New High-Value B1G1 FREE French’s Mustard Coupon

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Take a look and see if you spot this nice high-value printable coupon for Buy one (1) French’s 20oz Classic Yellow and get a free French’s 12oz Super Classic Yellow (Max Value $2.99). This coupon has regional availability, but if you see it you can pick up both items for just $1.99 or .99 each.

But you may want to just print now and hang onto it for a bit as we often see high-value Cartwheel Offers for French’s products. My coupon printed with an expiration date of 3/24.

*NOTE – Keep an eye out at the register to be sure the coupon makes the right item free. Brandette left me a comment that it deducted the Classic as the freebie instead of the super classic- and that’s the one that should be free.

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  1. I used (2) of these coupons today to stock us up on mustard. Just be careful and watch the register ringing up. The first coupon scanned correctly and took the full $2.49 off. But when the 2nd was scanned it only took off $1.99. I had to get it adjusted for the extra .50

    Just wanted to give an FYI so others can catch it if it happens to them too.

    Thank you Kerry for all you do. You help us keep our grocery budget in check and still eat well. I appreciate you!

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