Target Summer Clearance Now as Much as 90% Off

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I hope many of you are having as much fun with Target summer clearance as my family. Even my dog Luna is having a great time on her new Big Mouth hot dog float. My hubby picked it up this morning for just $1.99 (DPCI #091-11-4084) since I got an awesome surprise when I discovered one of my local stores had dropped summer clearance to 90%.

All my other stores were still at 70%, so if your store has been at 70 for a few days and didn’t drop today – there is a good chance it will drop tomorrow.

Keep in mind that most of summer clearance will not get stickered- and signage may also not reflect the full percentage off, so it is always wise to scan, scan, scan! Once your store hits 90% the clock is ticking and items will not stay in the system much longer.

And just a quick note that while Brickseek might be helpful in indicating some of the inventory levels at your stores, unfortunately it does not seem to be accurately reflecting summer clearance pricing.


In addition to Luna’s hot dog, my husband also found some other Big Mouth floats as part of the summer clearance, including this Giant pretzel-shaped pool float which will be $1.99 if your store is at 90%. Not ALL Big Mouth floats are included in the clearance, but watch for the sunglasses, hot dog, pretzel & popsicle shapes and be sure and scan though, as some designs were full price.


Poptimism was this year’s theme in the summer seasonal section, so be sure to keep a look out for this word on packaging. I would still price check at the scanner, but if it has the word Poptismism, there is a good chance it will scan at up to 90% off. These roomy Poptimism totes will be just .99 if your store is at 90% off.


Poptimism inflatable pools with canopies were as low as $1.99.


Poptimism String lights as low as $1 if your store is at 90%.


Poptimism Grill accessories including extension forks as low as .50 if your store is at 90%.


Another clue that things might be part of summer clearance are items in funky, brightly-colored retro patterns like these plastic totes for just $1.49 if your store is at 90%…


Vaseline lip therapy tins will be just .29 if your store is at 90.


This cheeseburger/ice cream pattern was also on quite a few items this year, so watch for tablecloths & disposable tableware like these bowls as low as .20 if your store is at 90%.


Disposable cups in a variety of patterns for just .10 if your store is at 90.


There was a lot of plastic beverage wear this year too including these fun cups as low as .14 if your store is at 90%.


And plastic Beverage dispensers will be as low as .99 if your store is at 90.


Another one of my favorite things to look for in summer clearance is sunscreen. I picked up a couple the other day at 70% off, but I was happy to see that my hubby found plenty left at 90% off. So we stocked up since these 3-packs were just $1.39 or .46 per sunscreen. Here’s a couple more DPCI’s for you from my receipt – SPF 30 3-packs (DPCI# 037-11-0344) and SPF503-packs (DPCI# 037-11-0436) also both $1.39 if your store is at 90.


In the end, he paid around $20 after clearance prices, tax & red card discount for all our summer goodies and we saved about $185. I know some of you may have stores that are straggling in discounting this section and may not even at 70% yet, but keep a close eye on it. Everything in this section will eventually be clearanced out to make room for new stuff.

Also – you might want to check out my post HERE for more details & other things to watch for that are part of the summer clearance.

Remember – not all stores follow the same clearance schedule- but with absent stickers, and possibly wrong signage- you will never know unless you scan some items to check! Good luck, Happy hunting and I hope many of you find some great goodies!

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  1. Thank you so much!!! I was able to grab the tote for $0.99, gloves for $1.00 and 3 of the 3 pack sunscreen for $1.39 because of the pictures you posted.

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