Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 70% Off plus My Great Finds Thanks to My Awesome Sister!

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I have heard from a few of you whose stores dropped down to 70% Off on non-perishables today. While I believe most stores did not drop today – it is a very good indicator that a large percentage of stores will drop to 70 tomorrow 11/4. So if you have interest- you may want to head out early! But always be sure to scan, scan, scan as most Halloween items will NOT be stickered and sometimes signs are wrong!


Kelley’s Laurel, MD store was her only nearby local store that dropped, and now decor and other non-perishables were 70% Off. She found lots of décor, accessories, Pumpkin Carving kits and more at her store all at 70% Off.


I just want to say that I absolutely love my sister Kelley- without her I probably would NEVER be able to score what I do – since by the time I get a free minute from the blog to go, everything would probably be gone. But thanks to her I have a BUNCH of goodies she will pick up for me that I am thrilled with. 🙂 One of my faves was this really neat Jack-O-Lantern above. I don’t know – it just struck me and I’m happy to definitely own it at 70% off and not risking waiting for 90.


Brickseek was reporting only 30% Off food and candy in her area but that definitely was not the case. All food and candy was at 50 for her! Here’s some stuff she found that we have coupons for…

Monster Cereals –  we still have the 75¢ ON ONE BOX Count Chocula, Boo Berry OR Franken Berry cereal coupon. Count Chocula DPCI is above- Boo Berry DPCI is 231-00-0528 and Franken Berry DPCI is 231-00-0529.


Betty Crocker Halloween Fruit Snacks and there is a 50¢ ON TWO BOXES any flavor/variety Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks HERE. There’s also value sizes to look for too.


Annie’s Halloween Bunny Grahams. There is a .75/1 Annie’s Boxed Snacks Manufacturers’ coupon HERE.


Certain flavors of Halloween M&M’s that will be heavy enough in weight to use the $1.50 when you buy any two (2) M&M’S Brand Chocolate Candies (9.4 oz+).


And don’t forget to check out other parts of the store too! Look in Home, Pet and even baby- where Kel found these adorable 2-pc Just One You outfits for $2.99 that I think you could get away with at any time of the year! Also be sure and check out my post HERE for other nice deals that we have coupons & cartwheels for! You can watch for cat litter, Pyrex and more and there are more details and pics at the link.


So if you will excuse me – I now have to get on the phone with Kelley and sort out our cart she has going at the store! It’s overflowing – but I don’t know if I can part with anything. I love my pillows at as low as $1.50 a pop, my Witch hand garden stakes, and my pumpkins. I may just have to get everything! 🙂

Happy hunting folks and I hope more of you found 70% Off too – but if you didn’t yet – get ready! There will probably be some stores that drag their feet – but it will likely drop tomorrow for most of you!

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  1. We were traveling yesterday and went to a store in Florence, SC. Everything was 90/70.
    Lot’s of stuff marked with red stickers at half off in the home section – but they all rang up 90.
    Was in Columbia, SC on Friday but all their stuff was only 70/50.

  2. 70/70 @ Arlington, tx location now, got a lot of candy for the holidays, bday, and Easter since they don’t expire til 2018!

  3. I must have gone to the store not to long after they hit 70 because there was so much left of everything. I focused on food (goldfish, annies fruit snacks, MP fruit snacks, yum earth gummy bears and worms) but couldn’t pass up these adorable bird figurines in costumes since I knew they wouldn’t last until 90. This was at the Dallas South store. Lots of bye lcute girl’s tshirts.

  4. Our store in Birmingham has all the Finding Dory items from dollar section 70 percent off as well…made my goodie bags today for sons bday party with those items…books coloring books stickers dominoes etc and the reusable bags…there are stacks of it. All the merchandise was being relocated to the Halloween clearance section

  5. WOW!! Your sisters store had amazing things left!! I went yesterday and got a few things for 50/30. I went back today (Madison, AL) and everything was 50/50. I went to our other Target (Huntsville, AL) and they had 70/50 but their 70 selection was very slim picking. Thanks for all your posts!

  6. Thanks for the update about brick seek not showing properly on the food; I was there when they opened this morning and the scanners weren’t working so I couldn’t confirm if the cereals were at $1.25 yet even though the non-perishables were at 70%. Now I can grab some cereal when I hit a different store after work, which has the cereal and 90 cents plates I want.

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