Target After-Christmas Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Just a heads up that some of you should find after-Christmas clearance up to 90% Off at Target today (1/2). There is no schedule set in stone, and not all stores drop together at once, so if you have anything left at your stores and don’t find 90% Off today there’s a very good chance you will find it tomorrow.

There will be a few stragglers who won’t drop tomorrow, but the majority of you should. Be sure and scan though even if your signs say 70% because you never know! They may just not have their signs out yet.


Kelley headed out to her local Maryland stores this morning- and found 90% Off non-food at her Dobbin store. There wasn’t much left for her- but she did stock up on a few things at 90. For example she had just a ton of bows at 90% off.


Christmas clearance is a great way to stock up on things you’ll need for next year, and while she wished she had more she was happy to also find these bags of bows down to just .50.


Be sure and check out the household section as well for items that may be hanging around – for example Glade holiday scents will now will be 90% off and we have coupons to pick them up as low as FREE….

.55/1 Glade Product excl solids & 8 oz aerosol
$1/2 Glade Products excl solids & 8 oz aerosol
$2/3 Glade Products excl solids & 8 oz aerosol


Food & Candy will also now have moved down to 70% Off for many of you. Kelley just had a wall of Hershey’s Kisses and more down 70% plus lots of other candy as well.


Also be sure and watch for the holiday M&M’s which will now be down from $3.19 to .95 if your store is at 70. We have a $1.50 When you buy any two (2) M&M’S Brand Chocolate Candies (8 oz. or larger) making them .20 each after clearance & coupon.


Watch for other limited edition food items that will be up to 70% off for some of you. For example winter Oreos will be just .89 down from $2.99. There is a .75/2 Nabisco Cookie or Cracker Product 3.5 oz+ 12-11-16 SS plus we have a new 10% Off Nabisco Oreo Cookies 10 to 15.4 oz (Limit 3) Target-Cartwheel offer that does not exclude clearance to save even more.

Even if your store has nothing in the holiday section at all – be sure to take a good look around the store for those hidden finds in the regular aisles. Not everything gets brought to the clearance section, and A LOT of holiday clearance does NOT get stickered – so some good old fashioned hunting around in the regular aisles can yield some possible surprises.


For example, Kelley found these boxers & gift bag sets for Christmas & Valentine’s Day in the Men’s Department. While many of them were obviously Christmas themed, some were not – so be sure and scan as some were scanning at 90% off for her.

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You can also still access the Christmas Clearance Prep List for some inspiration on what to look for, but please keep in mind at this point, many of our coupons have expired and the popular items on the list like tissues and other household items will be extremely hard to find at this point. Good luck everyone & I hope many of you are able to find some nice goodies at 90% today or tomorrow and let us know what you find!

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  1. My target in Katy, TX was at 90/70% today when I went. Still had lots of wrapping paper, ornaments, gift bags, stockings and dollar spot items left. I was surprised that so much was left so late this year. On the other hand, the Puffs tissues were all gone last week (I missed it, darn!) and some of the seasonal food items that I figured should be included in the clearance weren’t, like Nestle mint chocolate chips (they have snowflakes on the packaging and have been included in the past), and some Goldfish that clearly had Christmas ornaments on the packaging. Weird.

  2. Yesterday at Dallas South target they were making everything that was at 70 change to 90, food and all! I even got 2 little perfume/ colognes for $1 each!! The only problem was it was still scanning at 70 and they would at the register manually change each item to have an extra 67% to make it 90. Not convenient when you’re buying a whole lot of things… that you don’t need in the first place haha. I spent a long time there (divided in 2 trips) and had fun!

  3. Stopped in another location in Columbus, OH today. 90% off and hardly anything left. I found a few of the dollar spot items for $.10 and bags of m&ms for $.95 and I had $1.50/2 coupon for it.

  4. Hi Pam- I know in the past – I remmeber buying M&M’s at 90% off once – but I haven’t seen that in many years- I feel like they don’t leave it on the floor long enough for that any more. hth

  5. All 3 around here in IA are sitting at 70%… but the good news is they lowered the food and gift sets to 70% off as well… I keep seeing people post about 90% off in other states and feel like we in the midwest are left out in the cold 🙁

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