Awesome Deals on Gold’n Plump Boneless Chicken Breasts at Target! – Grab 20 Ounces for as low as 83¢

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UPDATE– If you had trouble adding this offer earlier, you may want to try again! It seems to be able to be added now if you haven’t yet.

We have a nice new high-value Target cartwheel offer available to save 50% off Gold’n Plump 20 oz Chicken Breasts. There’s a printable coupon to stack, plus a sale to make for a great deal…

Gold’n Plump Chicken Breasts 20 oz $4.99 (Sale thru 12/3)
-50% Off Gold’n Plump All Natural Chicken Breasts 20 oz Target-Cartwheel x12/7
$1 OFF when you buy one package of Gold’n Plump chicken
= $1.49 after stack & sale, reg. $6.99

BUT – if you can get to the store next week you can get an even better deal. On 12/4 we have an in-ad Target coupon coming for $5 off a meat or seafood purchase of $20 or more (Go HERE to see the full ad scan). So you could buy 3 to meet the threshold to make for an awesome deal…

Buy 3 Gold’n Plump Chicken Breasts 20 oz $6.99 (Reg. Price) = $20.97
-$5 Off a Meat or Seafood Purchase of $20+ In-Ad TQ (or text MEAT to 827438) STARTING 12/4
-$10.48 (use 50% Off Gold’n Plump All Natural Chicken Breasts 20 oz Target-Cartwheel x12/7
-$3 (use three $1 OFF when you buy one package of Gold’n Plump chicken
= $2.48 for 3 or .82 each after coupons & cartwheel

NOTE: You will probably want to go ahead and load the cartwheel offer and print your coupons NOW while both the cartwheel & coupon are still available!

And for more deal ideas using the upcoming in-ad Target coupon, you can see my post HERE.

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  1. Okay so I’ve figured this out. You can add it but only on a computer, not mobile. Once added on computer, update your list on your phone to make sure it shows on there and when switching to the checkout page make sure the number of offers remains the same. If you shutdown cartwheel on your phone, it will remove itself again but if you keep it running, even if only in background, it will stay on your list. You don’t have to keep it open on your phone screen but do need to keep it active in background and if you have it off the screen longer than a few minutes, it does close itself out at least on my iphone and you’ll lose the offer again. I would do it literally right before leaving for the store

  2. When I went to Target, yesterday, I double checked my cartwheel and it was gone! So, I came to this post and clicked on the link for the Gold n Plump Cartwheel offer and it showed that it wasn’t available… but it said it didn’t expire until 12/7. I showed this to the cashier, and they honored it… so, it is YMMV. If you can get the offer to show up, but says “no longer available”…it may work for you, still. Not saying all Targets will still honor it..

  3. I had this offer loaded today and was going to get the chicken, at least one pack, but then decided to wait until tomorrow. It is not on my list nor is it available to add anymore.

  4. Beth, it’s not just you. I added the offer to my cart yesterday and they removed it from my offers over night. Fortunately I had double checked before I went to checkout in the store. I immediately put what I had back. This isn’t the first time they have removed offers already added from my cartwheel. And yes now that the deal is no longer available, you can’t add it back again. It is unfair since we added before it expired but they realized they messed up with the upcoming meat deal and went the dirty route to correct it.

  5. I also added it yesterday, only to have it disappear. It no longer shows up as a offer for me to add. Not sure why Target took it away from some, only to put it back on for others. Maybe we should email or fb them and ask.

  6. I have added it to my list twice and it’s disappeared twice now. I am wondering if they are pulling it each day after a certain number are redeemed?

  7. I added this deal yesterday morning and then it disappeared from my cartwheel. When I try to add it through the link above, it shows “not available”. That seems pretty unfair of Target to remove it from my cartwheel and then only let it available to some people.

  8. Hi Kerry,
    Your explanation makes a lot of sense from my experience (i.e. pantene expert last year 40% went on and off). Sometimes the early birds catch the worms? Thanks for catching and putting together these available discounts for a good deal! Always appreciated!

  9. I did not edit your comment Christian it’s exactly how you wrote it – and the cartwheel is available again – at least for now. see the link above

  10. I’m sorry you are having trouble Christine but for those who loaded it – it should still be there. Mine is still there & I have a friend who just redeemed it at about 5pm EST.

  11. Even if you had it loaded, it’s gone. Maybe they realized that it was going to be an issue with the coupon on meat coming out Sunday.

  12. I added this cartwheel this morning, but is no longer showing in my list. I wonder if Target removed the cartwheel for everyone?

  13. Hi guys- unfortunately this cartwheel is no longer available to load. 🙁
    Sometimes T does put a limit on how many people can load a cartwheel. But sometimes we do see something like this come back and allow more people to load- but there’s no guarantee and with the meat coupon next week I am kind of doubtful
    So sorry you guys missed it 🙁

  14. Obviously, Target is either monitoring this site or cartwheel activity and decided to quash it…

  15. Is it possible Target took this cartwheel down already? I don’t get an “add” bar and I have checked it on several computers.

  16. As of 12:50pm EST, the cartwheel is gone? I tried two different browsers and mobile, but when I follow your link the red add bar is missing from the description. Searching through the categories, for Gold’n Plump, and by cartwheel discount under the all category I still couldn’t find it. Fingers crossed it pops back up?

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