Target After-Christmas Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Just a heads up that some of you should find after-Christmas clearance up to 90% Off at Target today (1/4). There is no schedule set in stone, and not all stores drop together at once, so if you have anything left at your stores and don’t find 90% Off today there’s a very good chance you will find it tomorrow.

There will be a few stragglers who won’t drop tomorrow, but the majority of you should. Be sure and scan though even if your signs say 70% because you never know! They may just not have their signs out yet. Kelley headed out to her local Maryland stores this morning- and found 90% Off non-food. There wasn’t much left for her- but she did stock up on ribbons and a few gift bags and more at 90.

Even if your store has nothing in the holiday section at all – be sure to take a good look around the store for those hidden finds in the regular aisles. Not everything gets brought to the clearance section, and A LOT of holiday clearance does NOT get stickered – so some good old fashioned hunting around in the regular aisles can yield some possible surprises.


Kelley was able to find a few hidden goodies scoping out other parts of the store today. She scored a EOS Blackberry nectar lip balm for just 29 cents. This flavor seems to be the only one at 90, but let me know if you find others. While it may have been part of the stocking stuffer section at one time, take a look in the regular aisles or at the registers in case you find them too.



She also found some nice deals on men’s holiday boxers all hanging in the men’s department amongst regular priced underwear. Not all of the holiday designs are on clearance, so be sure and scan whatever you find – they are ringing up as low as .59 cents if your store is at 90.


Be sure and check the kids sections for holiday PJs that may not have made it to the holiday clearance section. Kelley surprisingly found two shelves filled with them.

If you can find them too- these sets will be as low as $1.49, regularly $14.99.


I guess my point is it is definitely worth a walk around the store. Not all stores move at the same pace, and getting all the stuff back into the clearance area may not happen. Like these socks she found in the kids department. There was a whole rack, packed full and now ringing up at .49 cents if your store is at 90.

She also found some Ulubulu Pacifiers still in the baby department down to .69 cents, regularly $6.99.


And take a stroll around home as well- you may find some stray kids cups at 90% off. Kelley found  these toddler crazy straw cups just on a random endcap in household ringing up .39 cents, regularly $3.99.


 Despite having great luck with going 90% off, food was actually still stuck at 50% Off for her.

She did find lots of M&M’s at 50% Off for 1.59, which would be $1.09 after a $1.00 on ANY TWO (2) M&M’s Chocolate Candies, 8oz or larger.


She also found some Green Mountain Gingerbread K-Cups at 50% Off for $5.49. Even at 50 this is an awesome deal in my opinion. There are 2 different styles of boxes, so be sure to dig around. I have a picture of the new style in the top right corner of my photo HERE if you are not familiar with what the other type looks like. I have heard a few of you say you’ve dropped to 70 now though on food, so it makes for better deals if you are!

You can check out the following posts for other ideas on what to look for and you can check out the comments on these posts too to see what others have found….

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You can also still access the Christmas Clearance Prep List for some inspiration on what to look for, but please keep in mind at this point, many of our coupons have expired and the popular items on the list like tissues and other household items will be extremely hard to find at this point. Good luck everyone & I hope many of you are able to find some nice goodies at 90% today or tomorrow and let us know what you find!

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  1. The best deal I got was the Armor All Detailer Collection car cleaning kit with 9 full-size products, including a microfiber cleaning towel! Regular price was $19.99 and they were on clearance for 90% off at only $1.99! I got 3 of them for that price!

  2. Thanks, Amy and Tara. Two store employees told me that it would be a couple of days, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t aware of this policy.

  3. We hit the Weatherford TX store last night after seeing the awesome Star Wars movie for the 1st time, 90/70. Still quite a bit of paper and cards. Just a little bit of other items. Only one gingerbread Oreo so couldn’t use the coupon. Had a few Russell Stover boxes of prewrapped candy that I never saw during Christmas. The Christmas CDs were still there because they never dropped in price. Checked them again. Disappointed that the holiday & winter Nestle chips stayed full price also.

  4. Carrie, I don’t think food has gone to 90% for a couple of years now. After 70% it’s been salvaged.

  5. I found Starbucks Kcups Holiday Blend for $3.89 and coffee bags Holiday Blend, were also 70% in regular isle.

  6. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish holiday shapes .59, arm & hammoer kids spinbrush spiderman set $1.79, GM sugar cookie toast crunch cereal .75 and EOS cherry blossom hand lotion ISBN 832992011456 .59.

  7. Ohio went 90% today. I visited 3 locations. I found kids’ pjs for 1.49 to 1.99 per pair (footed and 2 piece), but the adult sizes were not 90% 🙁

    I also found socks from the one spot down to .10, along with rudolph bandages .10 and spritz gift tags that didn’t look Christmasy at all for .10 per package. Foil gift tags, small treat bags, 1 EOS blackberry (only 1 of the 10 that I found, scanned at 90%).

    Gingerbread flavored oreo cookies .89, used $1/2 printable coupon. Milano candy cane and snowball cookies .86, and cashier pushed through the $5 gift card for each 5 I bought (I got 10 total) – which made them free! I also got 1 box of 16 Caribou coffee K cups down to 3.74 and I had a .75/1 Catalina coupon.

  8. Winston Salem south store is ringing 90% with signs saying 70/50. LOTS left still, the underwear in toddlers still, look in dollar spot for black diamond, those ringing 90%, lots of socks and clothes left, found the cookie pans and sheets still, Christmas cd’s, found the hidden table runners and placemats (gold and white table runner, and a white with looks like big red berries. Placemats were snowflakes). The Mrs. Meyers candles were ringing 90, found those on regular shelf (cranberry). So HUNT! Found lots that the way!

  9. Just got some amazing deals today!! A 9 ft pre lit tree for $17, a 7 1/2 ft tree for $6.70, lots of kids pjs and christmas shirts for around $1! I was so excited!! I’m in vestal NY

  10. Some stores in MI are starting 90/70 today but called my closest store and they said still 70/50

  11. Got a lot of good stuff today at 90% off. That EOS Blackberry Nectar wasn’t on sale at my store.

  12. Here’s what i’ve found at ours: dollar spot items and decorations and kids pj’s are at 90% food and all other Christmas is still at 50%. seems they’ve changed things up this year

  13. Ridgedale (Minneapolis) was at 70/50. Anyone in the Twin Cities see a reduction to 90?

  14. Found 2 different Threshold table runners for $1.79 each. One is simple cream with gold design. The other is cream with red berries and gold leaves. Both found in the regular isle not marked.

  15. My store in Bridgewater,NJ was at 90% today; however, the American Greetings bags were NOT coming up 90%. They were ringing up about 60% which was strange. So make sure to pay attention at the register. Even still, I picked up a ton of stuff for under $9. 🙂

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