Target Summer Clearance Now Up to 70% Off

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Be sure to check out whatever you have left in your summer seasonal section as items are now up to 70% Off. Since this is seasonal clearance keep in mind most summer items will not get stickered- so you will need to scan, scan, scan!

Keep in mind that not everything in this section will be clearanced, so definitely take the time to scan your items before you checkout so there are no surprises. This summer seasonal clearance should take one more dip to 90% Off in the next two or three days, but it’s up to you to take your chances and wait – or grab what you want now before its gone.

One of my favorite items to stock up on during summer clearance is sunscreen, as there are usually great finds – and this year is no exception. Up & Up 3 packs will be $4.19 if your store is at 70% off, making each sunscreen around $1.40 each. Since this 3 pk usually sells for $13.89 its a great deal, so I’m not taking my chances and waiting for 90%.

This year’s theme was all about Poptimism, so any time you see this word on a package there is a good chance that the item will be included in the summer clearance. For example I found these cute round patriotic tablecloths that will now be $3.90 if your store is at 70%, regularly $12.99.


And these Poptimism Inflatable pools were also ringing up at 70% off. But note that only the ones with canopies were ringing up at 70% off – the ones without the canopies were not.


Red, blue, & clear string lights were also 70% off down to $3, and I also found lots of patriotic paper plates now down to 60 cents, regularly $2.


I also found these 6 packs of Franklin Whiffle balls to be part of the summer clearance and they will be $1.64 each if your store is at 70%, regularly $5.49.


There were lots of plastic beverage dispensers and brightly colored plastic drinking cups.  A few of these items were stickered, but most were not and scanning at 70% off for me.


These cute star shaped chip & dip containers and other serveware were also ringing up at 70% off and I had a ton of glowsticks left that will be just .30 if your store is at 70.


There were several brightly colored vinyl totes at 70% off, as well as other carryalls.


While most of these items will be found in the summer seasonal be sure & take a look around other parts of the store too. Just look for items with the word Poptimism or brightly colored designs reminiscent of the ’70s . I found these Vaseline lip therapy tins on a clearance end cap without stickers, but part of summer clearance and ringing up at .89, regularly $2.99.

I remember that these were originally hanging off the side of an endcap in health and beauty for me – so it may be worth a look there too in case your store hasn’t moved them yet.


Also be sure and take a look in your outdoor section for a possible endcap full of Big Mouth floats. There were several designs that were part of summer clearance that may have been put back here by mistake. I found the hotdog, ice pop and giant sunglass designs for 70% off and mixed in with other styles that were regular priced. So its worth a quick look to see if any summer clearance ones are hiding in this spot.

But be sure and check out other parts of the store too, as there were lots of different Poptimism items this year including Crayola Crayons, bandaids and more. So Good Luck & I hope many of you find lots of goodies this year!

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