Target Valentine’s Day Clearance – Up to 50% Off

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So if you’re headed to Target today you should find Valentine’s Day items up to 50% Off. Decorative items, craft kits, party supplies, clothing and most other non-perishables should be at 50% Off. Remember – the majority of the Valentine’s clearance will not be stickered- so become best friends with that price check scanner and scan scan scan!


Be sure and scan items that you may not think would be included and put with holiday by mistake. For example – these stoneware travel mugs are very non-valentine themed but are ringing up 50% Off. A good indicator you will have a successful find is the heart on the bottom. Things marked with this white heart in a black circle have a good chance of scanning at 50%.


Bagged candy & most food will likely be 30% off for most of you to start. They will move down as the other items move down too though. We have a $1.00 on any TWO (2) M&M’s bags plus there is an insert coupon for $1/2 Mars Chocolate in the 1-10-16 RP2 x2/21. But even with no coupons – if they survive to 50% or more – it usually makes for some nice deals on food & candy – especially if you can find any of the Valentine’s lunchbox snacks left!  valentines-target-clearance64

It’s always a good idea to hunt for clearance in other parts of the store too. If you just stop after looking in the holiday section- you may be missing some great goodies- so it may be worth a look. Not everything gets moved to the back of the store right away – so for example – check the pet department for toys down to 50% Off.


The tags are easy to spot and many of them were priced $4.99 this year- so as low as $2.49 with 50% off. valentines-target-clearance2

Take a look in Bullseye’s Playground too for 50% clearance on Valentine’s day goodies which will be anywhere from .50 cents to $1.50 with 50% Off.


Kelley didn’t have much and had no signs, but sure enough Valentine’s Day items were scanning at 50% off for her.

valentines-target-clearance6 And take a cruise down the Home baking aisle and other home aisles for other items that may have gotten lost along their way back to holiday like this cake pan Kelley found in the bakeware aisle. While a little luck will be needed and it may be hit or miss- you never know what you may find.


Another good place to look is with the kids plastic drinkware – sometimes you can find sippy cups put back by mistake that are part of holiday clearance.


Also be sure and cruise around the baby department for Valentine themed apparel that may be ringing up 50% Off. Some of it is very obvious but other things not so much.


These super-cute baby shoes hanging up in the regular aisles rang up at 50% off.


The little duck holding the heart appeared on this season’s Valentine’s day line again though- so that is a good indicator to look for as most if not all of these items tagged with it will be at 50% Off.

Typically 50% Off lasts for 3 or 4 days before the next drop which usually goes to 70% on non-perishables and 50% off on candy and some food items. Last year it happened as early as the 17th for some, but stores can differ- so it’s something to keep a close eye on in the days to come! Happy hunting and let us know what you find!

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