Update on the Big Target Summer Toy Clearance

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I know many of you are wondering about the progress of the Big Summer Toy Clearance. While we have been seeing clearance toys for weeks now anywhere from 30-70% Off, usually at the end of July we see a big drop on a large group of additional toys all at once to 70% Off. It is time for Target to reset the toy shelves for the new season, so it’s out with the old to make room for the new!

Most stores drop their toys on Thursdays, and – tomorrow, the 28th is the last Thursday in July, so it’s a good bet that many of you should see more toys drop to 70. A small percentage of stores drop toys on Wednesdays so if any of you have seen some movement today let us know!

Many stores will have consolidated by now, with a large number of clearance toys in their own aisles, but this isn’t always the case, some stores may not have the room to do this, and you’ll have to browse your endcaps & aisles.

There is no guarantee that all stores will go tomorrow- and as always – my best advice is to get there early and be ready if you have interest in this clearance. Be sure and take a close look at stickers and scan the toys you are interested in too. Signs and sometimes even stickers don’t always reflect an accurate price, so it’s always wise to check for yourself up at the scanner.

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For example – Kelley’s aisles were all still only marked with 30% Off – like the Bratz toys in my top picture. But upon closer inspection there were several dolls stickered at 70%. In fact, I feel like there have been quite a few toys that hit 70% before the drop this year – and I know some of you have already had some nice finds in the last few weeks.

So here’s hoping tomorrow yields our big drop on even more toys, and don’t let the signage scare you away prematurely – check out those stickers close up and then scan to check & verify. Good luck folks and happy hunting!


  1. I went to the South Indianapolis, IN store this morning at 9:00. All the clearance toys were in aisles with their non-clearanced lines, toys were not moved to a “clearance aisle” like they have done in the past. Most toys were still ticketed at 30-50% off. I loaded my cart with potential purchases and then went to scan. A few came up cheaper than ticketed. BUT, there was a wonderfully nice lady there who came up to me and told me to have one of the employees who was out working in the toy department scan the toys for me on her handheld machine. I did, several different trips worth, and she was so very kind to do this for me. There was quite a few things that had not been marked down lower yet and were not scanning lower on the customer scan stations, but would scan lower for the associates handheld scanner. She printed new stickers for me, and I got some great deals! She was working on going around the toy dept aisle by aisle working on getting the markdowns done.

    Heads up for anyone interested: I found a few of the Leapfrog Readers on clearance 50% off, along with a few of the books. The associate told me these were going back up to full price, they just had not removed the clearance stickers yet. Since they were still ticketed, I got it for 1/2 price. I thought it was weird that they did clearance them out, but were going to change it back to full price now instead of leaving it or dropping it along with the rest of the toy clearance.

  2. In Los Angeles county toys weren’t all 70% off just a few. Most were still at 50%.

  3. In Ft Myers, FL majority of the toys were marked down to 70% in two of the stores I visited.

  4. The vast majority of mine went last week. I am going on my lunch again today to see about the rest.

  5. I got to my state college, pa store around 9. Nothing in toys had been marked down yet. Employees were in other departments. I heard them say they were heading to toys.
    I left to eat and roll go back over in s bit to see if they’ve marked anything down.

  6. What’s everyone finding? Is the 70% off toy clearance on & where are you located? LOL

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