hand soaps and candles. Also the usual goodies of ziploc, glad, and kleenex. It was surprising to me how fast everything was purchased this year.

  10. Had lots of glade in my store and had some glade coupons and also got cash back in checkout51! Great money maker plus 20% off is still active in cartwheel!

  11. Found some great moneymakers on Winter Glade products. They were all 50% off at my store, in the Christmas section. I had some $2/2 printables from about a week ago, plus several $1/1 and $1/2 MQ from the SS 10/25. The cartwheel is offering 20% off winter glade fragrances, and 30% off Cheer Glade fragrances. On top of that, Checkout 51 still has some great cash back deals PLUS the $2 holiday cash back bonus for every 2 that you buy before Wednesday. In total, I got 4 candles, 4 wax melts, 4 twin pack scented oils and 2 premium room sprays. Paid out of pocket $9.50 (plus tax of course), got $8 back from Checkout 51 and I’m expecting $12.5 back on holiday bonus cash back from Checkout 51. Best Glade deal of the year for me. Hope this helps.

  12. Found aluminum foil 75sf for $1.64, glad plastic wrap $1.64, Dixie paper plates $1.49, Ziploc containers $1.64
    Also took advantage of holiday storage sale with stacked cartwheel coupon 20% off
    Lots of wrapping paper and bags left at my store

  13. The Air Wick scented oils (3 in a pack) in the holiday fragrances are on clearance for $3.49 and you get a $5 Gift Card when you buy 3 of them! It worked fine at the check out! The fragrances are not Christmas-y at all. They are the ones with 3 life scents, I think they call them. I don’t have the product here with me. One was vanilla sugar cookie with two other scents with it. I got a berry scent with custard and whipped cream or something. There is an apple crumble pie with two other great scents with it. Super deal!

  14. Got up early and was there when the store opened and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the self price check scanners were down….made for some very unhappy shoppers. Therefore, I was unable to check all those hidden Christmas items that aren’t in the Christmas section to see it they’d been marked down or not. Almost a wasted trip 🙁

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